EP 87: What I Told 53 Local Entrepreneurs About Life, Success, and Happiness w/ Trevor Mauch

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What I Told 53 Local Entrepreneurs About Life, Success, and Happiness w/ Trevor Mauch

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It’s your duty to not be working a job that drains more energy than it’s giving you. Trevor Mauch

Back in 2010, a few years before we launched Carrot, I had an idea and also I had a problem. The big problem I had was we live in rural Oregon, a small town of about 25,000 people called Roseburg. We loved the town. It’s such an amazing town, but we couldn’t find the people that we wanted to surround ourselves with. We couldn’t find the group. We couldn’t find the networking opportunities to find other people, especially young people who wanted to make things happen.

Myself and a friend, we launched what we called the Young Entrepreneurs Society. The Young Entrepreneurs Society has gone on to be the most active entrepreneur group in all of rural Oregon. There’s Portland, Bend, and Eugene, which is pretty much those are the biggest three cities in Oregon, add in Salem, but our small town has one of the most active, vibrant entrepreneur communities in all of Oregon. Why did that happen? It happened because we were crazy intentional with recognizing the need and the importance of community, the need and the importance of surrounding ourselves with other people who are doing amazing things that can help lift us up instead of soloing away in our own offices or in our own buildings.

The same year, we started theLoft Entrepreneurs Cowork Space, which is 8,000 square feet, downtown Roseburg, Oregon where Carrot is actually based out of, and we have other amazing, amazing businesses here. The reason I’m saying this is every single month we have what we call Pub Talks. Pub Talks is where between about 40 to 70 people get together here in theLoft, and we actually have an amazing, amazing discussion with the speaker. It just to happened to be that I do the first one every single year. About two minutes into my talk this time, one of my team members came up and also Seth Buechley, a mentor of mine, said, “We’ve got to get this on audio.

We’ve got to record it.” What you’re listening to today is an audio recording of that Pub Talk I did in January 2018 just updating people on my journey but also pointing out some of the important things I had to do as a human being, as an entrepreneur to really live a charged life, to really live a life that was going to unleash me into the world so I could make the biggest impact I wanted, so I could make the most income that I could, and then I could also be the happiest in business because I know so many people who are insanely rich bur are insanely unhappy, too.

Some of the stuff on here are some things you’ve probably never heard me talk about before. Hopefully, you resonate with some of the messages.

Some of it won’t be really directly connected with you a whole lot. In here when I talk about my Energy Audit Worksheet, which I give out to the live crowd here, you can get that for free as well. That Energy Audit Worksheet changed my life completely in three years by doing this 15 to 20-minute exercise every quarter.

Go to oncarrot.com/energy, and you can download that same energy audit that literally I do every quarter that absolutely changed my life from being overworked, not really crazy fired up about the individual work that I was doing, no real passion or no real clear purpose in how I was going to go out there and tackle the world with my business, into the opposite of that.

Most of the work I do today is energy work. Most of the work I do today really amplifies the impact I want to make in the world. You can do it with that worksheet. I walk people through it in this talk.

Hopefully, you enjoy this talk. This is a live talk I did here in front of about 50 people here at theLoft. Most of the people in that room were entrepreneurs, they want to be entrepreneurs.

There were actually three of our customers there, one of them here locally and two of them that are the largest real estate agents, the number one and number two agent in all of Minnesota five years in a row. They flew in for the week, and they’re in the crowd as well. Have an amazing time.

Go to oncarrot.com/energy and grab that worksheet. Also, go to the CarrotCast on iTunes and give us a rating and review. If you enjoy the energy audit if you enjoy this episode or have enjoyed any of them, help us get over 100 reviews. We’re sitting right on the precipice of getting over 100 reviews.

Spend the four minutes. Please, please please, go over there. That’s how we get this message in front of more people so we can help to change the way people do business. All right, I hope you enjoy the talk.

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Listen in to this special “talk” Trevor gave to local Roseburg business owners about his entrepreneurial success…

4:40 – Trevor’s marketing journey. What you need to do to provide the most value you can.
7:15 – Read the Go-Giver. Leading a life where you provide value and when you do it comes back in spades.
8:20 – What is Carrot? A brief history, our clients, and our value.
9:00 – Two of my favorite entrepreneurship lessons I’ve learned:

  1. Be the best you can be, at the current chapter of your life.
  2. Build a business that unleashes you and doesn’t trap you. You don’t want to lose your freedom and flexibility.

12:20 – Your business shouldn’t be self-serving. Move towards building a business that gives you energy.
15:30 – Mindset shift: Shift from running away from something to running towards it.
18:50 – Become an amazing performer. How to utilize the energy audit so you can become excited about work and regain energy.
34:20 – Trevor’s keys to running a business and a different way to look at risk.
39:00 – Why writing your non-negotiables in business down will make your entrepreneurial success amplified.
43:10 – Don’t get trapped in business. How to make your biggest impact by taking a chance on yourself.
46:15 – Set goals to mark a path, but not to make a rule. How to achieve rather than fail.
53:00 – Audience question and answer period.

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Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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