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EP 213: What if Everything You Thought You Knew About Real Estate Marketing Was Wrong? w/ Mike Cuevas

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What if Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing Was Wrong? w/ Mike Cuevas

Its all about standing out. Generate attention, not just leads.

– Mike Cuevas

What if Everything You Thought You Knew About Real Estate Marketing Was Wrong? w/ Mike Cuevas

What if instead of spending all of your time and marketing dollars shouting from the rooftops, you could take just a fraction of that effort and attract your most ideal clients?

What if you had fun with marketing and instead of it being a pain-point for your business?

Mike Cuevas is about to show you how. He’s an expert in building authority and he’s going to break down some of his all-time best strategies for you in this podcast episode. Are you ready?

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You’ve likely heard me talk about the importance of video in your marketing. With COVID, this is now more important than ever. Creating quality video and sending the right message is important.

Whether you hire someone like Mike to help you or do it all on your own, the value you will receive is immeasurable. By starting right now, you will be able to gain incredible momentum and COVID-19 or not, you will be able to reach more people and be able to share your value and message in a whole new way.

While my entire talk with Mike was filled with incredible information, here are a few of my biggest takeaways. 

Generate Attention – Not Just Leads

As an agent or investor, when it comes to creating content for your business, you need to do things to help you stand out while adding value. Rattling off market facts or repeating the same data as other agents and investors out there isn’t going to help you connect with your ideal clients. 

When looking for the right clients, you don’t want to just scream about what you do all day. Instead, you want to add value to their lives, while gently reminding them what you do and what you can offer.

For example, if you are an agent, people likely already know you are an agent. When creating your content to reach a more targeted audience, you could include things like: 

  • Case studies from clients you have worked with in the past
  • Local events going on in your community
  • Local resources for residents in your area
  • Charities in your area you are passionate about
  • Interviews with other businesses that may be beneficial for your clients
  • Niche content to appeal to your target market

It is important to tell a story that demonstrated what you do, reminds people of what you do, and what sets you a part from the competition by highlighting your personal USP. The same things apply to investors out there.

Although it is important to market yourself as a solution to a problem, pulling you away from the stereotype investors often face about trying to cash in on the misfortune of others.

This can be a huge hurdle, but when you really connect with people and humanize your business, they will see you for your solutions instead of someone who simply wants to cash in. For both agents and investors, keep in mind that this is a referral business. Everyone knows someone who can use the help of an agent or investor. 

Embracing New Technology

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things about how business is being done. Many of these changes are expected to last long after the virus has passed. This means it is time for both agents and investors to rethink their marketing and advertising strategies, utilizing technology that may have been overlooked in the past. 

For example, or Mike’s website he has utilized Prezzi to create interactive presentations, providing his potential clients with the information they are looking for, specific to their needs.

He is also creating interactive videos for his clients, which can be used to provide information, as well as for things like virtual tours of properties for sale. 

Creating Content You Can Multi-Purpose

When creating a video for example, think about all of the ways you can put that video to use. Not only can you share on Facebook and Instagram, but you can also load it up to youtube.

You can dice up a long video into blurbs for social media. You can take our awesome transcription tool and quickly and easily turn your video post into an SEO-friendly blog for your website. 

Throughout all your marketing, you need to stay consistent. Think about what would happen if you stopped talking to your spouse for a month. Your relationship would deteriorate rapidly and it would take a lot of work to get things back to the way they once were.

On the flip side, if all you do is talk about work with your spouse, they are going to get boarded quickly and start to tune you out. When creating your marketing, it is important to tell your story. To share your unique USP so people can get to know you – the person behind your brand. 

Guys, what it comes down to is that in a cluttered market, you need to stand out, become the local authority, and personalize your business in a way you may not have done before.

Creating a plan, sticking with it, and utilizing the tools at your disposal, will help you create the momentum you need. You won’t find yourself looking back a year from now, wondering where your business went. 

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