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How to Make Real Estate Agent SlideShares: 5 Ideas, 8 Tips, and 9 Examples

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Real Estate Agent SlideShares

In the world of content, podcasting is popular. Blogging is big. Infographics are inspiring. But slideshows are sold short.

Why? Because most real-estate agents still see them as little more than soundless PowerPoint presentations. Worse, many are stricken by wordy visuals, blinding colors, and hideous fonts.

With the launch of LinkedIn’s Slideshare platform in 2006, the possibilities of PowerPoint have exploded. The platform boasts 70 million users and 18 million pieces of content.

Those numbers make for a lot of opportunity in content marketing.

To help you claim your spot, here are 5 ideas, 8 tips, and 9 examples … so you can start leveraging online slideshows.

Real Estate Agent Slideshares Ideas

Luckily, you’re not the first real estate agent to create a presentation. Because of this, you don’t have to blaze a trail. Instead, you can mimic other successful examples. While you can’t copy them slide for slide, you can take their ideas and make them your own.

Here are 5 ideas that you should definitely steal.

(1) What Every First Time Homebuyer Should Know

In Katchen Company’s SlideShare, they describe what every first-time homebuyer needs to think about before purchasing. With quick snippets of playful pictures and short blocks of text, they guide the viewer through questions to ask realtors, why first-time homebuyers should save pay stubs and the importance of patience.

(2) Home Inspection Checklist Before Buying a House

Ben Babundo published this SlideShare with a checklist of all things that need inspecting before cold hard cash enters the scene. The blocks of text in this slideshow are long and unappealing to the eye, but that doesn’t destroy the idea. It only means you can create your own checklist that is more engaging.

(3) Hey, Boomer – Selling Your Home? Do These 3 Things First

Dan Barcelon uses this SlideShare to educate a specific generation (the baby boomers) on what to do before selling a house. It would be easy to create your own “Here’s what to do before selling your home” SlideShare.

And, like Dan, ask yourself what generation is currently selling houses and cater your content to them specifically.

Hey Boomer – Selling Your Home? Do These 3 Things First from Dan Anthony Barcelon

(4) Buying A Home As A Newly Married Couple

Honestly, I couldn’t steal enough great examples from Dan Barcelon — the master of real estate SlideShare’s. This is another one from him speaking to newly married couples. Remember, the narrower your audience, the more views you’ll get from the right people.

Don’t forget to think about your own demographic and create content that is specifically for them. The “newly married couple” audience is a great target for any real estate agent.

Buying A Home As A Newly Married Couple from Dan Anthony Barcelon

(5) Upgrade Your Bathroom on a Shoestring

I’m not upgrading my bathroom. But even as I looked through this SlideShare, I was intrigued by the suggestions. Again from the king of real estate SlideShare’s — just now determined — Dan explains cheap and easy ways to make the most of your bathroom.

It’s hard to resist clicking, reading and sharing such quick and easy tips.

Upgrade Your Bathroom on a Shoestring from Dan Anthony Barcelon

Again, you can use these ideas to create your own SlideShare’s. As Mark Twain said, “There is no such thing as a new idea.” But there is such a thing as an old idea revamped to fit your style.

Which is exactly what I suggest you do.

Remember, the goal is to provide genuine value to the prospective client in hopes that they’ll work with you in the future.

But, before you go, here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your SlideShare’s.

Real Estate Agent Slideshares Presentation Tips

This is a list of 7 tips to help you create a Real Estate Agent SlideShare that turns viewers into content evangelists.

(1) Know Where You’re Going

Before heading anywhere, you need to know exactly where you’re going to end up. If you don’t, you could end up somewhere you didn’t intend to.

Don’t believe me?

Then believe Bilbo Baggins:

You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.

Getting swept off is all too easy if you’re destination is unclear. This doesn’t just happen in fantasy. It happens in reality. And if you’re not careful, it will happen to you.

Put together an outline and title and then go about creating your slides. Not the other way around.

