SEO Keywords For Real Estate Agents

Carrot helps generate tens of thousands of leads every month for real estate professionals. Here, you’ll learn which keywords for real estate agents are the most effective to get in front of your prospects and what to do with those keywords on your website.

seo keywords for real estate agents

111 SEO Keywords for Real Estate Agents

Table Of Contents

Part 1: Setting The Stage — The Basics Of Keywords + How We Find The Most Profitable Ones To Target.

Part 2: Building The Foundation — Top Keywords To Use

Part 3: Implementing Your Keywords — What To Do With These Keywords On Your Website.

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Part 1 – Setting The Stage: The Basics Of Keywords + How We Find The Most Profitable Ones To Target

64,000 Leads Per Month And Counting…

When we started Carrot, our goal was simple. We wanted to create the single most effective Inbound Online Lead Generation platform for high achieving real estate professionals.

2014 was our first full year in business, but by no means our first year generating real estate leads online.

In fact, for just myself and my clients over the past 6 years, I’ve generated over 100,000 real estate leads (this doesn’t count the leads our Carrot members are generating).

And now, our Carrot members pull in over 64,000 leads per month through their Carrot websites (which is why we call it “Carrot.” Dangle our sites in front of your visitors and they convert into leads better than the average real estate website by far).

So get inspired by these 3 quick examples below of real estate professionals who chose to focus on SEO for their lead generation.

These are just 3 of the hundreds of Carrot members who are all over page 1 in Google for keyword terms that can help you get the right leads and close more deals.

Carrot rocks. I was able to make one of our sites rank the first page with 1 day of SEO work in a nonsaturated area. A little tougher in Vegas but I’m on it.

Jerime Pinkerton Jerime Pinkerton
First Source Freedom

Just with the SEO you folks have done I am on the 1st page of Google for: Sell My Spring Hill House Fast and Spring Hill Florida Investment Properties.

Richard Reichman Richard Reichman
Hernando Home Buyers

I closed a [redacted] wholesale deal on Friday that I got from an SEO lead. The seller said he found me on Google and I was the first person he called!!! So I wanted to say thanks to you guys for the great websites & training

Joe Nemeth Joe Nemeth
Lorain County Homebuyers

SEO isn’t the holy grail of leads for every business. But when you focus on the right keywords, have the right system and tools to make ranking easier, and have support to get there, it can be a great source of leads to add to your business.

How Do SEO And Keywords For Real Estate Agents Play A Role In This?

A huge part of Inbound Online Marketing as a real estate agent is getting your websites, YouTube videos, and other resources to rank well in Google for keyword phrases that prospective buyers and sellers actually search online.

So what is a “keyword phrase?”

Consider this scenario for a minute.

You don’t want to cook tonight and decide to go out for dinner instead.

The usual restaurants come to mind, but you want to impress your spouse and put in a little extra effort. So you hop on the computer and search for restaurants.

You might start your search by food type (Seafood, Mexican, Italian) or you might look for a restaurant based on reviews and price.

Does this look familiar?

how to use google suggest

Google gives a few suggestions and then gives you search results that it thinks are the most relevant. Then you click some of those websites, check out the menu, price, and reviews of the restaurant. If everything looks good you decide to try one of them.

Did You See What Just Happened?

  1. You had a need.
  2. You went to Google with that need.
  3. Google served you up a page of options it felt were appropriate.
  4. You clicked some and decided to go to that restaurant based on what you found in that online search.

This is the power of inbound marketing.

Millions of people everyday go to Google with questions or problems. If you can be on the first page of Google’s rankings, prospects come to you.

As a real estate agent, your job is to get your website (the solution) in front of your prospect (house sellers and buyers) to help solve their problem.

As an example, if you want to purchase a house in Detroit, MI you might Google, “Buy a house in Detroit.”

buy a house in detroit google search example

Or “Real estate agent in Detroit.”

Keywords for real estate agents search results

The websites that show up in the first several results in Google are the ones who will get that traffic to their websites, and as long as their website is set up to convert visitors, those websites will generate the most leads.

Ready To Get More Leads & Close Your Next Listing?

This 30-day challenge is designed to dramatically improve your site by focusing on one highly significant task per day so you can achieve success in just minutes a day!

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Why Are SEO Leads So Much More Profitable Than Other Lead Types?

Before we dive in and show you the 111+ SEO keywords for real estate agents, we want to make sure you have the foundation set first.

