SEO For Real Estate Investors: 6 Ways To Create Content Search Engines Love

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SEO for Real Estate

“Convey your information in text, not graphics. Google loves text. It understands text.” – Brad Hill, author of Building Your Business With Google for Dummies

Search engines read text and not much else. Because they can’t generally index graphics, search engines rely on the website’s text to provide information about the site content, which they can compare with search queries.

A well-accepted benchmark to aim for is around 300 words of text on any web page that you want to index. Of course, the more information you are able to give readers and search engines, the better. Your site’s text will be used as part of Google’s algorithm determining your site’s relevancy to search queries.

For example, if someone types in “how do I sell my house if it needs a lot of repairs in Louisville”, Google will try and find a page that it has previously indexed which will be a good answer to that leads question. In certain cases, although having a pretty looking site is nice, if it doesn’t have useful content you are missing out on some basic SEO.

Here is an example of a good looking website. It looks great from a design perspective, but for SEO it is missing out on something simple. It has little to no content above the fold.

website with no SEO

Quick note: Not all websites rely heavily on their home page for SEO. Some sites need a great design to catch the lead’s eye and build credibility or showcase their product/service. But if you are generating leads, you need your home page to show up in the search results.

Here is an example of a real estate investor website that has plenty of content for a search engine to index. You will notice how much content is in the top half of the website. This not only helps the website visitor know what is on the page but it also tells Google what the “main” topic the page can answer.

seo for real estate - above the fold content
Real Estate Investor Website with Good Above the Fold Content

So with that, let’s get into a few more examples of how you can create content that search engines will love.

SEO For Real Estate Tip 1: Speak To Your Audience

Try and imagine the questions a website visitor might have and then write answers for them. But, take the next step and think about integrating your keywords in important and meaningful ways, but only without sacrificing the readability of your site and losing the attention of your audience.

Put yourself in their shoes. Build your customer avatar. What are they looking for? What do they need? How can you help them reach their goals?

Use emotional words when describing your real estate service. Describe how your business will improve their lives, give them less stress, save them money, etc. Use trigger keywords that people respond to such as:

  • Can close within 7 days or when you’re comfortable
  • You don’t need to clean up and repair the property
  • You won’t need to sign a contract that binds you to an agent for a certain term
  • There are no commissions or fees

Not sure what types of words these are, check out Words That Sell.

SEO For Real Estate Tip 2: Use Easy To Understand Language

People are in a hurry … they want to find what they are looking for quickly and easily with the least amount of hassle possible. You can help them in their quest by making sure your content uses simple language with easy to grasp concepts. Also, don’t make them search for a lead form. Always make it easy for them to give you their information by placing that form at the top of your page. For example:

seo for real estate lead form example

Keep the large chunks of text on each page to a minimum, using bullet points, white space, graphics, lists, and subheadings to break it up and make it easier to read. This rule of thumb is especially important when creating landing pages for pay per click.

For example:

seo for real estate content layout

SEO For Real Estate Tip 3: What’s In It For Me?

Use examples to get your main points across or to demonstrate your benefits. Again, put yourself in the lead’s shoes and ask, “What’s In It For Me?” and avoid any technical jargon that could alienate someone if they have never sold their house to a real estate investor before.

Make your visitors take action. Spell it out for them using call-to-actions, for example:

  • Get a Free Quote
  • Fill Out This Short Form
  • Get a No-Obligation Offer
  • Contact Us Today to Get Started
  • Get a Fair Cash Offer in 24 Hours
  • Get an Offer on Your House
  • Learn all your options when looking to sell your house fast

seo for real estate call to action

SEO For Real Estate Tip 4: Build Your Copy Around Your Keywords

Build your website around your keywords without keyword stuffing.

Quick note: Keyword stuffing is when you use a keyword a bunch of times on the page to try and trick Google into thinking that the page is all about a keyword. This is generally a bad idea because it doesn’t read well for the visitor and Google is pretty smart with looking at a variety of factors when they rank a page.

Let’s take a practical keyword and show an example of keyword stuffing.

Let’s pretend you want to rank for “sell my house fast Kansas City”

A stuffed paragraph might look like this.

Are you thinking, I need to sell my house fast Kansas City? If you are looking to sell your house fast in Kansas City we can help. We help folks sell their houses fast in Kansas city and can help you too. So, if you are thinking I need to sell my house fast Kansas City, give us a call. Or if you know someone thinking I need to sell my house fast Kansas City, then have them give us a call. Remember, we can help you sell your house fast in Kansas City.

