EP 196: Direct Mail Masterclass #1 | Intro: Your First Step to Successful Direct Mail | How to Amplify Your Offline Marketing w/ Trevor Mauch

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Direct Mail Masterclass #1: First Step to Successful Direct Mail | Amplify Your Offline Marketing

You big volume will come from your offline marketing. Your most motivated leads will come from online and SEO. When you pair the two, you create a force of marketing, that will give predictibility and freedom.

Trevor Mauch

Want more motivated house sellers using direct mail? We’ve got you covered. Listen to real estate’s #1 experts in direct mail teach you exactly what thousands of investors and agents are doing to bring in more high-quality leads, at a lower cost, without the headache.

In this 4-part direct mail series, we answer all your questions on budgets, lists (including ones you never knew about), who to target, when to target, frequency, follow-up, mail pieces, testing, and more! Whew, that’s a lot! Can you even handle this??

Let’s dive in!

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Why Direct Mail?

You might be wondering why we’re doing not just an episode about direct mail, but a whole series on the subject. The answer is simple: direct mail works. Direct mail for real estate is part of a larger marketing plan that will help you to build consistency within your business. 

While Carrot helps you to stack bricks and generate inbound leads using SEO, direct mail and other offline marketing channels will help to activate the demand within your potential customers. In this series, we will answer all of your questions about direct mail for real estate including: 

  • How often should I send my mail pieces?
  • How much should I spend on direct mail campaigns?
  • What should be on my mail pieces?
  • What shouldn’t be on my mail pieces?
  • How to build a great list?
  • How is your team handling calls?
  • When should I retarget my campaign?

When you are armed with the answers to these questions, you can easily close 5, 10, even 20 more deals per year! We’ll show you how just by making a few tweaks to the marketing you’re doing now, you will be able to close more deals without even trying! 

Start With One Marketing Method

When you are building your marketing plan, you’ll want to find one channel and go all-in. Own it. Master it. Once you do, you begin to stack more and more channels, building consistency, predictability, and momentum within your business.

Our marketing plan generator is a completely free tool that will help you to get your marketing dialed in. All you have to do is answer a few general questions about your business, and you’ll gain some valuable insight no matter where you are in your business. 

Add Some Legs To Your Marketing Stool

 If you have your online presence down, start your offline marketing to generate the demand. If you have the offline thing down, amplify it with your online presence. SEO will help you attract the most motivated people, collect the most revenue, and close the most deals However, direct mail for real estate is all about the volume. When you have the two channels working together for you, you’re capturing leads from all angles

My Challenge For Your Direct Mail Marketing

Whenever someone gets a mailpiece that sparks their interest, more often than not, the first thing they will do is Google you. The same goes for cold-calling. When a strange number pops up, the first thing people do it look the number up to find out who is calling them. In most cases, looking up the phone number will lead to one of those “who called me” websites, often listing your phone number as spam. 

My challenge to you is to take a look at a recent mailpiece and write down anything identifiable about your company. For example, the company name, your name, the phone number listed on there, and even your tag line. If you are using a number of different tracking numbers, make sure to have all of those phone numbers written out on your contact page.

Doing so will help your contact page start to rank for that phone number as opposed to just all of the “who called me” websites. You will be able to control the conversation when someone looks you up instead of a third-party website. By refining your marketing and amping up your online credibility, you’ll close more deals and generate more revenue.

Our Featured Experts

In this series, I am ecstatic to feature two of the top professionals when it comes to direct mail for real estate, Todd Swaggerty and Christina Krause. These are two people I have known and worked with for a long time, and frankly, they are both absolutely crushing it! 

Todd Swaggerty is the CEO of Yellow Letter HQ. His company offers incredibly fast campaign turnaround through the use of personalized direct mail marketing. 

Christina Krause is the owner of Postal Impact and through her extensive research, she has mastered direct mail for real estate and helped her clients create an awesome follow-up sequence to close more deals! 

Guys, I am so excited for the next 3 parts of this series. We’re going to answer all of your questions about budgets, lists, and what goes into a great mail piece. Higher-quality leads and the ability to save money on your marketing? We’re in. Get your notebooks ready, the next three episodes of the podcast will change your business forever! 

Our Direct Mail Masterclass Series

Direct Mail Masterclass #1 | Intro: Your First Step to Successful Direct Mail | How to Amplify Your Offline Marketing w/ Trevor Mauch

Direct Mail Masterclass #2 | Everything You Need To Start and Stand Out on Any Budget w/ Yellow Letter HQ Founder, Todd Swaggerty

Direct Mail Masterclass #3 | The Best Direct Mail Lists and Strategies (that you’ve never heard of) For Finding Motivated Sellers w/ Todd Swaggerty of Yellow Letter HQ

Direct Mail Masterclass #4 | The One Missing Piece To Your Direct Mail Marketing w/ Christina Krause

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Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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