Knowing the keywords without knowing why or how to use them effectively is like knowing where you want to go on your road trip, but not knowing how to get there.

The first thing you should know is that SEO leads are as much as 2 to 4 times as likely to turn into a closed transaction than direct mail leads, PPC, and social media.


It’s because of the mind-frame that the prospect is in when they search online.

With direct mail, radio, TV, bandit signs, and billboards (outbound marketing) you’re interrupting whatever they’re doing with a message that hopefully cuts through the clutter of the 17 other postcards that prospect got that week.

But With SEO And Inbound Online Marketing…

The home buyer or seller is going to Google to find an answer to their problem.

And they voluntarily click on your website, read around, and choose to ask you for help with their problem.

Read that again.

With SEO and Inbound Marketing (PPC can have some of the same benefits as well), they’re approaching you and asking you for help.

Imagine the trust and power that you gain in that situation versus “interruption marketing” using direct mail and bandit signs.

You’re seen as a trusted resource.

And the way you rank well for the search phrases that your prospects are typing into Google (and other search engines) is by optimizing your web pages for the phrases that your prospects search for.

Here is a simple formula we will use to help you increase your profits with a smart and effective online marketing technique.

(Keywords + Traffic) x Conversion = Higher Profits

If only you knew exactly what buyers and sellers were typing into Google… right?

Soon, you will.

How Focusing On The Right Keyword Phrases Is The First (And Biggest) Step In Generating Consistent Quality Real Estate Leads Online

In the above examples, how does Google know to show website X versus website Y if you’re looking to buy a house in Birmingham?

It might seem obvious but behind the scenes of every Google search is a complex algorithm that considers numerous factors to deliver what Google thinks is the most relevant website for that search.

In fact, there are over 200 ranking factors that Google looks at to determine where a website ranks. The key is not to understand the algorithm, but to play by Google’s rules to get favorable results.

Knowing the psychology of how and why people search online can be a huge advantage for you.

For example, which do you think gets more searches, “Buy a house” or “Buy a home”?

The only difference is the 1 word: “home” versus “house.”

Knowing the difference could mean a deal a month lost or won, which translates to money in your pocket.

The Answer: “House” is used 20x More Than “Home”

Just that one tweak in the phrase means access to up to 20x more potential clients per month coming your way.

Google is getting pretty darn good at recognizing that words like “house” and “home” are very similar and adjusting their search rankings accordingly.

But knowing how your prospects think and search can help you optimize your real estate agent websites for the right keyword phrases to give yourself the best chance at success.

We will show you the keywords that most interested buyers and sellers are searching for and what to do with them to grow your business.

Why Are Keywords For Real Estate Agents So Important In SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) relies heavily on the content on your web page.

To understand why keywords are so important, let’s quickly talk about how keywords are used.

A website uses words and images to describe what your business can do for people.

If you sell turnkey rental properties, you’d better write something about turnkey rental properties on your website … right? (Obvious I know).

Google crawls websites looking at your content and compares your content against the phrase that searchers are typing in.

Google then saves your web pages in its massive database and serves up your website when someone searches phrases that Google believes are related to what your website is about.

When looking for keywords to use on your website, only go after the ones that are highly relevant to your prospect (we’ll give you the most popular keywords later in this report).

Ones that they’re actually typing into Google.

Create content on your website that helps show your prospect that you can solve their problem (i.e. – you can help them buy or sell their house).

Then optimize the content to include the phrases (keywords) your prospect is likely typing into Google.

Then structure your website correctly to give your website the best chance to rank (our AgentCarrot websites are already optimized for search engines to give you a head start).

Seems simple, but there is a little more to it.

If you’re an AgentCarrot member, we have SEO tools built into our websites, training, and support to help you rank your websites better… faster.

If you’re not an AgentCarrot member, seek out tools and support from people who can make your life easier. We’d love to have you as a member if it’s a fit. Reach out to us at

Ok, now we know why knowing the right keywords is very important if you want to generate more leads online with SEO.

But… how do you find those keywords?

How To Find Relevant Keywords In 2 Simple (But Strategic) Steps

Keywords for Real Estate Agents: Research Made Easy

The #1 reason most real estate agents have trouble getting leads through SEO is because they aren’t going after the right keywords that will put them in front of enough of the right people.

Or, if they know the right keywords, they aren’t using them right on their websites, so we’ll teach you that later in this report as well.

This whole report was made to give you a jump start so you don’t even have to do your own keyword research if you don’t want to.

