EP 103: Forgot To Have Fun? Lost Touch With Your Passions? This 7 Minutes Can Change It All For You

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Forgot To Have Fun? Lost Touch With Your Passions? This 7 Minutes Can Change It All For You

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Have a fire in your belly and do the work that truly means something. Trevor Mauch

We just wrapped up CarrotCamp Spring 2018 and I’m still amped up. It was a few spectacular days and I really want to, again, thank those who took the time to join us!

On this CarrotCast, I want to discuss a breakthrough that three of us at camp had during a lunch about passion and fun.

A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with this because business is the passion and fun. But that can drain your energy, leaving feelings of dissatisfaction.

If you’re struggling to find passion and build a business around what motivates you, you need to take this simple concept and run with it.

Listen in, get that fire in your belly, and hit us up with your comments about passion and building a business that satisfies your mission in life.

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This 7 Minutes Can Change You. Find Your Passion And Start Having Fun Again.

:30 – Quick backstory around having a breakthrough around “passion”.
:55 – Recapping CarrotCamp Spring 2018 Edition.
2:20 – Having a conversation about passion and fun. Forgot to have fun?
3:25 – Trevor’s struggles with finding passion.
5:15 – How to find passion again and what does it mean? Find that “state-of-being” that makes you light up.


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