EP 119: Who Are You Showing Up For Today?

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Who Are You Showing Up For Today?

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On this episode of the CarrotCast, I want to talk something I was discussing with a really high-level house flipping business CEO recently. Having the energy to make people feel better and thinking “who do I need to show up for today?” It’s really easy to get lost in your metrics. It’s really easy to get lost in your KPI’s. It’s really easy to get lost in your goals.

Everyone gets lost. It’s part of being motivated. It’s part of being an entrepreneur. We tend to stop thinking about what and who we need to show up for right now and bury ourselves in the achievements and sorrows of our work.

If this is you, listen to this episode and start changing your mindset. Start showing up for the people you love. Start showing up to make people happy. I hope this helps and starts making a difference in your life.

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Who Are You Showing Up For Today?

:50 – Happiness and energy can come from many different places. Quick story about Trevor’s recent “high energy” encounter.
1:30 – This one phrase helps Trevor build energy and passion for his day. Find out what it is.
3:35 – Ask yourself this important question every day.
5:50 – Close your eyes and think “who am I showing up for today?


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