Also, your page needs to have a main point or two. You shouldn’t write around one keyword and then have the next paragraph target a completely different keyword.

Search engines aren’t going to rank your page about how you buy houses if your content talks about the last property you flipped and how long the renovations took.

You need to get specific.

It sounds super obvious, but if you buy houses, make sure your page copy has plenty of references to how you buy houses! Don’t stuff them into one paragraph, just write like you would if someone were asking you how you buy houses, who you can buy houses from, how long it takes you to buy houses, why you want to buy houses and what kinds of houses you buy.

If you buy houses for cash, target the phrase “we buy houses for cash” and explain why someone should go with your business and how you can offer them cash.

When optimizing your pages for search engines, typically the best results are achieved by structuring them as follows:

  • Page heading incorporating most important keyword phrase
  • Subheading 1 incorporating most important keyword phrase
  • Paragraph of text incorporating related synonyms or other target keyword phrases
  • Subheading 2 incorporating next most important keyword phrase
  • Paragraph of text incorporating related synonyms or other target keyword phrases

And so on…

The above layout also helps your visitors to scan your page and absorb the content easier. Once you’ve optimized your site a few times, you’ll find the method that works best for you.

SEO For Real Estate Investors Tip 5: Keyword Integration

To satisfy the search engine’s craving for keywords without interrupting the flow for the reader, you must proceed carefully.

Let’s take a look at an example. This Carrot client optimized their site. Part of the home page copy reads likes this:

Basic SEO for real estate LA County

Keyword research for this client had determined that the site should target the following key phrases:

  • we buy house Los Angeles County
  • fair cash offers
  • close within 7 days
  • sell your Los Angeles property fast
  • we specialize in buying properties

The search engines are happy because the site contains text content relevant to related searches.

SEO For Real Estate Investors Tip 6: Finding The Right Keywords

For a search engine to find a site relevant to a particular search query, it MUST find the keywords used in that search query somewhere on that site. The simplest way to ensure this occurs is to include logical keywords and phrases within the visible text on web pages, making the body text keyword rich.

Not sure which keywords you should be targeting? Check out our SEO Bible to see the top keywords for motivated seller, cash buyer, tenant and note buyer leads are typing into Google right now.

Many websites make the mistake of including text on their site that is unrelated to their products and services. The Internet is plagued with websites buying and selling particular items without making reference to those items in their site text. Strange, but true!

If you want to go it alone and look for keywords on your own, the best way for real estate professionals to find keywords that leads are actually using is by conducting keyword research in their market using services such as Ubersuggest, the alternative to Google’s keyword planner, Or, simply typing in a Google suggest.

Google Suggest for Real estate SEO

Sites lacking any keyword research tend to use generic, unfocused content, or “hype.”

Again, when integrating keywords within your text, be sure to avoid keyword stuffing! Include your keywords logically throughout your copy, without disturbing the flow for the reader and always use keywords that are relevant to your site content.

Target keywords and search phrases placed strategically in your body copy give your pages a much higher ranking potential!


So, there you have it …the SEO for real estate recipe that Google loves. If you’re looking for more, there’s plenty of advanced tips you can find in our 3 Leads Per Day Training.

Strategically pairing this information can give you higher SEO rankings. And, much of what you need to implement isn’t really that hard. But … it will take consistency and patience.

Now it’s time to apply the same principles to your own site. Hit us up with questions or comments below.


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3 responses to “SEO For Real Estate Investors: 6 Ways To Create Content Search Engines Love

  1. Alex, when adding new content to your site, does it matter if it is posted as a page or a post (like a blog post)? Will the SEO benefit be the same?

    1. Great question. You can definitely write both posts and pages on your website and get the SEO benefit. When I rewrite content that is already on a page, I just keep it as a page. So for instance, I might update the how it works page with some more descriptive examples. However, if I am going to target a new keyword and answer a possible question a lead might have then I just make it a blog post. But yes a page and post can both rank well in Google.

      Hopefully that answers your question.

  2. Great info. I especially agree with writing in easy to understand words, and words your audience actually use. Sometimes its best to go talk to people in your target audience and listen carefully the words they say. Heck even ask what they would search on google. The other great tip is always go back to “Whats in it for me” your browser came to the webpage for a reason, make sure you make it easy for them to take the next action.

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