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EP 44: Need Inspiration? Jason Is Almost Single-Handedly Renovating His Small Ohio Town by Investing… One Building at a Time w/ Jason Duff

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Single-Handedly Changing Small Town USA by "Investing" in a Vision w/Jason Duff

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If you really are looking for a way to brand yourself, to get started and test concepts, there’s not a better place than small town USA.
Jason Duff

Wholesaling and flipping are the gateway “drug” to long-term investing like my guest today focuses on.

Jason is one of my greatest entrepreneurial inspirations, a good friend of mine, and one of the most amazing real estate investors and community CHANGE AGENTS I’ve ever known.

In this episode Jason breaks down how he grew his outdoor advertising business to over 600 billboard faces in Ohio, how to strategically buy properties in the same area and bring businesses your community wants and gain equity in those businesses (in addition to the cash flow from your property), and why he’s almost single-handedly changing his small town community in Ohio.

If you’re not inspired by the end of this call, I don’t know what will get you going.

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In This CarrotCast Episode, We Cover…

2:50 – A little bit about Jason and his entrepreneurial/small business mindset.
7:30 – Why investing in a small town is so important to him.
9:40 – How Jason has built a very successful billboard advertising company with over 600 now in Ohio.
14:15 – His billboard business structure and what it costs to purchase and put up a billboard.
18:50 – How Trevor and Jason first met – Skydiving! And, how it turned into raising over $100,000 for microloans for women who have dealt with poverty. Also, check out
25:00 – Bellefontaine Ohio – Jason’s business model for revitalizing Bellefontaine’s downtown scene.
29:00 – Pretty Awesome Lesson: How Jason scopes out major metropolitan and mid-level markets to generate ideas for small towns.
32:55 – How to build real estate synergy and the why going the extra mile really can make a huge difference.
37:05 – Why investing in self-storage turned into the ability to get financing for old, downtown buildings.
40:30 – How to benefit from tax credits and section 179 deductions.
42:20 – Passing along some important real estate lessons he wished he would have known before.
47:20 – What it means to him to save and promote a small town, creating a training for investors who would like to invest in small town USA, and what his vision is for the future. Get more inspiration by checking out and following Jason on Facebook.

investing in a small town usa

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