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Learn how Carrot cash buyer websites can streamline the way you sell your properties.

Cash Buyer Websites That Perform

Having cash buyers is critical for house flippers and wholesalers. With Carrot, launch an effective cash buyer website in seconds, and put it to work in your business without the tech or marketing hassle.

Cash Buyer website - desktop and mobile

Convert More Cash Buyers + Weed Out Tire Kickers

Like all of our websites, our cash buyer websites are built with our Carrot Conversion framework. That means they convert more visitors into qualified leads than the average investor site by far.  Let our 2-Step cash buyer qualification process weed out the tire kickers for you.

We do the strategy and tech thinking so you don’t have to.

Leverage Our SEO And Conversion Rate Expertise

The difference between a cash buyer website that performs at a high level and one that doesn’t often times is many small tweaks stacked up. We love technology and marketing and aim to make your life easier by baking our knowledge on both into our websites. The result is you never have to worry about tech issues, don’t have to have years of SEO, conversion rate, or marketing experience. Just launch a cash buyer site, follow our marketing system, and our sites turn your visitors into qualified leads.

Carrot Conversion Framework

Carrot Cash Buyer Websites

Beautiful Mobile Optimized Property Listings

Over 51% of the tens of thousands of leads our Carrot members generate per month now come from mobile devices. So it’s important to have a well designed and high performing mobile responsive website design, now more than ever. Every page on your new Carrot websites has been designed from the ground up to not just look great on mobile and pass Google’s “Mobile Friendly” test, but also to convert mobile visitors into leads.

Even your property listings on your cash buyer websites look great on mobile so you can sell more properties and deliver a better experience for your cash buyers.

Integrate With Your Favorite CRM or Autoresponder

One of the best parts about Carrot’s websites are the automation built into them. With a few configuration settings you can send cash buyer leads to your preferred email campaign or CRM. An autoresponder will be sent out from your Carrot account informing the lead they are now going to be getting market exclusive deals on deeply discounted properties. From here you can send all of your leads to a service like Podio, Zoho, MailChimp, Aweber, Freedomsoft, or other CRM.

A Clever And Effective Way To Get Private Lenders

Having private lenders is a valuable tool in every investor’s arsenal. But it can be tricky attracting private lenders online in an SEC compliant way. After many tests, we developed a deceptively simple yet effective way to turn on average 10% of our members’ cash buyer leads into private lender prospects through our 2-Step qualification process.  It’s already baked into every Carrot cash buyer site from day one.

Dozens Of Smart Features That Boost Your Performance

We’re continually testing and tweaking our designs and our system so our members stay ahead of the curve. “Smart” features like our landing page builder, social media integrations, built in blog and SEO tools, return access to prevent your leads from having to opt in if they’ve already joined your list, automatic image compression (to keep your page sizes small and load times fast), and more are built into every Carrot website.

All working behind the scenes so you can focus on what you do best.

Carrot Lead Form


I’ve generated 219 buyer leads since Jan 1. That’s 7 leads per day. We’ve spent a total of $76 on Facebook ads and about $129 on some text message marketing to landlords. That’s it. Everything else is content marketing and SEO… which I do myself.

Boston Wholesale Property

I recently watched your video on building a cash buyer list first. It was very helpful, gave me a few ideas, an pointed out a few things I’m doing wrong.

J. Thompson Properties, LLC

Carrot gives you the tools you need to break through the clutter online, so you can start attracting and converting more leads.

  • Built in Blog
  • Feature Testimonials
  • Add Unlimited Users and Edit Permission
  • Proven 2 Step Opt in Process W/ Lead Qualifier Built In
  • Built in Free Reports and Landing Pages
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Social Share Buttons
  • SEO Grader Tool
  • Carrot Conversion Methodology (37 Conversion Boosters)
  • Highly Effective Autoresponder Email to All Leads
  • Lead Source Tracking
  • High Converting and Proven Pages
  • Built in Google Sitemap
  • Google Maps and Street View on Properties
  • Clean and Effective Design (Based on Data Not Theory)

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