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Carrot Websites Already In Your Market? 6 Ways To Stand Out

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InvestorCarrot Sites

Carrot websites now control more page 1 Google rankings for motivated seller and cash buyer search phrases that matter than any other real estate investor website platform. So, if Carrot members are already ranking well and pulling in leads in your market…

can you get the same (or better) results and tap into that flow of leads as well?

seo rankings for InvestorCarrot websites
InvestorCarrot members control 3 of the 4 top spots for this phase in California… But they’re all getting more leads than they would have been without InvestorCarrot. Read this article to see why… and how you can leverage Carrot for better results even if your market has Carrot members doing well.

We’ll dive into the strategy that the most successful investors are implementing to go into markets that look “crowded” to most people… but end up being very profitable for those who choose to leverage Carrot and personalize it to stand out.

The #1 Question You Want To First Ask Yourself

So the #1 question you should ask yourself isn’t “Will InvestorCarrot still be effective for me if other people are using it?”…

… it should be “If I don’t go with InvestorCarrot, what will I implement instead to generate leads online as effectively as my competitors using Carrot in my market?”

Will your other options, even though they look different visually, perform as well and provide you the long-term return on investment that InvestorCarrot can provide? Some may. Most won’t.

At Carrot we, of course, focus on performance as the #1 metric… and making it as easy as possible to tap into our proven framework… personalize it to build in your credibility elements… and launch your website quickly so you can start driving traffic to it.

Which is why our members are pulling in so many leads and starting to dominate the online markets across the country… and not having to wait weeks or months and pay thousands of dollars to have a custom site built that you hope will perform well once it’s launched that still has ongoing maintenance costs and will have to be redesigned in 2 years again anyhow.

Another way to look at it is if a platform and system are proven to work well in your market for your competitors… does that mean you shouldn’t also use that platform that is working well in your market?

Consider the sport of automotive racing

All of the competitors are in very fast cars…
they often start with the same foundation.


They start with that same foundation because it’s been proven to work many times over.

Then to edge out the other guys, they tweak it, improve it, and get better over time.

There’s no long-term advantage for the car that has been winning in the past vs. the new one just entering the league. The guy entering the league today can dominate the circuit 8 months from now.

It’s not an “all or nothing” game in car racing.

The same goes for online marketing as a real estate investor

If you start with a solid proven foundation, the small tweaks plus the driver’s skill and desire determine the outcome of a race.

You wouldn’t show up to a Nascar race in a Mini Cooper just because everyone else is using “the same” looking Nascar race car, right?

That’s what the InvestorCarrot platform is all about. 

Building a proven and very effective foundation for you to build your business on so you can save time, save money, earn a higher ROI, and always be ahead of the technology curve.

Then, you can leverage our training and experienced team to help you edge out your competition.

Here are some things you can do today to separate yourself from other Carrot members in your market, so everyone wins (including you).

6 Ways To Separate Yourself From Other Investors Leveraging InvestorCarrot Websites

1. Use all the advantages you can get (lazy = fewer results)

Time To Complete: 20 – 90 mins depending on the level of personalization. Or have us do it for you!

If you want to start with a leg up on the majority of your competition, one of the best ways you can do that is by building your online presence on the Carrot platform.

Yeah, we’re plugging ourselves, but for a good reason:

We recognize that your focus should be on doing deals, which is why we focus on building a platform to send you leads and continually improving that platform every month to help you stay ahead of the technology curve.

But don’t just launch your InvestorCarrot website, slap on a domain, and walk away if you expect to stand out from others using Carrot in your market.

Leverage the tools built into your Carrot platform to personalize your branding, content, credibility, and even design.

You can make your website look a LOT different and really separate yourself visually from the pack while still leveraging what makes InvestorCarrot so darn effective.

Less Than 30 Minutes Of Personalization Work On An InvestorCarrot Site

custom real estate investor website design
See the transformation with a bit of professionalization? At your fingertips, you have the ability to make your website look quite a bit different. And these personalization are only the tip of the iceberg on what you can do.

