How To Get 1-3 Motivated Seller Leads Per Day Into Your Investing Business

Hey, Trevor here — CEO of InvestorCarrot.

Here’s the deal: I talk to hundreds of investors every year.

And the most common complaint I hear from them is about lead quality. They’re generating leads, but they’re not MOTIVATED leads. Instead they take months to turn into deals (if they ever do) and have dozens of investors fighting over them.

Well… what if I could show you:

  • How to get 1-3 motivated leads per day coming into your business…
  • Most of which are entirely unlisted (with virtually zero competition)…
  • And that close at a rate of roughly 1 in every 14 leads?

How much could that change your life… and your business?

How much less stress would you have, and how much more fun would your business be to run, if you knew you had a steady stream of motivated leads coming in nearly on autopilot — and all you had to do was close them?

I know that sounds like a bunch of hype, but it’s actually completely real. And it’s a lead source you’re probably already familiar with — and use every day.

I’m talking about Google.

Here’s what I mean…

I want you to close your eyes and imagine for a second that you are a motivated seller. You’ve dug yourself into a financial hole that you need to get out of — and get out of as fast as possible.

Maybe it’s crippling debt that’s finally caught up with you.

Maybe it’s a messy divorce that you’re stuck in the middle of.

Maybe it’s any other of dozens of possible scenarios.

The point is, you need to do something — and fast.

When it hits you: what if you were able to sell your house for cash?

Maybe it’s the house you’re living in now.

Maybe it’s a second house you bought years ago.

Maybe it’s a house you just recently inherited.

You have no clue if it’s even possible — but you realize that if you could sell that house for cash in the next few weeks, you’d have all your money issues solved.

What I’ve just described is the very definition of a “motivated seller”. I’m talking someone who NEEDS to sell their properties as fast as possible — with zero room for negotiation or waiting around.

So here’s my question to you: what do you think most motivated sellers would do in that kind of situation?

Would they wait around for a direct mail postcard to show up in their mailbox?

Would they hop in their car and go around looking for bandit signs to call?

Would they find a realtor who would take months to close on their house?

No! Of course not! They’d do what almost everyone else does:

They’d flip open their laptops, go to Google, and type in phrases like…

“sell my house fast charlotte”

“how to sell my house fast for cash charlotte”

“sell my house this week for cash charlotte”


Then they’d click around the top results, find out that it really is possible to sell their house fast for cash, and submit their contact information to the first web page that showed up in their searches that offered to buy it from them.

Then the next day they’d get a call from the owner of that web site…

Which would then lead to a visit to their property…

Which would then lead to a cash offer for it…

Which would then lead to a contract…

And which would finally lead to a deal that closes often in two weeks or less.

There are new motivated leads like this showing up in every city in America every day, all performing the exact same searches, localized to their specific areas.

And here’s the deal: if it’s YOUR web site that shows up at the top of their searches…

You absolutely clean up.

Trust me — I’ve seen the numbers.

Imagine having 1-3 of these leads coming into your business almost every day on autopilot. And, because they’re so highly emotionally motivated to sell as fast as possible (even if it’s for well below market value), they close at a rate of 1 in every 14 leads.

That’s a reality for the investors who own the top placements for the exact search phrases that these motivated sellers are using to learn how to sell their homes.

In fact, in busier markets, that’s underselling how many leads come in.

And imagine not just having these leads flowing into your business every day…

But not really having to work for them. Instead of you spamming them with direct mail — they’re finding and approaching you. They WANT you to help them.

This is the holy grail for most investors.

If you want to get motivated leads into your business…

Well, they don’t get much more motivated (and easier to find) than this.

I’ve seen inside enough six and seven figure businesses to know this for a fact.

But there’s just one problem…

And that problem is the competition.


Google has made it relatively easy for anyone to get to the top of their results for any search term — whether they’re a giant corporation or a one-person shop.

But when it comes to search terms worth as much money as “sell my house fast [cityname]”, or “how to sell my house this week for cash [cityname]”, or any other number of phrases that motivated sellers are proven to use in their searches…

Well, there are a lot of people vying for that top spot.

That means a lot of people following Google’s rules for nabbing it.

Which means that if YOU want to find your way there — you have absolutely zero room for error. You have to do EVERYTHING Google wants exactly right…

And even better than the competition.

Which has led to the rise of SEO (search engine optimization) marketing agencies.

I’m talking about agencies that do all the intricate, detailed, precise work necessary to get your web site ranking for the most valuable search phrases in your field (and ahead of the competition) — but for rates that start at $1,000/month.

For the most competitive search phrases, these agencies have become a necessity.

And considering SEO is a long-term, on-going process… that means $1,000/month every single month you have to pay if you want to remain at the top of the rankings.