We have the 100+ top SEO keywords for buyers and sellers later in this report, which will completely answer the question of “what do I optimize my website for?”

But If You Like To Know How Things Work…

Then this section is for you.

There are a few ways to research what people are searching for.

Most people suggest using the Google Keyword Planner (Google’s free keyword research tool built into Google Ads).

While it’s effective, we honestly do it a bit differently. A way that’s quicker and more accurate.

We start with a strategy we call “Suggest Stalking,” then end with using the Google Keyword Planner to verify the search volume for those phrases to make sure they’re worth ranking for.

We’ve already done this and compiled the best keywords for house sellers and buyers. This section just walks you through how we find the keywords we go after.

So let’s dive into the “how to.”

Step 1: “Suggest Stalking”

First off, put yourself in the mind of your prospect.

Close your eyes and visualize what they may type into Google when they’re looking to buy or sell a house.

Things that come to mind for me are things like …

“Buy a home in Austin”

“How to buy a house in Austin”

“How to sell my house in Austin”

You get the idea.

Now go to Google and type in those phrases slowly and see what pops up as suggestions from Google.

Keywords for real estate agents google suggest results

google suggest keywords for real estate agents

TIP: Be specific in what you type in. Add in your city name or location to the end of the phrase to “localize” it and you’ll be surprised what pops up.

Now write down, or remember the phrases that pop up in Google’s suggestions.

Google serves us up those suggestions only when there’s heavy enough traffic surrounding them.

You can rest assured that if something comes up as a suggestion, it’s a keyword phrase worth targeting.

Another tool you can use to find great keywords is Übersuggest.

With this tool, it’s very similar. You type in a broad suggested phrase and it spits out a bunch of suggested searches from Google’s database.

Grab the ones that look interesting to you and save them.

This is how we tend to do our initial keyword research. And the key to the whole thing is putting yourself in the mind of your prospect and asking yourself what you would type in if you needed to sell or buy a house.

Or, if you were going through foreclosure, or divorce, or were wanting to buy a new home, etc.

ubersuggest keywords for real estate agents

You get the idea.

After a while, it’ll be second nature to you.

We have other resources to help you rank your website higher at the end of this report that you can check out.

But now let’s move onto the next step…

Step 2: Narrowing Down Your List

Once we have a shortlist of high-traffic keywords (maybe 5-10), now we need to prioritize which ones are the most important to focus on first with your website.

Because wouldn’t you rather focus on optimizing your website for a search phrase that gets 100 searches per month from prospects in your area vs. 10 searches per month?

Of course, you would!

If all of this sounds confusing… don’t worry.

We narrow these down for you later in this report and give you marching orders on what to optimize your website for.

And if you’re an AgentCarrot member, we’ve already automatically built the most important keywords for your local area into your websites to give you a huge jump-start in your market.

Now, head over to the Google Keyword Planner.

Google creates all kinds of great free tools to help us get better results online.

Google wants us to succeed online as long as we play by their rules.

The more relevant content Google can serve up to searchers, the more people will love using Google, the more ad revenue it’ll earn.

So it’s in Google’s best interest to help us create useful websites that help solve real problems real people are having.

What Does The Google Keyword Planner Do?

This tool will show you monthly search volume, competition, and estimated cost per click (if you are going to do paid advertising) per search term.

Take those keywords you generated from the “Suggest Stalking” step above and put them into the “get search volume” box and run the search.

It’ll serve you up with rough traffic estimates for those exact phrases.

Keywords for real estate agents google keyword plannerFrom here, it’s all about seeing how much traffic each of those keyword phrases get.

Some will get more than others… which means they have a higher potential to generate more leads if you’re able to rank high in Google for those phrases.

TIP: The Google Keyword Planner isn’t 100% accurate. Use it as a tool … not as gospel. We’ve discovered keyword phrases that showed a “-” (indicating 0 searches per month) in the Keyword Planner but did show up as a suggested search when in our Google Suggest exercise… meaning enough people searched that phrase for it to matter. In some cases, we’ve ranked #1 for those phrases and generated dozens or hundreds of website visitors from those keywords.

Again, if you’re in a small area and some phrases showed up in Google suggestions but showed “-” in search volume… Don’t get discouraged.

Finding Hidden Keywords To Bring In More Traffic

Another beautiful thing about this tool is you can find hidden keyword gems that other marketers are not utilizing.

The best way to find hidden keyword gems is with long-tail keyword research.

