EP 75: Breaking Your Lazy Pattern… How I Use Intentional Chaos to Focus and Achieve at a High Level w/ Trevor Mauch

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How I Use Intentional Chaos... Break Your Lazy Pattern to Focus and Achieve at a High Level

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Purposely use intentional chaos to gain the biggest leverage in your life. Break your daily routine machine to regain focus and force action. Trevor Mauch

Break the machine to regain. What does that mean?

We’re all guilty of getting caught in the day-to-day tasks. Becoming complacent and stagnant.

How do you get out of that routine? How do you regain focus?

By pulling away and causing intentional chaos. Pull away and cause chaos so you can work on that one thing that you know is going to make the biggest difference in that moment.

If you purposely create chaos, you can gain the biggest leverage in your life. Increase what you think you’re capable of doing. Focus more on the things that matter.

When you focus on the things that are important, your life is better, your revenue is higher, and your business is more effective.

Intentional chaos forces focus.

What can you do today to throw chaos into the mix? What goals can you create chaos around?

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Listen to this episode of the CarrotCast. Regain your focus and start creating momentum in your life and business by breaking the machine and causing a bit of chaos in life.

3:30 – What Trevor has known for years and years, but couldn’t conceptualize until recently and the one thing he’s notoriously bad at.
4:40 – How and why Carrot is getting intentional in fostering our communities in 2018.
5:25  Purposely pulling away to cause intentional chaos in your life so you can work on that one thing that will really make a difference. 
6:35 – How to focus so you can increase what you can get done in a short amount of time.
7:35 – Intentional chaos forces focus. How to make your life better.
8:20 – What can you do today to throw chaos into the mix? Examples of what Trevor has been doing and what he has planned for Carrot Chaos.
13:55 – What personal or business goals can you create chaos around? 
15:30 – How to create momentum and excitement back into your daily life.


Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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