That means you’re paying a base fee of $12,000/year — pretty much forever.

Which, if I’m totally honest, is completely worth it. I mean… would you pay $12,000/year if it meant you had 1-3 highly motivated seller leads coming into your business on autopilot? That yearly fee would be paid for in less than a month.

Everything you get after that would be 100% pure profit — and a lot of it.

Any smart investor would immediately see what a huge ROI that provides.

Chances are you can see what a smart investment that’d be too.

This is what smart investors understand: it takes money to make money.

And sometimes you need to be prepared to invest a fair amount in your business if you know it’s going to deliver a home run. Even if it’s $12,000/year.

Except that, in this case, there’s a little loophole…

Check this out.

I want you to do something for me.

Open up a new window in your web browser and do a search for “sell my house fast” followed by the nearest big city in your area. Heck, even put in the smallest towns in your area too.

Because you’re likely going to find something interesting…

The top results are likely all going to look like this when you click on them:


It’s probably going to be the same for each search.

What you’re seeing in each case is a Carrot site.

Those are lead generation sites run by customers of mine here at InvestorCarrot.

Our business at InvestorCarrot is building lead generation web sites for high-achieving investors that both convert the most prospects into leads…

And also have elements of SEO “baked in” right out of the box.

But there’s a different reason our customers dominate so many #1 rankings in Google for the hottest motivated seller search terms. And it’s because of a little experiment we decided to run a few years ago.

You see, we have our heads in the Google algorithms all day. This is what we do, and we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars (and hours) learning everything about them.

And a while back we noticed that most SEO agencies our customers were hiring to give their sites a little extra rankings boost … well … sucked.

In fact they were totally missing the ball altogether in many cases.

So we thought — what if we started our own done-for-you SEO service?

Where we integrate everything we know about generating top results in Google — and apply it to select customers’ sites ourselves for $1,000/month?

We’d be able to blow everyone else out of the water.

And here’s the thing: we did.

We started quietly running a trial version of that service…

And the results were unbelievable. We were able to get our customers to #1 for some of the most competitive motivated seller search phrases in less time than anyone else. What we were seeing couldn’t have been any better.

Except for one tiny little problem: it was distracting us. You see, part of company mission statement is that we believe in being the best in the world at what we do.

And while the service we were providing was among the best available for investors…

Our real “bread and butter” was (and will always be) our investor sites.

This is what we geek out on.

What we could spend all day optimizing.

And what we know NO ONE could ever catch up to us on.

The SEO services? We were just a commodity.

And while it was working…

It was something that we realized our customers could do themselves.

What do I mean? Well, doing the done-for-you SEO service was using up more of our time and resources than we really had available to put into it. So we figured, why not just make it DIY?

I’m talking about taking all our standard operating procedures — and turning them into do-it-yourself modules that our customers could implement themselves

Or even hire out to a VA if they chose to do so.

That way they didn’t have to pay $1,000/month.

We didn’t have to devote so many resources to it.

And everyone would win. We’re all happy.

As far as we knew, absolutely nothing like that existed for real estate investors — the exact standard operating procedures from a $1,000/month SEO agency, broken down into step-by-step modules, that anyone could implement themselves.

So we released the training internally to our customers — and what happened next blew our minds. The feedback was unreal!

Suddenly our sites started dominating Google’s top rankings.

We had investors who’d gone from nothing to 2-3 deals per month.

Others who’d added 2-3 deals per month on top of what they already did.

And we had more six figure businesses on our hands than we ever expected to create — with feedback like this pouring in every week:


Besides ranking high in local SEO, I am doing a bunch of PPC advertising. 100% of my leads are from these sources. I’ve done several deals from the leads. Thanks again, loving it!
Ryan Berry, 3 Leads Per Day Customer

I made over $50k+ in the last quarter of 2014 using a combination of your websites and Google Adwords. Thanks again!
Chris Campbell, 3 Leads Per Day Customer

2 weeks ago I got 1 under contract and have a closing date from having a VA do videos from the 3LPD training
Richard Cascio, 3 Leads Per Day Customer


Closed 10 deals this year … and the margins are always higher from internet leads.
Josh Justiniano, 3 Leads Per Day Customer


Got an SEO web lead in a hot part of town that needed a major rehab. Called 4 rehab buyers and 3 hours later got 2 full cash offers.
Mason Nettles, 3 Leads Per Day Customer

To this day, this simple little training system — which we call 3 Leads Per Day — is still our secret weapon internally here at Carrot.

And it’s the reason you’re likely to find a Carrot site whenever you do any sort of “motivated seller” search in any given area.

