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[NEW] Motivated Land Seller Websites

Land Buyer Websites Post HeaderLand is hot right now. I was talking with one of our Carrot members recently and they’re seeing a really great opportunity to sell land all across the country. So, we worked with them to create a Land Seller website system here at Carrot! Here’s how it works…

Introducing Our New Land Seller Websites for Motivated Seller Lead Generation

Over a few-month period, we researched and tested websites in some select markets to create our first version of a performing-based land seller website that you as our Carrot members can access and set up in your accounts.

land seller websites

We’ve kept these land seller websites simple… but effective. We’re actively testing the sites, for instance, and will be adding elements that help increase conversion rates each and every month.

See for yourself … Investor Land Seller Website Sample

Carrot land seller websites

The Design

We’ve taken our proven design with what we call the “Lead Hero” that we have by default on all of our websites (but you can turn the Lead Hero on or off with the click of a mouse if you want) and built that into the land seller websites as well.  We’ve found that when we have a Lead Hero on our customer’s homepages… the homepage conversion rate increased across the board.

Plus… we’ve built in the Conversion Boosters that are baked into all of our Carrot real estate investor websites that improve opt-ins, engagement with website visitors, and credibility.

Land Seller Websites Template

Land Seller Website Content

Designed For Results

When most people start building their first website, they care about one thing and one thing only: how pretty does the website look?

Over the years, though, we found that results matter more than looks. In fact, that’s all that should matter in the design of your website.

Our Carrot real estate websites are built from the ground up based on research and test data to produce great results. PLUS, we’re continually testing elements on our websites to find out what works the best and how website visitors interact on your website (buyers, sellers, private lenders, tenants, etc.).

Then, once we find things that work, our design team takes the baton, creating elegant and clean formats while at the same time retaining the current conversions (or ideally increasing website conversions even more!).

The Content

Like all of our website content packs, the content is professionally written by people who know SEO, website conversion, and real estate strategy inside and out.

The mistake most people make when building their real estate website is that they underestimate the power of content. Words on pages can make or break the results of your website in search engines and how well your website performs once a visitor arrives.

Every page on this new land seller website in our system is written with four factors in mind:

  1. Search Engine Optimization – We’ve done extensive research to find out what motivated land sellers are searching on Google to find the land buyers. Then we’ve built those keywords into this content strategically and we customize it with YOUR CITY automatically when you create your website in our system. This and our other SEO elements help your website have a better chance of ranking higher in search engines to attract more motivated land sellers.
  2. Lead Conversions – If you’re able to get land sellers to your website but they aren’t giving you their information, your website isn’t doing its job.  Content and pages are made to convert. That way we position our opt-in boxes, the words on our calls to action, the “eye direction” elements that make the visitor’s eye go to the parts of your website that matter — it’s all built into our land websites.
  3. Customized and Customizable – While your website will be 100% ready to roll from the second you launch the website in your Carrot account — just like any of our websites within the Carrot system — you can customize anything about your content that you want to. We actually encourage our members to add some twists to their website content to make it feel personal to you and what your business does.  Plus, we’ve automatically customized part of your website content with your company name, contact info, and the city you invest in. So website visitors will know they’re on a trusted, LOCAL investor website.
  4. Credibility Boosters – Credibility is huge when generating leads in any business. The ideal way to build credibility and trust with your motivated land sellers is by making your website feel like you’re a real person. There is an “About Us” page already created for you that you can customize if you want to, plus we’ve integrated some trust symbols into your websites to help increase trust on your pages.

One of the big reasons our members LOVE Carrot so much is the quality and effectiveness of our website content and how much time they save by just leveraging our content and our writers rather than spending a painful amount of hours writing the content for their own website.

NOTE: All of our website content is Copyright Protected and for the use ONLY for active Carrot members, and may not be copied in all or part on another website. Any Copyright infringements will be taken seriously. We appreciate you being cool and playing by the rules.  


real estate investing seoJust like our other websites, we’ve done the search engine keyword research to find out what motivated land sellers are actually typing into Google. Then, we’ve built our content and pages around those phrases that people are already looking for.

Plus, we make this even easier for SEO novices to help your content rank higher with our Carrot “SEO Assistant.” If you can read a traffic signal, you can optimize your pages for the search engines with our SEO tools.

The Lead Capture Process

One thing we’ve discovered in our years of lead generation experience (over 1,000,000 real estate industry leads and counting) is that the majority of your website visitors won’t convert (give you their information) immediately because they need a bit more information to trust you and give you their information.

Because of this, we’ve built in multiple places for your website visitors to engage in the content and convert as a lead when they’re ready.

Land Seller Website Template lead form

Motivated Land Seller Website Lead Form

Land Seller Website APN Lead Form

And like all of the pages we create, they’re all based on the continual testing we’re doing to increase the effectiveness of our pages in converting website visitors into leads.

How To Launch Your Own Land Seller Websites To Attract Motivated Sellers With Carrot

If you’re a Carrot member, you can get your own Land website up and live in a few seconds.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select the new “Land Seller” website in the “Create A Website” list.
  3. Name your site and click “Create Your Site”.
  4. That’s it!

Now you can log in and customize your website, attach a domain to it if you want, and get to work!

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