Long-tail searches are more specific and less broad. This means they’re likely a more qualified lead if they land on your website.

Consider this; if I search “properties,” I might be looking to buy, sell or rent a property. This result shows 22,000 results because there are a lot of different properties out there.

But if I search “investment properties,” Google knows what type of properties I am looking for. If we know what that person’s mindset is when searching, we can create content around why investment properties make sense. The results are lower (1,000) but the message can be more specific and thus more effective.

google planner for keywords for real estate agents

Not only are long-tail keywords easier to rank for (fewer searches and less competition) but they tend to be much higher quality and more motivated leads.

If I’m an agent in Lancaster, PA … I’d much rather rank high for “buy a house Lancaster PA” than just “buy a house.”


2 reasons.

First, it’ll be much easier to rank very high for the longer phrase. There’s less competition.

Second, the broader “buy a house” may attract people from all over the country… including cities, you have no interest in working in.

Focusing your keywords on specific locations will bring you higher quality traffic and be much easier to rank for.

PART 2: Top Keywords to Use

111+ SEO Keywords for Real Estate Agents


By now you should have a shortlist of keywords that you know are getting searched by actual people… people that you can help in your business.

Circle the 3 keywords that you feel will get you in front of the right people and that may have enough search volume to matter for your business.

Now you know our process and how we do SEO and capture the right traffic that’ll help us grow our business.

Or… if you don’t want to do your own keyword research, we’ve done it for you!

If you skipped to this point to swipe the keywords and run, cool!

But make sure you read the section after this to learn what you need to do with those keywords on your websites in order to ramp up your traffic and leads so it can scale your business.

If you’re an AgentCarrot member, you’ll be able to skip many of the steps on the next section as they may already be done for you on your website for your local keywords (or our SEO tool will definitely make it easier on you).

First, a quick disclaimer.

This list of keywords is just an overview of some of the most successful keywords that we have found on our customer sites and in our own keyword research.

This list is not meant to be all-inclusive and if you search hard enough, you will probably find some that impact your business even better.

This list is meant to give you some insights into what people are searching for in Google and which ones to focus on in your own market.

Without further ado, here are the keywords most home buyers and sellers and agent-interested folk are searching each month.

SEO Keywords For Buyers

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
home for sale 60,500
buying a house 27,100
real estate listings 14,800
cheap houses for sale 14,800
new homes for sale 9,900
buying a home 6,600
new houses for sale 5,400
big houses for sale 3,600
houses for sale in 3,600
houses on sale 2,900
houses for sale near 880
new home listings 480
new house listings 260

These numbers are only the search volume for those “exact” phrases. So according to the current data as the publish date on this report, the exact phrase, “home for sale” was searched an average of 60,500 times every month across the US.

That doesn’t include all of the thousands of people who are putting that phrase as only a part of their search, such as “houses for sale in Portland” or “buy houses for sale in Portland.”

It only includes that phrase and that phrase alone.

There are many thousands more searches per month for these phrases that are more “local” (where the searcher puts in their city/location in the search or other qualifying words).

That’s good news!

Overall the search phrases didn’t change much if at all from last year. The search volume has changed a bit, but the “houses for sale” phrase still is among the most popular for motivated house buyers.

Pick 1-2 primary keyword phrases to focus your home-page on, then add your location at the end. Example: “Houses For Sale Portland, Oregon.” This will drastically increase the chances you’ll rank for a phrase in your location if your website is structured right. Make that phrase the first part of your “title tag” and optimize your content on that page for that phrase.

TIP: AgentCarrot has a built-in “SEO Grader Tool” to help you optimize your web pages for search phrases that matter whether you’re an SEO expert or not. If it’s a fit, check out our plans.

Carrot SEO Tool

Ready To Get More Leads & Close Your Next Listing?

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SEO Keywords For Real Estate Agents

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
real estate agent 74,000
real estate agents near me 9,900
find a realtor 2,400
top real estate companies 1,900
local realtors 1,900
realtor reviews 1,900
realtor agent 1,000
real estate agent reviews 1,000
find a real estate agent 880
local real estate agents 880
realty agencies near me 140
best realtors in my area 140
realtor property search 30

The AgentCarrot Analysis

In most of these keyword phrase cases, the winner isn’t a big surprise. “Real estate agent” as the phrase which sports an average of 74,000 searches every month across the U.S. is simple. And for that reason, it’s effective.

Every real estate agent should rank for the phrase, “real estate agent in [your city].” If you don’t, glance at the graph as a reminder of all the business you’re missing.