So here’s the deal: until now this training has only been available to Carrot customers. The only way to have it is to own a Carrot web site.

But we also get emails all the time from investors who have their own web sites (often sites they’ve spent thousands to have custom-designed) who run into one of two problems:

  1. They’ve hired SEO agencies only to get absolutely terrible results
  2. Or they want better results than the SEO agencies at a fraction of the cost

In the past we’ve always had to turn them away.

Except that now we’ve decided to make our 3 Leads Per Day training public… for reasons we’ll explain in just a moment.

But the point is, if you already own a lead generation web site… and you want to be able to generate 1-3 motivated seller leads per day by systematically getting your site to the top of Google’s results for the hottest search terms… I’d like to introduce you to:

3 Leads Per Day
Training System


The purpose of this system is simple: to generate 1-3 highly motivated leads into your business — by systematically getting you to the top of Google for the most competitive search terms those leads are using to sell their properties.

This is the ONLY lead generation training built from an actual $1,000/month SEO agency — with instructions that are updated every quarter with Google’s updates.

And it’s broken down into two sections: SEO and PPC.

Section 1: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In section 1, SEO, we show you every intricate detail you need to get your site to the top of Google’s organic search rankings and ahead of the competition.

What that means is that, once you’ve reached the top for the hottest motivated seller search phrases, you’ll have a stream of motivated leads coming to you for free — as long as you maintain your ranking following our instructions.

This section breaks down into eight modules…

MODULE 1: Getting Started – Introduction to SEO

In this first module you’ll learn the basics of SEO from how search engines work, how SEO pushes your website higher in the rankings, and what to expect as you ramp up your SEO as far as timeline and results.


MODULE 2: Keyword Research Essentials

In module 2 you’ll see how “keywords” work, learn our process for finding and targeting phrases your prospects are searching in Google, and download our “done for you” list of keywords that we’ve found the most highly motivated sellers are searching for (so you can laser-target them and get the biggest ROI from your efforts).


MODULE 3: On-Page Optimization

In module 3 you’ll learn how to get more of an edge with your website content, delivering it in a way that Google absolutely loves, and learn our “advanced content optimization” techniques.


MODULE 4: Off-Page SEO

If you’re in a competitive market, or considering entering one, this module may be the most important for you. Learn the simple but effective “off-page” strategies we use to outrank our competitors in some of the most competitive search phrases in the country.


MODULE 5: Crushing Your SEO Competition

Learn the science (advanced SEO) for analyzing your online competition, creating a plan to outrank them, and implementing that plan effectively. This is phase 3 in your SEO journey once you’ve laid the foundational groundwork and are ready to make your final push to #1 in the rankings.


MODULE 6: Dominating Page 1 With YouTube

Google absolutely loves YouTube videos – which makes sense since they own the company! It’s surprisingly easy to get YouTube videos to the top of Google in almost no time. Learn the simple science of creating a YouTube “lead generation” video, optimizing it to rank well in Google, and capturing leads.


MODULE 7: Tools and Services We Use

Peek into our “bag of tools” that we use to make generating leads online simpler and more effective. We’ll show you how to take the results you’re getting from your search engine rankings – and amplify them.


MODULE 8: Outsourcing Your 3LPD Work

We’ve designed the 3LPD system to be “VA-ready” so you can focus on what you do best: closing deals. Get our “virtual assistant” hiring process, how to find the best ones, and learn the best things to have a VA do for you if you want.


Now let me be totally honest here.

How long does it take to reach page 1 for the most profitable (and competitive) motivated seller search terms — and then eventually the #1 ranking?

It depends on the size of your market. In smaller markets it can be as short as 3 months, while in larger markets it can be as long as 12 months of consistent work.

That’s just the way it works. SEO is all about playing the long game — but the payoff is off the charts. I can’t tell you how many simple six figure investing businesses I know that are built solely off #1 rankings in Google for the right search phrases.

All it requires on your part is about 30 minutes of work per day, every day — work that we’ve designed in our modules to be easily outsourced to a VA if you’d like.

But what if you can’t wait… and you want to be generating leads now?

Well, there’s a second way to get to #1 that I haven’t talked about yet…

Section 2: PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing)

In section 2, PPC, we show you how to be generating motivated seller leads as soon as tonight — and getting signed contracts on deals as soon as tomorrow. And we do it with one simple, all-encompassing module…

MODULE 1: Instant Leads With PayPerClick Marketing

PPC marketing is our go-to method for quickly getting leads in competitive markets while our SEO builds. Learn our step-by-step process, see our ads, and learn how to get leads coming in this week. Follow our steps and you’ll be able to routinely turn $500-$1,000 ad spends into 2-3 deals per month – by shortcutting your way to Google’s #1 ranking.