(2) Be Yourself

This isn’t spoken about enough in the content world. People don’t relate to words on a page, bots in Messenger, or images on SlideShare. People relate to other people.

Which means it’s important that you convey a real person with the words, images, and style you choose.

If your personality is casual, then use informal tone and images that are playful. Here at Carrot, for example, we like to have fun. You’ll notice some of the informal language and images in this SlideShare to connect that ethos.

If your personality is formal and professional, then consider creating something that falls to the other side of the spectrum. Whatever the case, think about what personality you want to portray to your audience and create a slideshow that uses the appropriate language, images, and technique.

(3) Don’t Ramble

Short is better. Especially on slides.

When I first wrote those sentences, they did anything but follow that rule, “Shorter is almost always better than long-winded slides. Work hard at keeping the text in your presentation to a bare minimum.”

People view SlideShare’s because they don’t want to read a blog post or listen to a podcast or look at an infographic. They want to see an equal dose of images and text, which is exactly what the SlideShare is supposed to provide.

Consider this example, which chooses its words carefully so that it can minimize word count and maximize impact.

(4) Leverage SEO

To help your SlideShare’s show up in Google, you need to leverage keywords. Think about what it is your ideal audience is typing into Google and create your SlideShare around those terms. is a great place to do your keyword research. Basically, it’s Google suggest on steroids.

LinkedIn, to help your SEO, automatically inserts the text on your slides into a description below.

Express Homebuyers FAQ's Slideshare

Image via LinkedIn 

Which means that using your target keywords on your slides is critical. Also, include these keywords in your SlideShare description. Check out this example which ranks fourth on Google for these keywords:

express homebuyers faq's google rankings

(5) Use Data

Here’s a good rule of thumb. When you don’t know what to say next, use data to support your previous point.

People love cold hard facts that they can share with other people. Hubspot reports that articles with data in them are 175% more likely to be shared than their stat-less counterparts (see what I did there?).

Not only is data attractive to viewers, it helps solidify your position as an expert. To give credit, simply hit Command+K and insert the link where appropriate. While this SlideShare is too heavy on the text side, the data they share is relevant and compelling.

(6) Add a Quote

A.A. Milne once said,

[A] quotation is a handy thing to have about, saving one the trouble of thinking for oneself, always a laborious business.

He’s right.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use quotes. So long as the quotes you use are relevant and help your audience understand the topic material, then quote, quote, quote, away.

Quotes can help set the tone for your slideshow, making it fun, professional, sorrowful, or data-driven. Determine your communication style and find an appropriate quote to add a bit of flare. Consider how we use customer quotes, inspiration quotes, and question quotes in this Carrot Slideshare.

(7) Use Images

The impact of visual content is no secret.

CMI B2C Top Content Priorities for Creators

Image via CMI

The trick with SlideShare’s is to balance visual content with text. You need both but err on the side of too much visual content, so long as the images you’re using are clear and concise.

Slideshares should have an image — ideally a new image — on every slide. One that contributes to the point you’re illustrating.

This SlideShare uses images that align with exactly what’s being said.

Top 8 Open House Mistakes a Seller Can Make from Dan Anthony Barcelon

(8) Review

As a final tip, don’t forget to review your SlideShare before publishing. No, it doesn’t need to be perfect, but it also shouldn’t be completely unreviewed.

Check for typos, weird looking images, and anything that distracts from the point you’re trying to make. Also, have a friend look over it for you. They’ll catch things that you didn’t notice simply because they’re not the creator.

Once you’re satisfied with the product, publish.

It’s good that real estate agent slideshares are undervalued… for now.

Since most real estate agents and investors aren’t using slideshows in their content marketing, you have an opportunity to claim a spot before everyone else does.

Much like real estate, the time to dive into slideshows is when it isn’t crowded. Now is the time. Go play around with creating your own and let us know how it goes.

And don’t forget to have fun while you do it.

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