People want to buy or sell houses in your city, and they often want a real estate agent to help. Half the battle is simply getting your name, brand, and website in front of them.

Strategically scatter these keywords throughout your homepage so that it’s clear what you do, where you do it, and who you are.

TIP: To find out how you’re ranking currently and watch your website improve, AgentCarrot offers a free keyword ranking tracker for all of the members.

Demo Carrot Demo Now!

SEO Keywords For Real Estate Brokers

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
real estate broker 18,100
commercial real estate broker 2,400
real estate brokers near me 1,900
real estate broker fee 480
top real estate brokers 140
real estate brokerage company 140
best real estate brokers 140
local real estate brokers 70
residential real estate broker 70
find a real estate broker 50

The AgentCarrot Analysis

Depending on the state you live in and what you classify yourself as (a broker or an agent), focussing on the “real estate broker” keywords could definitely be worth your time.

Keep in mind, though, you don’t want to try and rank for “real estate agent” and “real estate broker” keywords on the same page. Doing so will dampen the effect of each keyword set and ensure that you don’t rank for either.

Your best bet is to classify yourself as one or the other and tackle only those keywords. Or, if you’d rather tackle both sets of keywords, create a separate landing page for the broker keywords and one for the agent keywords.

This will give you a chance to rank under both titles without cluttering your website.

SEO Keywords For First Time Home Buyers

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
first time home buyer 74,000
first time home buyer programs 33,100
first time home buyer loan 22,200
first time home buyer credit 8,100
buying your first home 2,400
first time home buyer down payment 1,900
first time home buyer tips 1,300
first time home buyer assistance 1,300
first time buyer mortgage 720
buying a house for the first time 480
buying my first house 90

The AgentCarrot Analysis

With the massive amount of searches around the “first time home buyer” phrase, at least the first 4 keyword phrases here are worth paying SEO-time to.

First-time homebuyers are a ripe market for real estate agents. While a seasoned house buyer might attempt the buying process alone, a first-timer likely wants the expertise you have to offer.

In other words, sprinkling these keyword phrases into your homepage, landing page, and content is a great way to attract motivated home buyers.

SEO Keywords For Buyer Tips

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
best time to buy a house 2,400
how to buy a home 1,900
best time of year to buy a house 1,600
when to buy a house 1,600
home buying tips 1,600
tips for buying a house 880
house buying tips 590
when to buy a home 210
tips for home buyers 170
new home buying tips 50

The AgentCarrot Analysis

These keywords should be used a bit differently. Obviously, the volume of searches per month is significantly less for the “buyer tips” category than the last few we’ve discussed.

But that doesn’t mean they’re inconsequential.

In fact, these keyword phrases are the perfect ones to tackle when you’re trying to cater to people who might not even know they want to use a real estate agent yet.

Maybe they’re just curious about the process of buying a home at this point or they’re wondering what they need to know before starting.

If you set yourself up as the source where they can get information, they’ll likely come to you when they’re actually ready to buy a house.

For that reason, these keyword phrases make for a great focus when it comes to your blog content.

TIP: You can even use these keyword phrases as the title of your content (blog, podcast, infographic, youtube videos) if you want to cater exactly to what people are searching for.

SEO Keywords For MLS

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
mls listings 49,500
mls listing 27,100
mls search 14,800
mls real estate 12,100
mls homes 3,600
mls listings search 2,400
mls realtor 1,900
mls property search 880
mls realty 720
mls homes for sale 720
mls real estate listings 590
mls houses for sale 590

The AgentCarrot Analysis

Any home searching prospects with a bit of knowledge under their belt (probably not first time home buyers) know what MLS is. Because of this, it’s worth your time to, partly, focus your website on these keywords.

One idea is to actually create a place on your website with some of the listings from an MLS database. Another way would be to create blog posts regarding what an MLS is and how home buyers can use them. Both of these methods will help you to rank in Google for anyone searching keyword phrases such as “MLS listings” or “MLS homes.”

SEO Keywords For Selling A Home

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
selling your home 2,400
sell house fast 1,600
selling a home 1,000
sell my home fast 720
how to sell your home 590
sell home fast 590
home selling tips 590
sell your home fast 590
house selling tips 210
staging your home to sell 140
marketing your home 90
cost of selling your home 90

The AgentCarrot Analysis

Onto the seller.

With 2,400 searches every month for a single house seller keyword phrase, it’d be a sin to totally ignore the seller.

