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EP 234: Flat-Fee Listings, Wholesaling, and Flipping – How to Build Your Business the Way You Want It w/ Matt Buttner

Flat-Fee Listings, Wholesaling, and Flipping - How to Build Your Business the Way You Want It.

Anyone can make a pretty website, but if it isn’t fast and doesn’t function then what’s the point. At the end of the day, it’s all about the leads that are coming in and that’s why I chose Carrot. 

– Matt Buttner

Flat-fee Listings, Wholesaling, and Flipping – How to Build Your Business the Way You Want It w/ Matt Buttner

There are a million ways to get into real estate and Matt Buttner is proof that you don’t need to do things the same way everyone else is doing them.

While many agents and investors are missing out on leads and opportunities, Matt is maximizing his reach and his ability to help people.

He keeps his team lean, his processes simple, and has been able to grow his business while helping hundreds of people along the way. 

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Matt has been a Carrot member for several years. He has multiple sites that he has used to invest in land, in single-family homes, and now for flat-fee listings. He’s integrated these sites, giving him the ability to reach more people and build his brand.

His use of informative content is quickly getting his sites to the top of Google and making him the local authority in his field. 

Wholesaling and Flipping

People get into real estate in different ways, and for Matt, he learned the business from his parents. He buys and sells homes throughout Florida, genuinely helping people who are in need of a fast solution. He is the one answering the phone, going on the appointments, and building relationships with people.

Using his Carrot site, he is creating valuable and informative content that blows away any objections he hears from homeowners. 

Today, his parents are out of the business and enjoying their retirement. Matt has a part-time assistant that helps him with all of the details. By not having a room full of acquisition reps, he is able to heel things lean, personal, and efficient. In most cases, he will take the title himself as opposed to wholesaling so he can ensure the house will close on the day promised. 

Flat-Fee Listings

While working on his investment business, Matt realized there was a whole market of people out there that he wasn’t serving. These are the people who want to sell, but who didn’t want to take a direct offer or deal with expensive commissions. For these people, Matt offers a flat-fee listing service.

This service gets houses on the MLS and eliminates any further costs to the seller. At the closing table, they are only responsible for the commission to the buyer’s agent, not the standard 6% sellers often pay when selling their homes with an agent. 

Why He Chose Carrot

Matt had an investor site with Carrot early on. He started his flat-fee service before we launched AgentCarrot, and was using a WordPress site that he managed himself. He found that he was spending all of his time managing the site and resolving conflicts between his different plug-ins. He wasn’t able to make the site he wanted and leads were falling through the cracks. 

Then AgentCarrot came along. This allowed him to quickly set up a high-ranking site, designed the way he wanted it. His site is fast and doesn’t drag the way it did when he was using a standard shared hosting plan. The best part is, that when he needs a little help to make things work, our support team is right there to walk him through it. 

Today, his flat-fee listing business runs on auto-pilot as most of it is done by his assistant via email. This business alone more than pays for his marketing and his expenses as an employer.

Making this shift and offering hybrid solutions to his clients has allowed him to help a lot more people than if he would have stuck to the investing side of things. With the great video content and dedication to helping others, we have no doubt he will be successful no matter what’s in store for 2021. 

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