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EP 108: Why Marriage Shouldn’t Be Run Like a Business and Many More Vulnerable Discussions w/ Adrian Nez

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Why Marriage Shouldn’t Be Run Like a Business and Many More Vulnerable Discussions

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Let’s say I got divored and I got to another relationship. I’m going to be in the same mess. So, if I really want help and I really want to do right, what better way to practice than the mother of your kids. The person that you’re in it with now Adrian Nez

It’s 9:42 p.m. I’m looking at Venus up in the sky, and I’m thinking about this episode that you’re going to be listening to right now on how darn important it is in the whole scheme of things.

My good, good friend and obviously Carrot team member, Adrian Nez, actually spurred on this episode of the CarrotCast. We were on a team call about a week or two ago as of the time we recorded this, and he said, “You know what, Trevor, I’ve got a podcast idea that I really want to pitch you and I think it’s important.” We hopped on a call, and within 15 seconds, I’m telling him, “Dude, we are doing that because that’s so important.”

You’re going to hear some massive, massive vulnerability from Adrian himself who’s going through some big hard, emotional things in his life and his marriage right now.

You’re going to hear from me with some of my struggles in my marriage and some of the struggles that I’m going through. It’s not struggling with our marriage per se. It’s struggling that, how do I make it better? How do I serve my wife? How do I serve my kids much better than I am right now and how do I make sure to put them ahead of certain other things?

This episode is really pulling back. We’re not talking about lead generation. We’re not going to talk about SEO. We’re not going to talk about any of that kind of stuff. We’re going to talk about the stuff that’s insanely important. Those people that right now you possibly might be ignoring, you possibly might be not serving.

You possibly might be looking at people that you’ve never met before in a Facebook group, in a BiggerPockets group, somewhere online, or even a seller or a buyer out there. You possibly might be thinking of people you’ve never met before that are not in your family that you’re probably never going to speak with or maybe speak with once or twice, and you’re thinking how can I serve them, and you’re not thinking how can I serve my wife?

How can I serve my husband, how can I serve my spouse? How can I serve my significant other?

So, we’re going to dive into relationships in this call. It’s an insanely important topic for us entrepreneurs because ambitious people have a hard time turning it off. Ambitious people have a hard time justifying and reconciling when we need to be present. When we need to turn it off, and also what the next actions are. We’re going to get insanely vulnerable.

Adrian’s going to bring you up to speed on his own marriage. They’ve been on and off again. I’ve been helping him to guide him through the journey just support him as a friend, and he’s going to walk through what he’s going through and I hope you guys respect it. I hope you guys take some cues from it. I know I did in a big way, and also, hopefully, you have some introspection on where is it that you need to adjust yourself.

Adrian and I both walked through some things that are working for us to have better relationships with our spouses. I can use some big time encouragement on my end as well as we talk about later in this podcast.

All right. So we love you guys. Enjoy this podcast. Please share with someone who may be working too hard, who may be working too many hours, who may not be focusing on their spouse as much as they should. Please take it to heart. Give us a rating and review on iTunes if any of this hits you at your core.

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Why Marriage Shouldn’t Be Run Like a Business and Many More Vulnerable Discussions

2:50 – True wealth can be right in front of us, but sometimes we don’t see it.
5:25 – Break out of the dangerous loop of feeling lonely.
6:45 – What one of the biggest homebuyers in America said about justifying the lack of being present with family while building a business.
8:00 – How Trevor felt during the first couple of years at Carrot. Grinding out 60+ hour weeks and a “near miss” that almost killed him. 
13:30 – The phantom expense that can ruin relationships that comes with working so much.
14:53 – Tip: Don’t take advantage of your perception of what you think your spouse understands.
16:15 – Trevor’s path into his entrepreneurial ventures and how ego plays a role in most businesses.
21:45 – Where do you find happiness if it isn’t on the other side of achievement.
26:00 – At what point in a career do you recapture time.
28:00 – Why it’s important to surround yourself with a support team and fixing what is broken within a relationship rather than throwing it away.
32:50 – Having freedom, flexibility, and finances are great, but you need to create good relationship habits. Here are some tips.
44:15 – “Leave Dad alone, he has to work.” Adrian’s son said this to his sister one time on a Saturday morning. How this environment was created and how it’s being changed.


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