Consider creating two separate landing pages on your website. One for the buyer and one for the seller. Focus the above keywords to rank your seller landing page.

TIP: It would also probably be worth your time to do keyword research on phrases such as “how to list my house in [your city] since house sellers often enter the real estate arena under the cover of a listing.

SEO Keywords For Seller Tips

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
tips for selling your home 880
tips for selling your house 590
home selling tips 590
tips to sell your home 390
how to sell your home fast 390
tips on selling your home 260
house selling tips 210
real estate agent tips 170
tips for selling your house 170
help sell my house 40
selling your house tips 30

The AgentCarrot Analysis

Similar to the buyer tips section but with fewer searches is the “seller tips” category.

These keywords phrases are great when you’re trying to target prospects who’re simply thinking about selling their house — they might not be ready to sell their house immediately. But you’re in this for the long haul, right?

Sprinkle your content marketing plan with these keywords phrases every now and again so you’re not missing out on potential seller leads.

SEO Keywords For For Sale By Owner

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
houses for sale by owner 27,100
for sale by owner homes 6,600
fsbo homes 2,400
real estate for sale by owner 1,600
how to sell your own home 1,600
sell your own home 1,300
for sale by owner real estate 480
how to for sale by owner 390
for sale by owner listings 390
listing property for sale by owner 70

The AgentCarrot Analysis

Why would you ever want to target the “for sale by owner” keywords?

Well, even though these buyers and sellers are looking to work outside the realm of an agent, creating content (and even listings) around the pros and cons of for-sale-by-owner negotiations will sometimes yield leads.

Every now and again, someone will want to buy or sell a house alone, but then once they actually start going through the process and realize how difficult it is, they’ll look to an agent as savior.

If they’ve already been learning from you, you might just get to be that savior.

SEO Keywords For Short Sale And Foreclosures

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
foreclosure 74,000
foreclosure homes 22,200
foreclosed homes for sale 12,100
foreclosure listings 6,600
short sale homes 3,600
bank owned homes for sale 2,900
houses for sale foreclosures 1,300
foreclosed properties for sale 720
short sale real estate agent 90
short sale houses for sale 90

The AgentCarrot Analysis

In a perfect world, everyone would buy a foreclosure.

They’re often a phenomenal price point for the quality of house the buyer receives. Thus why 74,000 prospects are searching for them every month.

As an agent, staking your name on foreclosures by creating a landing page with appropriate foreclosure listings and appropriate keyword phrases to help you rank in Google is a great way to collect leads.

This is a chunk of business you don’t want to miss. And well-placed keyword phrases will ensure that you don’t.

PART 3: What to Do with These Keywords on Your Website

How To Use These Keywords On Your Websites To Bring In More Traffic And Leads

So now you know what your prospects are searching for online.

That’s the first half of the SEO battle.

Let’s quickly talk about what to do with these keywords, as there is a lot of misinformation out there.

Often newcomers to online marketing and SEO think that the number of times a keyword shows up on a page, the number of links, and the number of people who visit determine if the site gets ranked well.

This is not entirely true and can actually hurt rankings if you do it wrong.

Always remember quality over quantity.

The practice of using a keyword a bunch on a web page is called keyword stuffing.

It is best to avoid this because it violates one of the SEO golden rules.

The golden rule states, “Don’t write for Google, write for your audience.”

Try to write simple-to-understand and meaningful content that helps build trust, rapport, value, and shows the reader that you can help solve their problem.

If you are not a copywriter, you might want to consider hiring someone or finding a solution that provides SEO optimized content for real estate websites like AgentCarrot does (take our demo at

With that being said, optimizing for the right keywords is very important but Google looks a lot at how the content is being used (not just what is being said) on the website.

Google will notice if the content is being shared on social media, if other’s link to it, and how many times it is mentioned on other pages or on other websites. All of those are great things that can help your rankings over time.

Building Your Website, Writing Effective Content, And Optimizing Your Content To Rank Well

Great! This is where the rubber meets the road with SEO.

It can be overwhelming if you’re new to online marketing and SEO. But everything we talked about in this free guide is already built into every AgentCarrot website to give you a head start on the process.

We even localize the content on your web pages to help you have a better chance of ranking well in your specific market… which is one of the reasons AgentCarrot members hold more page 1 rankings for critical keywords than any other website platform.

But here are a few steps you should take if you want to learn the process or do this on a non-AgentCarrot website.