Simply put, pay per click marketing (PPC) allows you to buy your way to the top of Google’s search listings for ANY search phrase. By showing you the best motivated seller search phrases, and then showing you how to draw them in with your PPC listings, we can get you instant leads with no wait.

Yes, it costs money. We recommend setting aside $500 to $1,000 for your monthly ad budget. But even if you close ONE deal from that ad budget, you’ve just paid for it 10x over — with a little bit extra on top. That ROI doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Spending money like this is just a reality of a smart investing business.

But we’ll make it as close to fool-proof and profitable as it can possibly get.

All you have to do is apply exactly what we show you.

Some investors using this training focus only on SEO.

Others focus only on PPC.

While others do both.

But the bottom line is: follow the simple instructions we give you day in and day out… and you will get the same results (if not better) as you would paying $1,000/month to SEO and PPC agencies.

So the question is… how much would you pay for that?

Would you pay a one-time fee of $4999 to never have to rely on an SEO or PPC agency — and have a business that pulled in 1-3 highly motivated leads per day?

It seems like a lot of money — but just about any smart investor would. Just one payment of $4999, to have an almost endless source of motivated leads, that turn into deals at a rate of roughly 1 in 14? That’d be paid for in half a month — with everything beyond that being pure profit.

And considering the next best option is $12,000/year — it’s an easy choice.

So then obviously it’d make sense to pay $2999 for the same thing. Right?

And it’d be a no-brainer at $999. That’s less than a month with an SEO agency.

Which is why we’ve made this a simple decision by setting the price for this training at only $499. We wanted to make sure only serious investors get their hands on it — but that it’s still well within reach for them.

If you can’t afford $499 for this training, then it’s simply not right for you.

Because if you followed only our PPC instructions…

And even only applied them half as effectively as we show you…

You’d be able to close a deal and have your money back 10x over within a month.

Then every deal you close after that is pure profit back into your business.

Not to mention that we offer 30 days to get your money back on this training. If for any reason it doesn’t deliver on the results I’ve claimed in this letter, just contact our support team with proof you applied what we showed you and we’ll get all your money back to you immediately… no questions asked.

This training simply doesn’t exist anywhere else. There’s a reason more Carrot web sites sit at #1 rankings in Google for real estate investing search terms… and this is it.

Listen, I don’t know how things are going in your business now…

But I know that the most common issue I hear from the hundreds of investors I speak to every year is that they’re sick of dealing with tire-kicker wishy-washy leads — and desperately want to get their hands on more MOTIVATED leads.

What I’ve just outlined for you in this letter is the single best method I know for finding maybe the best source of the most highly motivated leads I’ve found.

And all you have to do to find out how amazing this source of leads is…

Is to buy the 3 Leads Per Day training and actually apply it.

Use it for 30 days and watch what happens.

If you don’t get a steady stream of highly motivated leads, and you don’t close at least one extra deal from those leads in that time, then just send our support an email — and you’ll get your entire investment back.

Otherwise — hold onto it. Improve your rankings. And watch the results grow.

Cool? Our mission here at InvestorCarrot is to amplify ambitious entrepreneurs. And this training has been our secret weapon for years now. We hope it can be yours too.

Just click the button below to order now and you’ll get instant access.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside :-)


Buy The 3 Leads Per Day Training for $99


What if everyone has this training?

Plain and simple: even if everyone had it, they wouldn’t implement all of it. I’ve seen complete beginners rise to the top in literally the MOST competitive environments (i.e. Los Angeles) using this because they actually followed all of it to the letter.

I feel like it’s too late for me to gain ground on everyone else implementing training like this.

See my answer above. Most people will not implement everything in here. And that gives you a distinct advantage. Even if all you do is make it page 1 of Google (instead of ranking #1) you will be getting a stream of highly motivated seller leads coming in — and all you have to do is contact & close them before anyone else does.

How much work does this involve?

Roughly 30 minutes per day. It’s easy to outsource to a VA.

Is this up to date with the latest Google updates?

Yes! We update this training every quarter with Google’s latest changes. Our entire business revolves around SEO, so we are on top of everything Google is doing.

Do I need an InvestorCarrot web site for this to work?

No. This will work with any web site, whether it’s an InvestorCarrot site or one that a designer custom-made for you. (Although I can guarantee that, all things being equal, an InvestorCarrot site would mop the floor with any other site in natural SEO rankings due to our “baked in” backend technology.)

Does this work with other lead sources (cash buyers, note buyers, rent-to-own tenants, etc)?

Yes! In fact you’ll find it works even better for these leads than strictly motivated seller leads. Many of our members have cash buyer leads coming in on autopilot at the same time they have motivated sellers coming in.