2. Adjust your content (especially if there are other Carrot members in the search results)

Time To Complete: 30 mins – 2 hours depending on the level of content tweaks. Or have us do it all for you!

custom real estate investing website content
If you’re serious about your business long-term… Spend a little bit of time to put in more specific information about your market and your business on your pages. Or have us write custom content for you!

Sometimes you will be competing in a market where there are already a ton of investors, and perhaps even several InvestorCarrot investors, too!

How do you appear in search results if other folks are already rocking it? Adjust your content to add your flair.

This will help you avoid duplicate content penalties in your market while retaining the Carrot platform’s ranking power.

You don’t have to change the content a lot, but you should change it a bit (aim for changing about 30-50% of the content): make sure you keep the value of the content, and don’t forget to incorporate search engine optimization like appropriate keyword usage.

And the beauty is, just use our current content as your framework for what to write where.

If a part of your home page talks about the different situations sellers may be going through… just rewrite that paragraph in your own words.

This alone saves you dozens of hours and lost money and results vs. having to write all of the content for a custom website you build elsewhere.

Overall, even with multiple Carrot members ranking crazy well on page 1 for the same keywords in the same market, we’re seeing that it’s a non-issue if people tweak their content a bit, follow our training, and leverage our help to get your rankings higher. There are many markets where Carrot members control 3+ of the first page results, and all of them are generating more leads than they ever were with their non-Carrot sites because they’re ranking higher with Carrot… and their website is converting more visitors into leads than their non-Carrot site.

3. Adjust your SEO title to stand out in the Google search results

Time To Complete: 3-5 mins per page.

When your prospective leads search on Google, they will get a page of results. Like this…


From that search result, they will decide to click on one site or to search for a different term.

They will base this decision on what they see and what stands out to their eye: The title of your website, a brief two-line (approximately 125 characters) description, and your website URL.

Did you know you can control what Google shows here?

Yep, you can!

So let’s use this flexibility that Google gives us and liven up that search listing to stand out from the others on the page and get more people to click through to your website.

Check out this “Sell my Memphis home” search result in the picture below.

Notice that the top spot is held by a Carrot customer. Not only do they have the top spot because of the SEO power of the Carrot platform, but they also have the most compelling and enticing title (“Get A Cash Offer Today”) – that’s the power of copywriting!  Their Google search listing stands out more than the rest and shows the searcher how they can help in clear terms.

InvestorCarrot Websites-Memphis

Even if they were slightly farther down in the list, their powerfully written title would still attract people to click them over their competition.

Let’s adjust that search listing right now! 

If you’re already a Carrot member, just head into your Page Editor, scroll down to the Carrot SEO Tool, and update your SEO Title and description to stand out and separate yourself from the crowd.

Just Edit The SEO Title And Description To Change How Your Site Shows In Google’s Search Results!

edit seo title for search results

It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to get this done on InvestorCarrot! And reach out to us if you need any help or insights :-)

4. Build in some credibility elements

Time To Complete: 20 – 60 mins. Or have us do it for you!

Credibility is key when a motivated house seller or cash investment property buyer is looking to make a big financial decision.  We’ve already given our InvestorCarrot websites a head start on building credibility with the way our websites are structured out of the box. But, from there you can boost that credibility by adding in your own flair.

The main thing that you can use to separate yourself from others in your market is… well… YOU.

Your personality.

Your experience.

Your credibility.

How you can help them.

You will want to personalize your site so people will see you as not only THE best solution for their problem… but also that they just plain connect with you and your company and feel that you’re the one they can trust to help them out.

How can you do that? 

Take These Small Credibility Tweaks As An Example…

website credibility
  1. Update your “Hero Image”: The Hero is the big picture behind your opt-in form. We’ve found it’s helped to improve performance on our websites, especially when you add a picture that is unique to you and shows your local area.
  2. Add in credibility badges: BBB logos, awards, and even badges showing you’re a member of respected groups can help improve credibility and boost performance!
  3. Testimonials: Add in some customer testimonials. These could be things your clients have said about how you helped them… or if you’re just starting out… character-based testimonials from colleagues, your banker, etc that show you’re a trustworthy and competent person.
  4. Simple and clean branding: The first thing people usually see is the upper left side of your website. So make sure it looks inviting and trustworthy. You don’t have to have a fancy logo… but an ugly logo or bad company name could reduce your credibility.

