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EP 48: From Grinding To A Dream Business: How Jason Lucchesi Shifted His Real Estate Investing Business in a Massive Way w/ Market Changes and By Building Small Team

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How Jason Lucchesi Shifted His Real Estate Investing Business

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I get more excited seeing somebody else that is $20,000 in debt and they’re just wanting to get out of the rat race and they do their first deal and you can see on their face that their shackles are coming off of their hands and ankles… They’re realizing that they can do and be so much more in the world.
Jason Lucchesi

Jason Lucchesi jumped into real estate investing right when the last downturn started and built up a solid real estate investing business. Shifting and changing as the market changed. But then he realized he’d built a business that he was a slave to.

Working long hours, making a great income but no time to enjoy it, and really not enjoying the business he’d built. Then he decided to stop grinding and start building a business he loved.

Jason talks about his journey and how he’s adapted his strategy as the market has shifted and talks about how he created systems and brought on people who could help him grow a business that flips 6-7 deals a month with little of his involvement so he could focus on his passion for coaching and helping others do what he’s done.

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Dive in and listen to Jason’s journey…

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5:50 – What Jason’s real estate investing business looks like… team, deals, and focus.
9:35 – Diving into what people really never talk about… Why do investors choose to teach other what has made them successful?
13:15 – Why putting time into finding your unique abilities, “super powers”, is so important.
16:35 – Jason’s team dynamics and how he has created the perfect flow for his business.
18:50 – What pulled Jason into starting his real estate investing business.
21:50 – Shifting business to adapt to the current real estate market. How things have changed over the last several years.
25:20 – Jason’s opinion for what an investor should do in certain phases for the market to not only protect themselves but also to capitalize.
28:35 – How the real estate investing business model might shift over the next 24 months.
31:45 – Writing and publishing a book – “Right Flipping Now” – is Jason’s way of carrying on his story.
37:30 – Processes to eliminate extra work. How to run a business without the business running you.
43:30 – What is the best advice to give an investor who is currently grinding away trying to make it happen.
46:20 – How to track and make sure your business “machine” is properly working.
48:10 – What Jason is most excited about in his real estate investing business right now and where he plans to go in the near future.

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Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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2 responses to “EP 48: From Grinding To A Dream Business: How Jason Lucchesi Shifted His Real Estate Investing Business in a Massive Way w/ Market Changes and By Building Small Team

  1. I have spent so much money on different mentor programs and software that hasn’t worked and when you try ed calling them they won’t answer the phone to answer any questions I had they took my money and left me with nothing it’s been 4 months and I have not yet done my first deal due to people dishonesty how can I get started how can I use something different to get leads I bought this one program that was b suppose to get me leads and all he was selling me was leads out of my local craiglist after saying these were leads no one else had that’s the type of bull I been dealing with I want to do this business but it’s hard to find honesty people take your money by lying it angers me because I’m retired and I have spent my savings on lies from people I found there are some people in this business isn’t who they say they are living in cars starting out with nothing now are millionaires all lies how do I find honesty but now I don’t have the money to spend to get what I need because of peple taking my money and giving nothing in return crap I can’t even use what can I do I don’t want to give up send me something I can use no bullshit I need honesty how can I use LinkedIn give me something that I can use jv up with some one or something it’s a shame how people take advantage of people that’s barely making it take there saving by lying and making promises it’s going on 5 months and I haven’t done one deal how can you help me turn this around and do not lie to me I have had enough if you can’t be honest don’t contact me

    1. Hey Matthew! Thanks for the honest and candid post and I LOVE that you’re not giving up and ready to find the solution that’ll work for you. Honestly… this is a tough one because I don’t know what the specific scenario is that you’ve gone through… what coaches you hired… what companies you’ve worked with… but I know there are lots of great and honest companies out there willing and able to help people reach success. We work with lots of them and see the results them and their students get… and we see the results our clients get. But even with the most amazing coaches or software… there are still people who aren’t succeeding. It’s interesting to look at why… when people have the same resource, similar financial means, the same coach / software, etc… why one succeeds wildly and another doesn’t.

      And in entrepreneurship for me mindset is usually the #1 factor… patience #2… and implementing a clear, specific, and proven process relentlessly until it works. Jason is a legit investor and a great coach, Tom at WholesalingInc is, tons of our clients get amazing results. So there’s great coaches and companies around that we can help you connect with. But without knowing what you’ve had a chance to implement, for how long, etc I don’t want to give you any specific advice until I have a better idea of those things.

      In the end, you CAN make this happen. Without a doubt. It’s a matter of finding what’s the main roadblock between you and that first deal and why you keep hitting those roadblocks. We’re here for ya if we can help! This episode of the CarrotCast is one you NEED To listen to:

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