EP 85: How Krista Sold 144 Homes Last Year – Her Realtor Marketing Strategy and Story w/ Krista Mashore

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How Krista Sold 144 Homes Last Year - Her Real Estate Marketing Strategy and Story w/ Krista Mashore

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… Agents, if you’re out there listening, people need to like and trust you. I mean you’re going to have a much easier time of gaining clients if they know, like, and trust you. They get to know and trust you by seeing you. By you showing up everywhere. Why are you giving them value by you helping them and I’ll you value, value, value. Krista Mashore

I was in Boise, Idaho, about three or four months back at a mastermind and met amazing, amazing people. Some people literally have businesses doing 50, 100 plus million a year. And people from different types of industries, a little of everything was in there. And there was this lady there that she and I connected, hit it off and said, “We need to hop on and do a podcast.” And she’s in the real estate market. She’s the number one real estate agent in Brentwood, California and sold 144 homes last year.

She started like a lot of us start, where your back is against the wall and you really need to go out there and make something of yourself or create a business or create the income. She was the same way. She went through a really, really terrible divorce and some other things and she walks you through that time in her life and how she went on to them build this business.

And she also breaks down her marketing strategies. Exactly what she’s doing to grow that business. It’s very similar to the way we teach. It’s using content and it’s going after being consistent. But she does it in a very specific way. So we invited her on the podcast, under the CarrotCast, and she is a Carrot customer, by the way, an AgentCarrot customer as we’re in BETA, with her and lots of other agents. We’re really building out the AgentCarrot platform.

Just go to agentcarrot.com, to get on that. Or if you’re listening to this one, AgentCarrot is rolled out, you can go to agentcarrot.com and join if you’re a real estate agent. But we’re going to break apart her story, the mindset tricks that she uses that work insanely well for her, to get her mindset orientated and also, what is her Realtor marketing strategy mix, that does 150 plus houses a year, as Brentwood California’s number one real estate agent.

We’re going to break all that down in this episode of the CarrotCast. And I think you’re going to insanely, insanely enjoy it. All right, without further ado, welcome on Krista Mashore.

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Listen in with Trevor and Krista as they discuss here Realtor marketing strategy, improving life, changing stressful mindsets, and much more!

2:15 – Why Krista has here work environment decorated the way she does for mindset and how using EMDR helps her handle stressful situations and environments better.
5:00 – Why she made the change from school teacher to real estate.
8:35 – She’s now the largest broker in Brentwood, California. What her rise to this achievement has looked like.
10:40 – How much of her success is from specializing in one area. “Focus on doing one thing.”
13:00 – Maximizing her listing exposure and why it doubles her deals in comparison to her nearest competitor.
14:00 – What she is doing now in the digital category that she wasn’t doing at the start of her career.
18:10 – How much of her business comes from fresh leads vs. ones that have been in her system. And, the difference in costs between getting a new client rather than dealing with an old one.
21:40 – Content marketing for realtors: what her mindset is about the volume of content she puts out and how she feels about putting out too much.
23:00 – Realtor marketing strategies: What types of content Krista are putting out right now, how often, and where is finding excellent content topics.
26:20 – What her network and community of follows look like. How she targets areas.
30:45 – Find out more about Krista and her realtor marketing strategy here and her new book:

 Sell 100+ Homes A Year: How We Use Engagement Marketing, Technology and Lead Gen to Sell 100+ Homes A Year, Every Year! 

34:35 – What habit she’s adopted over the last 5 years that has improved her life the most.
38:35 – What Krista does to eliminate or deal with negative thoughts.
41:30 – Why surrounding yourself with the right people is so important to sharpen your skills.

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Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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  1. Hi Trevor, I just finish watching your great interview with Krista Mashore. I saw towards the end of your interview, she offered a free copy of her book !!! How could I get my free copy.

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