EP 159: Building a $1M+ Wholesaling Business | Max Maxwell’s Keys to Success

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Building a $1M+ Wholesaling Business | Max Maxwell’s Keys to Success
Max Maxwell

“Educate yourself on just one thing and become good at it. Obsess over that one thing.”
Max Maxwell

Enjoy this Exclusive Episode from Carrot’s 2019 Market Leader Summit

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YouTube star, Real Estate DO-RU, and friend of Carrot, Max Maxwell is back on the podcast to share exactly how he’s built a wildly successful wholesaling business from scratch and what he’s doing to crush his revenue numbers year after year.

You’ll get to hear: Max’s RVM and cold calling strategies, but more importantly why he’s shifting away from it and putting more energy into his biggest lead source.

What you need to focus on as a one-man-shop, and the keys to growing your team.

The #1 tool his team is using that creates more inbound opportunities, more intelligent conversations, and builds trust and credibility with sellers.

How to stay consistent with your marketing in order to catch sellers at the perfect time.

How to cold call without getting hung up on.

And where he’s finding cash buyers… Listen in!

EP 159: Building a $1M+ Wholesaling Business w/ Max Maxwell

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Max on YouTube: https://bit.ly/2QJqpSO
Maxon Instagram: https://bit.ly/2wC1dED
Max’s Carrot Site: https://www.cashhomestriad.com/

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  1. Molly

    Amazing info! What is the name of the software Max mentions that identifies the property of a call back so you know who is on the other line? I don’t think he mentions the actual vendor’s name…


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