EP 95: How to Stay Ahead of Current Real Estate Market Cycles to Build Financial Freedom w/ Ramon Gonzalez

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How to Stay Ahead of Current Real Estate Market Cycles to Build Financial Freedom w/ Ramon Gonzalez

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You know guys, that’s a two-edged sword. Everyone talks about debt with things go right, but I’ve been there with that when it doesn’t go right. It’s like right now people say oh you know what I just start off the loan and take a little piece. What for? 12% sounds pretty nice and I still get to go hang out with my daughter. I want more life. I don’t want more drama or more headaches. Ramon Gonzalez

I talk to a lot of real estate investors and agents as you can imagine and one thing that pops up from time to time is people ask the question of, “Am I an investor?” A lot of people call themselves real estate investors when, in fact, they’re not putting any money into an asset to invest in, they’re usually on the arbitrage side of things, being the middleman, which there’s nothing wrong with. Being the middle person where you’ve got one person on one side that needs something, you’ve got one person on the other side that needs something, you’re in the middle to connect the two to make a profit from it. That’s an amazing business model. But are you an investor?

One thing I want to toss out is the best real estate investors that I know, the best real estate entrepreneurs that I know, are the people who know market cycles really, really well. Can you read the market, engage what you should be doing at what point in the market to really maximize what you get out of your business, really maximize your income, your wealth, your revenue? Well, we’ve got a special guest on today, Ramon Gonzalez, one of our Carrot clients, and I’m insanely pumped to have him on this episode. We had a few audio issues at the start, the audio is a little bit muffled. You can hear amazingly well through it, so it clears up towards the end so don’t let that distract you.

Ramon is an amazing, successful investor. He’s going to walk through his journey, he’s going to walk through how he’s gone through and really modeled the market cycles. You’re going to see the clear path from the time that he started in real estate back in 2004 or five, on what he did during that phase. Then, what he did in seven and eight. He took two years off and then what he did the next cycle and then what he’s doing right now and what you guys should start to look at too.

There are way too many real estate entrepreneurs that are in this current market cycle that are doing the wrong thing. They’re either going to make you broke or you’re missing the massive opportunity that there is right now to build wealth. A lot of people are active and doing bunches of things but they’re doing the things that are not going to position them to build wealth. They’re about six, 10, 12, 14 months behind the real estate market cycles. Are you one of those people?

Also, you’re going to hear his inspiring journey. We’re going to start to talk about mission, purpose, all those kinds of things, unique ability, really, really fun conversation with Ramon.

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Ramon is a highly successful investor. He’s going to walk through his journey, and how he’s gone through and really modeled the real estate market cycles. Enjoy!

1:15 – Who is Ramon Gonzalez? His real estate investing strategy for massive success.
8:20 – Knowing your real estate market cycles. Why it’s so important to not get locked into a strategy. What to look for when gauging what strategy you should be implementing during certain times.
18:40 – Breaking down numbers. How many houses would Ramon need to have to create a passive $20k per month cash flow and how to calculate your own numbers?
23:50 – Where and why Ramon feels like his next market shift will be. Find what will bring in your max upside while keeping a minimal downside.
29:45 – Planting seeds with people who you want to build relationships with. Changing mindsets to drive positivity.
35:35 – How to discover your unique abilities and to implement them into your daily life.
43:05 – What gets Ramon fired up and why the thought of positively changing family trees is so exciting at the point in his career.
54:15 – Surrounding yourself with a peer group. Ramon’s final words of advice to build a sustainable business and become the person that you want to become.


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