Ep 11: Working Too Much And Profiting Too Little? I Interview My Favorite Author Mike Michalowicz

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You grow with focus and only after you achieve significant success do you expand out. The mistake most entrepreneurs do, is they expand out now and think that diversifying will bring them growth . No! It actually stunts growth.” – Mike Michalowicz

Have you started a company before? Did you struggle? Or, did you make so much money that your ego got the best of you and you spent every last dime?

Whether you’re just starting out or have been crushing it for years, don’t miss Mike’s invaluable approach to business. It might be the shot in the arm that you’ve been looking for.

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If you’ve ever listened to a Mike Michalowicz podcast, you know that you’re going to walk away with a better mindset and stronger passion than ever before. That’s why we’re so excited to have the pleasure of having Mike on this episode of the CarrotCast. He’s one my favorite authors and business leaders.

He has founded and sold multi-million dollar companies. He has lost it all. Then started all over again by finding ways to build strong and healthy companies.

He’s also a very accomplished author. Penning bestsellers and cult-classics, Surge, Profit First, and The Pumpkin Plan.

I highly recommend all of these books. Not only to business entrepreneurs but anyone needing a help with the direction of life.

Check out how The Pumpkin Plan changed my life in a HUGE way. I’m talking life changing… not small potatoes here guys and gals.

You can get more information about Mike at MikeMichalowicz.com

Enjoy :-)

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During the CarrotCast show, Mike Michalowicz shares…

  • How you can handle success. And how not to (from experience).
  • Focusing on what is best for you.
  • Getting more out of your business to achieve sustainable growth.
  • How to be innovative when you practically have nothing.
  • What to look for when entering a new market.

Watch the Video Version

Pumpkin Planning Your Business For Less Stress And Higher Profits w/ Mike Michalowicz

Start – 3:15 – Mike’s background as a full-time author and entrepreneur.
5:45 – How to handle going through tough times. Fighting stress and overcoming the feeling that a wall is collapsing on top of you.
11:43 – Taking a step back and “Pumpkin Plan.” To focus on what’s best. Pick one thing and build up.
14:53 – How to become narrowly focused and grow those opportunities.
18:20 – Get focused on what you do best.
19:00 – Are you too early or too late to enter a market? How do you get in the right place at the right time?
22:30 – The theory behind “Profit First.”
24:40 – The Frankenstein formula. Should you be putting your “paid” day off?
27:12 – Changing your mindset on how you behave around money.
29:30 – The core fundamental – Parkinson’s law.
30:41 – How to be innovative when you practically have nothing.
35:34 – Timing markets and what the #1 thing entrepreneurs do wrong. How to ride a 20-foot trend wave.
42:55 – How Mike identifies topics to write about. How much gear it takes him to write a book and what he’s reading right now.

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