At most, each page, post, or article should be optimized for 1 or 2 related keywords.

Many people will try to make their homepage rank for everything.

Instead, be specific and precise. When you try to optimize 1 page for too many things, Google may not know what that page is really about and choose to not rank it well for anything at all.

So here’s what to do with those keywords on your website.

NOTE: Head over to our website to access free SEO training videos that walk you through the process of optimizing your website for the best keywords to reach more sellers, buyers, lenders, and tenants.

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Your Title Tag

A title tag on your website is one of the first things that Google looks at when trying to figure out what your website is about. It’s also what it tends to show in the search results when your website shows up.

Title Tags and Headlines should be compelling and contain the keyword being targeted for that post or page. Try to keep your title tag between 50-60 characters, which is what Google will show in their search results.

So let’s dive into what to do with your title tag on your website.

Optimal Format Of Your Title Tag:

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword – Your Company Name

Optimal Length:

Between 50-60 characters


“Klamath Falls Apartments – Apartments Near OIT – Siskiyou Apts”

Your Content

Content is perhaps the most important part of your real estate investor website strategy.


Because it’s the part that really lays the foundation for what your website is about in Google’s eyes along with the title tag.

Plus your content, if crafted carefully, is what hopefully converts a visitor to a lead once they land on your website.


You can have the #1 ranking website in your market, but if the words on the page aren’t effectively written to build credibility, engage the reader, and convert them to a lead, that #1 ranking doesn’t matter.

Our AgentCarrot websites are among the best ranking and highest converting websites in the industry, so take a demo to see if we can help you save time and get better results.

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We could write an entire report on how to optimize the content on your website better than your competition’s website, but we don’t have time for it in this SEO Keyword Bible.

So, here are a few tips to help you make the content on your website has the best shot at ranking well for your keywords.

  • Vary the way you write the keywords on your page. If the main keyword you’re going after on that page is “buy a house in Atlanta,” use that just a few times but also use variations of that phrase, like, “buy houses in Atlanta” and “Atlanta Houses.” This helps give the page more reach and Google can still understand that those phrases are all extremely related (which is a good thing). This kind of writing looks natural to Google and the reader.
  • Include pictures on your pages and include variations of your keyword in the “alt tags” (alternative text) of your images.
  • Use your “H1” and “H2” headings wisely. They help break your content up and make it easier to read… but they are also a great place to mix in your keywords where it makes sense.
  • Aim for at least 300 words on every page you want to rank well. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but in general more high-quality content is better than less content (as long as it’s optimized).
  • Link to and from your most important pages. The pages that you want to rank should link out to 1 to 2 other high-quality pages (it could be other pages on your website or other reputable websites) and make sure your most important pages are linked to and from other pages on your website. This helps Google realize that that page is an important one on your site.
  • Include your keyword in the URL of the pages. In general, it’s a great practice to include the keyword phrase in the URL of the page. This rule generally applies to pages on your website. We’re not saying that your domain name has to have your main keywords in it. As an example, let’s say you’re an agent in Fresno, CA and you create a page specifically for Fresno on your website.The URL may be:
  • Write your content for the visitor to your site, not for Google. We like to write the content on our web pages for the house buyer and seller first. Write the page to convert them to a lead. Then after the content is written, we use our built-in Carrot SEO Tool to optimize the page for the keyword we want to rank for. This ensures the content makes sense and resonates with the reader … AND is optimized well for Google.

All of those elements above are already pre-built into our AgentCarrot websites to give you a jump start. Then from there if you want to tweak and customize your content to better fit your business, it’s easy to do that!

You Don’t Have To Be An SEO Expert

We take the technology and SEO headaches out of the process for you. If you’re an AgentCarrot member, your websites are pre-built with high converting content optimized for your local city. Then, we give you access to our built-in Carrot SEO Tool to have our SEO experts take you by the hand to make sure any content you write is optimized as well as we could do it ourselves.

As long as you can follow directions and our “stoplight” signals, you can optimize your web pages.

Next, sit down and craft a well thought out plan on how you can create value with your content.

Share a story that resonates with the website visitor about why your real estate solution is better than the competition.

Start educating users on the process, what they can expect, what to watch out for, and how they can reach their goal quickly with you.

A Quick Example Content Guide…

Here is an example of how to effectively use keywords in a post.

