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EP 32: Investing in Student Housing, Apartments, Hard Money, and Unique Ability In Life w/ Doug Fath

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Investing in Student Housing, Apartments, Hard Money, and Unique Ability In Life w/ Doug Fath

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If there is something you want to do, the best way to go about and have that is to find people that are doing what you want to do. Follow them, shadow them, work with them and that speeds up the learning curve tremendously.
Doug Fath

How do you find out what you’re unique ability is so you can live the life you want? Learn some actionable lifestyle and investing tips from a successful real estate entrepreneur and build a business you’re truly passionate about.

Doug Fath is one of the couple dozen people in my “inner circle”. Entrepreneurs I’ve known for years, we’ve grown together, get together in person a couple times a year in a mastermind I started with my former business partner Patrick Riddle.

Doug is an amazing real estate investor who started with student housing in Philly, transitioned into repositioning rental portfolios, development, and now owns a hard money / private lending company alongside his other real estate businesses.

Doug is truly an entrepreneur who is grounded and has found his “Wealthy Passion”. Listen to his story on how he got started in real estate investing and what led to his success.

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Doug Fath of Legacy Capital in Philadelphia joins Trevor on this episode of the CarrotCast. Listen as they discuss investing in student housing, hard money lending, finding your unique ability in life and much much more. Enjoy!

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2:00 – How certain events have changed Doug’s priority matrix and what the purpose of entrepreneurship is in his life.
6:40 – What his development and private lending business structure look like.
11:30 – How setting the right goals and being highly intentional has changed his life.
12:35 – From sports apparel to real estate investing. How Doug got his start and a couple of key decisions he made.
16:40 – How he stumbled into investing in student housing and how to protect yourself if you investing in this type of real estate.
20:00 – The transition into true apartment rentals and the resurrecting a warehouse in Philly into family units.
24:05 – The psychological side of owning a lending company and working with partners.
28:20 – How he identified and was able to help solve problems many real estate investors were having in their business.
34:05 – Why it’s important to find your unique ability. Spend more time on the things you’re good at and that you love to do.
42:20 – The 3 key phases to finding the right partnerships so you can achieve what you want to do.
47:45 – Before diving into a partnership – take the Kolbe personality test! Be sure to know how compatible you are with your partner.
51:00 – Why it was a good moving to add hard money lending to his professional portfolio.
54:55 – What type of mindset it takes to position your company above the competition.
58:50 – Doug’s #1 growth priority.
1:00:22 – His biggest takeaway from attending the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting.

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