EP 150: [Republish] Don’t Blow It! The Psychology of Negotiation: How To Talk With A House Seller to Close More Deals + Help More People w/ John Martinez

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Negotiation Psychology: How To Talk With A House Seller to Close More Deals + Help More People

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I see a lot of good, really good, salespeople and a lot of really bad salespeople. You can tell whose good by how often people talk and when they talk, what they say. So, real quick, the best salespeople in the world in all industries … they talk maybe 10% of the time and when they do open their mouths it’s with the question. John Martinez

This episode of the CarrotCast was previously published but we all now that competition is fierce. Right now, maybe more than ever, you need to know how to show up, ready to negotiate. If you don’t… you lose. This episode touches on the are of the negotiation. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a client and a friend, and we were talking about how can you get more leads coming in on the front end? They were already doing pretty darn good, so what we started to do was look at … I said, “Where else in the process can we actually tweak and improve to give you a lift in your revenue, in deals?” Because there’s a lot of different ways to grow a business.

It’s not just to get more leads in on the front end. You can also grow a business by tightening up the processes after the lead comes in on the follow-up, on setting expectations, on the phone call, in the meeting, that kind of thing, to really pull levers at each and every point where people can fall off.

On this episode of the CarrotCast, I invited a guest on named John Martinez. John is probably, not probably…he is the leading sales trainer in the real estate investing industry. I had a chance to meet him in person finally after following him for quite some time down in Dallas at a mastermind, at the Investor Fuel Mastermind that we’re a part of.

John blew me away at his presentation down there. I really loved kind of the role-playing that he did up on stage, talking through the way that high achieving and high performing real estate investors negotiate and discuss the transaction with sellers.

What we’re going to do is you’re going to learn a lot about John’s story, but then about 10, 15 minutes in, we’re going to dive in knee deep on role-playing, and basically walking you through every step of the way, all the way from hopping on the call, to meeting the seller in person first, what you say, how you prepare them, how you set expectations, exactly word for word what to say. This stuff is pretty darn amazing.

Now, the cool thing about this is this call isn’t just, hey, jot this script down, because that’s not it at all. What John teaches you is the fundamentals behind why these work, so now you can be empowered to go out there as someone who understands psychology and understands how to actually really, truly serve your sellers and your prospects, all right?

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On this episode of the CarrotCast, I want you to completely shift and transcend your current mindset into negotiation psychology and how you’re currently talking with sellers.

2:55 – Who is John Martinez. What industry he came from and what he does now.
5:15 – Why he has adopted a simplification mindset.
7:20 – What John did to gain time back and shift his focus from money and material things to the bigger picture.
10:25 – How he accidentally got into real estate.
12:50 – The types of pivots he sees within the real estate market in the next couple of years.
15:20 – The biggest problems he sees with other real estate professionals and common mistakes within their sales processes.

Implementing Negotiation Psychology:

20:35 – A couple of pieces of advice when setting an appointment with a seller.
22:50 – 3 Specific questions you should ask a seller during the initial meeting.
29:05 – People vs Property. How a good negotiator talks with the seller about their situation vs. how they talk about the seller’s property.
34:10 – What the biggest falling off points is before presenting an offer. The need to make the seller discover the benefit of selling to you without actually telling them directly. It’s about your presentation.
40:40 – How to present your offer the right way and how to structure the deal.
45:15 – How to end your sales calls. Taking the soft and mindful approach instead of being aggressive.
48:15 – Where to find out more about John Martinez real estate sales strategies and more about real estate negotiation psychology.


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