1) First, identify a keyword phrase to target:

“Buy a house in Phoenix AZ”

2) Create post SEO Title Tag:

“Buy a house in Phoenix AZ – 4 Simple Steps – ABC Houses”

3) Craft a compelling headline:

“Want to buy a house in Phoenix AZ? 4 Simple Steps”

4) Hook the reader with your intro:

“Looking to buy a house is an exciting time. Sadly, all of that possibility and anticipation can quickly turn into confusion, frustration, and in the worst of cases, quitting altogether.

That’s why I created this quick guide. To give you an idea of what you can expect when you’re looking to buy a house, once you find a house, and once the deal is closed. I’ve been selling houses for over X years and I’m going to share what I’ve learned.

Here’s what you can expect.”

5) Write main content on the page:

Now, write some content on your page that walks them through how to buy a house in the Phoenix area. Write the way you would talk. Don’t try to sound too professional or stiff. And include your primary and secondary keyword phrase in the post content where it makes sense, and vary it up a bit so you’re also using similar phrases to make it read and feel natural.

6) Create a simple call to action:

Again, a high ranking web page doesn’t do you any good if it doesn’t work to convert a visitor to a lead. There are hundreds of elements that can make a website convert well or not. Most real estate agent websites are leaving 30%+ of their leads on the table because of an underperformance.

One of those elements to improve your website conversion is to have a very clear call to action on every page.

“For a free consultation regarding your home-search, call me at 555-555-5555 or fill out the short form below.”

Is This Overwhelming?

If this all seems overwhelming to you, don’t sweat it.

I started doing this kind of stuff over 8 years ago so I’ve got a bit of a jump start on most.

But, you don’t have to learn SEO or how to build a website, or how to make a website convert in order to get results online.

Maybe this isn’t something you’re good at or maybe you just don’t have the time to learn SEO from the ground up.

No biggie! That’s what we specialize in and why there are more Carrot members on page 1 in Google than any other real estate website platform on the planet.

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Ranking Well In Your Area

Local Search Identifiers

One beautiful thing about SEO as a real estate agent is most of the time you’re just looking to rank well for phrases people in your local area are typing in.

realtor keywords for seo

Most agents don’t need to rank nationally.

If you’re in Richmond, VA and you do 90% of your work in Richmond … you should just be focused on getting your website ranked well for local Richmond, VA keywords.

Keywords like …

“Buy a house in Richmond VA”

“How to buy a house in Richmond Virginia”

“House listings in Richmond VA”

“Richmond VA real estate agents”

You get the idea.

People tend to search “local” when looking for a solution to their real estate problems.

So take the keywords in this guide and put your location name after it.

Like, “buy a house in [your city/area here]”

Simple, eh?

The Right Keywords Are The Foundation

But You Can’t Stop There.

You now know the exact keywords that house buyers and sellers are typing into Google to find the solutions you offer.

Knowing that is like knowing the best streets in your city to put bandit signs, where the most motivated buyers drive.

Pretty awesome, right?

Knowing the right keywords to target are perhaps the most important part of SEO that most real estate investors get wrong.

Now that you have this resource, your life is going to be 100% easier as far as getting leads online with SEO and PPC goes.

But, keywords are only part of the equation.

Keywords are like the soil in your vegetable garden.

Carrot Lead Generation PlanWithout nutrient-rich soil, your chances of growing a good crop of vegetables is pretty low. The same goes for keywords.

The right keywords are your nutrient-rich soil. But to harvest a great crop (profits), there are other things you have to do.

1) “Plant” great seeds.

(build a website geared for SEO and conversion, not just to look pretty)

2) “Nurture” and water those seeds.

(actively market your website & improve your rankings)

3) “Grow” the crop.

(create pages that go after other keywords on your site to broaden your reach)

4) “Harvest” a great crop.

(turn those leads into profitable deals)

Having a great website platform, great content, some good quality backlinks, a high converting website, and great support when you need help are the “water,” “fertilizer,” and “care” needed to grow great rankings and harvest that traffic into leads.

Our Carrot members generate over 1 million visitors to their websites each year and generate over 55,000 leads per month.

If you want to leverage our industry’s best Inbound Online Marketing Platform with built-in SEO and Conversion Tools and Methodology, head over to our website and take a free demo or reach out to us to see if we can help you reach your goals.

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So, Who is Carrot Anyway?

Carrot is a passionate team of techies, marketers, and investors who are helping thousands of high-achieving real estate investors and agents “save precious time in life for the things that matter” by creating simple and effective software, training, and hands-on support to help you generate more leads and credibility online.

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