EP 94: How to Establish Power Habits in Your Life w/ Geoff Woods, Vice President of The ONE Thing

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How to Establish Power Habits in Your Life w/ Geoff Woods, Vice President of The ONE Thing

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The most successful people I was able to meet, showed up looking to give rather than looking to get. They weren’t asking people what they can do to help them. They would sit down with being way more successful than you and look at you in the eyes and ask what’s going on in your world and how can they help you. Geoff Woods

I don’t know about you, but I really believe things happen for a reason. I’ve had so many instances in my life where something happened after I set an insanely clear intention. For like, nothing happened and then weirdly enough it did. And I explained one of those situations when I introduced today’s guest, Geoff Woods, from The ONE Thing Company, and this book was one of those things that made a massive impact on my life.

I read The ONE Thing from Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, probably five, six years ago. Literally, since then, I have had my focusing question written down and taped to my computer.

So, I wanted to get Geoff Woods on to this call because I’ve been following their podcasts on The ONE Thing. I mean, following what they’ve been saying and I’m subscribed to it on iTunes. Where I am in my life right now, is I’m struggling day to day to really be focusing on what is the most important thing that I should be doing right now.

Because, as you’re an entrepreneur and just living life, too, you don’t have to be an entrepreneur, the biggest struggle we can all have is the one resource we have that we never get back is time.

What are you focusing on in the time that you have to make the biggest impact that you wanna make towards the things you feel are the most important?

Because a lot of us are doing lots of different things that aren’t very important. A lot of us are spending lots of time doing things that are urgent but not very important.

So, on this episode of this CarrotCast, I asked Geoff Woods from The ONE Thing Podcast and The ONE Thing Company to come on here.

We have some awesome breakthroughs on this call. Geoff goes into a section towards the end of this call where he starts asking me some questions that gets pretty personal.

Honestly, if you’re watching the video version of this, my eyes started tearing up a little bit, and it hit me pretty good because I know those are things that I need to work on better.

From this call, I’m going to be going home, doing something Geoff asked me to do on this call and taking the picture and sending it to him to show that I followed through on what we had talked about.

You’re going to be picking up lots of amazing nuggets on this podcast, some great resources, how to create power habits in your life, how to go out there and focus on the things that are important.

Also, you’re gonna be hearing some amazingly powerful stories with Geoff and myself on how you can just live and be a better person, a better entrepreneur.

How you can actually spend the time that you have right now today on the things that actually matter. Because odds are, you’re not.

So, without further ado, I’m gonna welcome on Geoff Woods from The ONE Thing Podcast, and when I talk about serendipity when I talk about things happening for a reason, we explain a short story in there, but I set the intention after listening to his podcast back in October.

I said, “Man if I could ever meet that guy and have him ask me these questions that would be amazing.” Three weeks later we had no clue, but three weeks later I walk into an office in Boise, Idaho. The very first person I see and the very first nametag I see is Geoff Woods. Now, he lives in Austin, Texas. I had no clue he was going to be there and with this happenstance, we have built a relationship.

They’re doing amazing things so also check out their podcast, The ONE Thing Podcast.

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Welcome, Geoff Woods. We chat priority and we cover how to create power habits in your life to help up-level yourself and others around you.

1:45 – Did you know, one can be happy but not fulfilled? Learn more about Geoff Woods and his journey to get where he is.
6:10 – How to make a fundamental mindset shift from the “helping me” attitude to the “helping you” attitude.
8:45 – Ask yourself the thought-provoking question “where do I want to be in 5 years?”
10:50 – Why some of the most successful people constantly think bigger and ask bigger questions.
14:00 – What do you do when you get the feeling you’ve hit up against the ceiling of achievement in life? What are you potentially missing? Find out!
16:50 – What is a focusing question and why it is so important when creating your “one thing.”
21:00 – How to create power habits. What they are and how to get them established in your life. Have a vision of your future to base your power habits around.
23:15 – Trevor is put through a process to take a look at restructuring his relationships as they stand right now. Geoff walks Trevor through the process of change. Sometimes this process of breaking bad habits and creating good ones is emotional and requires some soul-searching.
31:15 – It takes roughly 66 days to turn something into a power habit. Find out what tools and resources you need to get started. Get started now with a free 66-day calendar.
36:00 – Trevor uses a very similar calendar thought process. Find out how he uses it and how he’s been able to create a habit for one thing that he’s pushed off for over six years.
39:00 – What fires Geoff up right now? For a little more context, listen to the sobering episode 100 of The ONE Thing podcast.


  • Learn more about The ONE Thing: Website
  • The ONE Thing: Book


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