EP 192: How To Use Social Media to Build A Powerful Brand & A Business You Love w/ Record Producer Turned Real Estate Agent, Peter Lorimer

How To Use Social Media to Build A Powerful Brand & A Business You Love w/ Peter Lorimer

I would rather fail under my own volition, than fail because of mediocrity.

Peter Lorimer

Meet Peter Lorimer. He’s responsible for over 30 #1 Hits, the host of his own Netflix series, and an agent that is dominating his own niche in real estate.

You’re going to learn how Peter positioned himself as an expert, created and dominated a brand new niche, built an insanely powerful brand, where 90% of his leads come through real estate social media, and, most importantly, how he does all of this while having the time of his life.

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How To Use Social Media to Build A Powerful Brand & A Business You Love w/ Record Producer Turned Real Estate Agent, Peter Lorimer

Peter has a great backstory. From leaving home as a young teenager to conquer the music industry to diving into the real estate industry head first, determined to become the top sales agent in LA, Peter refuses to take no for an answer. His unrelenting optimistic attitude will not let him fail. His gratitude for his life, his family, and his spot in the universe propels him to be even greater day after day. 

Today, Peter has over 200 agents on his team and is known to many as the “Rock n’ Roll Realtor.” He has built his brand, his niche, and his client base through attraction and energy. He knows exactly who he wants to work with and what his unique power is that he can use to help them. His obsession with data has helped him plan – keeping himself poised to be in the right place at the right time. 

Using Data To See Into The Future

Peter is one of those who thrives on data. He watches the numbers, runs the math, and makes decisions based on what the facts tell him. In 2012 or so, he knew the record industry was about to make a major change, so he graciously walked away with his winnings. He saw that he was able to purchase investment properties in the LA area for a fraction of what his mom’s house in London was going for, so he went all in.

When Google was brand new, he recognized the innovation and potential – quickly buying up stock as soon as it was available. He was able to do the same thing for Netflix and Facebook.

The moment Peter saw social media switch from Myspace to Facebook, he knew that paper would have little to do with his marketing going forward. 

Personalizing The Playbook With Your Custom Content Formula

A very loose formula Peter uses when scheduling social media posts is to break it down into thirds.

  • The first third of the content is personal (Puppies and lattes as Peter puts it.)
  • The second third is industry related. Things like interior design articles, landscaping, and other fun things can go here.
  • And the final third is you in your element. For example a video at an open house or property inspection. 

When I talk with real estate pros I can sometimes get frustrated. I want to help them out so much, but I cannot provide a playbook that isn’t theirs – it’s inauthentic and won’t help them build the trust and credibility they need.

Personally, I run my business on energy. If it isn’t working or isn’t fulfilling, I will stop and change things up. Following the playbook that is meant for you will give you more energy than trying to copy any script.

It’s so important to find out what works for you and your business so you can become genuinely likable to the clients you wish to work with. It’s all about the connection you are able to make. 

It’s Easy To Stand Out When You Do Things Differently

Peter was with Keller Williams for over five years. When he first got started, he thought things would be easy. He thought all of his music industry friends would instantly want to buy a house and that he would be the one they’d turn to. As it turns out, things weren’t that easy in the beginning. 

Instead of becoming discouraged, Peter told his assistant that she was looking at LA’s next top agent and he began stacking the bricks to make it a reality. His background in music gave him a strong work ethic.

He had no problem spending 10 hours a day at the office, giving it all he had to get every deal he could. While other agents were clocking out early, Peter was on the phone, sending emails, and making sure people knew that he and The Keller Williams Entertainment Division were here and ready to serve them. 

During his training at KW, he was told to knock on doors, focus on one geographical area, and to cold call. While this can work, Peter knew that if everyone else was doing it, he would need to do something different.

When he swapped his suit for his Metallica shirt and his script for genuine listening, things really took off. He began to see them as people – not just prospects. Doing things differently aligns perfectly with our #1 core value here at Carrot – “Have Fun and Be Different.”

Keeping Your Head Out Of Expectation

Instead of focusing on the results, Peter focused on action. He was relentless in reaching his goal, sitting any open house that came up. He knew that he would rather fail due to his own volition than fail because of mediocrity. 

After leaving Keller Williams, Peter founded PLG Estates. Using his content formula and remaining authentic, he was able to attract a certain spere of people to prospect to, segmenting them into different audiences for marketing purposes. He looks at it like this: 

  • Group A is your 100 closest connections
  • Group B is the next 500
  • Group C is the next 2,000
  • Group D is the next 7,000 or so

The people in Groups A, B, and C did not need to be reminded that Peter was a real estate agent. They didn’t necessarily want to see real estate content all of the time.

The content directed toward them was more personal. This helped to build credibility, trust, and show people what a likable guy Peter is. By sharing these moments with his followers, people felt like they already knew him before having the first phone call. 

Hamster Wheel vs. Evergreen

I’ve talked about this quite a bit in the past and that is knowing when to jump on the hamster wheel and when to focus on growing your evergreen content. The hamster wheel will bring in leads, but won’t do anything for your long-term goals.

Evergreen marketing is creating things like blogs and videos – things that will always be around and searchable by your potential clients. This is the stuff that builds momentum for your business. I loke to think of it as stacking bricks. While it might be slow going in the beginning, before you know it, you’ll have a mighty wall. 

Remember – The Client Is The Hero Of This Story

So many people will brag about being #1 in their content or tell people why they should choose them, but this isn’t the way to grab people’s attention. Your client needs to be the hero of your story.

Don’t send them something with your logo as a closing gift, send them something memorable that will become a keepsake. Making your clients feel happy, both within your content and in person, will ensure you find yourself a client who will stick by you for years to come. 

Being Grateful For Today

Every day, Peter gets to wake up in LA, in a beautiful house, with his wonderful wife, and great kids. From the moment he wakes up he acknowledges that he has already won.

Being grateful to live in a country that offers so many more luxuries than anywhere else in the world is a big deal and Peter knows this. He believes in the power of the universe. If he hets a listing – he was meant to.

And if he doesn’t – it was supposed to go to someone else. Instead of worrying about expectations, Peter is always taking action, propelling himself forward no matter what the market may be doing. He knows if it all goes away tomorrow – he will jump out of bed in the morning and say, “ok, what’s next?!” 

For Peter, what’s next is a big expansion for PLG Estates. Be sure to look out for him and his team in 2020!

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