People have to feel like you can help them and trust that you can do what you say. Make them feel that comfort and connection on the site.

Bottom line: Highlight how you can help your audience and show them how your services are best suited to solve their problem the best.

5. Consider other keywords ignored by your competitors

Time To Complete: 15-30 mins per week + we’re here for help!

There are hundreds of phrases motivated house sellers in your market are typing into Google… go after some of those that are less crowded while you build your rankings on the competitive search phrases.

The beauty with online marketing is there are so darn many keyword phrases that motivated sellers, cash buyers, note sellers, and rent to own tenants are typing into Google.

We usually focus on the main handful of keyword phrases when we use examples… like your “sell my house fast” type keywords.

But for motivated sellers, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of keyword phrases your prospects are typing into Google each month.

If one keyword phrase is flooded and crazy competitive, go after other keyword phrases as well that your competition isn’t yet focusing on.

As an example…

Here Is A Report On The Number Of PPC Keywords This Particular Investor Is Advertising For In Google

ppc keyword research

Almost 900!


I bet your competition is only going after 1 or 2 keywords when it comes to SEO.

If they are, spin up some pages

Cast a wider net and create content on your website that goes after those phrases your competitors are too lazy to go after.

And while you’re doing that… keep working on ranking higher for those competitive phrases that your competitors are ranking for… and overtake them over the long-run because your website is more content rich.

Bam, you win the internet :-)

You might be wonder what types of keywords are the ones your competition likely isn’t focusing on?

Well… phrases targeted to specific situations and specific areas is a good place to start.

Selling a house in divorce [in your area]

Selling a house in probate [in your area]

Selling a house I inherited [in your area]

Selling my house without a broker [in your area]

[your area] cash home buyers

You get the idea.

Cast a wider net.

That’s what the big boys do.

There are literally hundreds of phrases you can go after with your SEO, PPC, and YouTube video marketing that your competitors likely aren’t paying much attention to.

If “Sell my Columbus house” is too competitive, what about… “Sell my Columbus house quickly” or “avoiding real estate agent fees in Columbus“?

The traffic to these may be less (it depends on the market) but when you start to rank well for a bunch of these less competitive phrases that your prospects are searching… over time those start to add up. Plus, these types of leads will be much more targeted and turn into deals at a much higher rate.

6. Leverage other media too! Video and SlideShare

Time To Complete: 30-60 mins per video.

If there’s a ton of competition and you’re struggling to show up on the first page, or if you’re just starting out and want to get the first-page status fast, or if you really want to bump your online marketing up a notch or two, this is a very powerful strategy:

YouTube is the second largest search engine the world (right after Google) and it’s owned by Google.

Google pulls search results from YouTube and embeds those results inside their normal (text-based) results.

So with the right optimization, you can put your video on YouTube and have them show up in Google results even if your website doesn’t yet show up there! That’s exactly what’s happening when you look at a search like “Sell my Phoenix house”…

InvestorCarrot Websites PHX

Notice that the videos are in the top position… above the websites!

Google is always tweaking this; sometimes the videos appear below the first, second, or third website result, but still very high in search results.

If you’re not sure how to do this, check out our post here on tips to optimize your YouTube videos. Also, for Carrot members check out our 3LeadPerDay training for a full in-depth training on the entire process.

Focus On Your Results And Stop Worrying About Your Competition

Competition… it’s part of the biz! You have a choice: you can avoid the competition altogether, or, you can put in a ton of hours and work to try to compete on your own, or, you can get into the race with InvestorCarrot’s version of a Nascar race car and use these 6 strategies to help you refine your online presence and raise your website even in competitive search terms.

Not an InvestorCarrot member? Take a demo today!

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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