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EP 59: Are You Looking At Hiring As An Expense Or Investment? The Significance Of Having The Right Mindset When Hiring The Right People

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The Significance Of Having The Right Mindset When Building Your Team

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To scale your business you have to hire. You need to hire great, great people. Trevor Mauch

One of the biggest fears that people have about hiring or bringing people aboard is that they think it’s going to make their bottom line take a hit. They think it’s gonna make the money that goes into their pocket to put food on your table, take a hit, and lessen all of the hard work you’ve put in to growing your business. You’ve put in hard work to grow the income stream and the last thing we as entrepreneurs want, is for that to go down.

For some reason, the first thing that we think of when we’re looking at bringing people on a team, is “Oh my gosh, what’s going to be taken away from me?”

Hiring should be… how is this going to add to the business? How can we make this person pay for themselves and increase our revenue and you can do it in almost every position in your company starting out; it’s not just sales people. It could be your assistant, it could be other things like that.

On this episode of the CarrotCast, I’m going to talk about hiring and why it should not be looked at from an expense mindset in the early stages. I want to walk you through the investment versus expense mindset when bringing people on your team and how to go after those first several people on your team to make sure that you’re doing it right.

Also, to make sure that you’re not hiring late in the game and not capitalizing on big opportunities that you are currently missing because you are so busy and you’re doing all the work.

Strap in, listen to this episode of the CarrotCast. I’d really love your feedback. If you’re in a spot right now in your business where you know you need to add someone on the team but you’re not exactly sure how or you’re kinda nervous about paying for them out of your own pocket, listen to this episode, let me know in the comments on iTunes or head over to Facebook and hit me up over there. Let me know the next move you’re gonna make to build that team and to shift the mindset on bringing people aboard from an expense to an investment.

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Listen in and start changing your mindset from expense to investment when hiring the right people…

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2:40 – How do you look at hiring? Is it an expense or an investment?
3:45 – Eliminating opportunity costs by hiring the right people.
6:50 – Taking the right mindset into looking for the right type of person to hire.
8:05 – What Trevor learned by paying people what they’re worth.
9:05 – What can real estate investors do? Get business systems in place.

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