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EP 215: The 2-6-1 Formula | How to Buy 1-3 Properties a Month on a Budget w/ Tyler Ford

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EP 215: The 2-6-1 Formula | How to Buy 1-3 Properties a Month on a Budget w/ Tyler Ford

I would rather do something well once and get paid for it over and over again than continue to run on the hamster wheel.

– Tyler Ford

The 2-6-1 Formula | How to Buy 1-3 Properties a Month on a Budget w/ Tyler Ford

Just a few years ago, Tyler Ford was ready to give up on the real estate industry. Burnt out on chasing leads and tired of the competition, he needed a change. Fast forward to today, Tyler has developed a time tested formula that he uses to buy 1-3 properties a month, without spending a dime on direct mail, bandit signs, or chasing deals on the MLS.

Find out the exact formula Tyler is using to crush it as an agent & investor in this episode.

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I’m so excited to have Tyler Ford back with us. He’s the perfect example of someone who has implemented what we teach, mastered it, and in Tyler’s case, built upon it. He tested some things, found out what worked, and has been able to bring freedom and flexibility into his life.

Tyler has been licensed for over 40 years, but by implementing some simple strategies, he has made an incredible shift that has put him on the path to true financial freedom. 

Creating A Plan

For years, Tyler was able to get deals in the door, but when the big players started coming to Tucson, he had to think of a way to stay competitive. He lacked the budget to stay competitive with his outbound marketing. Running a large direct mail campaign, putting up bandit signs, and spend time cold-calling isn’t what Tyler wanted to do. 

He realized that if he created high-quality, evergreen content, that would be of value to his ideal client, the leads would come to him. People would be sold on him before an offer was even made. When competition grew in his area, he took a step back, revamped his website, and created the content to make himself the authority in his market. 

For Tyler, success is defined by time and flexibility. It’s so easy to get caught up hearing people say they are doing 10, 15, 20 deals per month, then striving to do that yourself. This is how people burn themselves out, which will often lead to them quitting. Tyler doesn’t want to be the largest in his market.

Tyler is more than content doing 1-3 deals a month – it is what he set out to do. He will make anywhere between $12-50k per deal, which has gotten him to his freedom number. He has been able to generate enough consistent revenue through his investment portfolio, that he is now able to have that flexibility we are all after. 

Content Really is King

You often hear me talk about content and credibility. This has proven to work for Tyler who has successfully gotten himself into the top rankings for the most popular search phrases in his market. 

One way Tyler generates great content is through our automated posts. With just a few minutes of tweaking and personalization, Tyler is able to differentiate the content for his website, providing valuable information to his potential clients.

A few things he may modify include: 

  • Adding location-specific photos so sellers don’t think he is out of town
  • He does a deep dive into the tags and categories – making them specific to his market
  • He will review for any grammatical changes, making the copy more personal where needed
  • He will add in additional hyperlinks, linking content within his site, backlinks to other Carrot sites, or linking to 3rd party sites
  • He will personalize the SEO for his market and intent

He has an incredible cost per deal, all because he created great content once, which generates an ongoing flow of leads. In fact, his cost per deal is only $300!

When you do the math, he might be making more money than the guy doing 10 deals per month all because he is saving thousands on direct-mail and cold calling costs. 

Writing It All Down

At the time of this recording, we are still dealing with the effects of COVID-19. While many people lamented the idea of staying home, Tyler wrote a book. In 45 days, he has been able to take all of the information he has been offering people through Zoom calls, written it down, and present it in a clear and concise manner. 

A lot of people have reached out to Tyler, asking him how he does it. This led him to create the 2-6-1 Formula. The formula is more of a mindset to help people set clear expectations when creating content to generate leads.

The first 2 months will get the process rolling. At 6 months, you should start to see some traction depending on the size of your market. And by 1 year, things should really be starting to fall into place.

People will often get impatient and fail to build the proper foundation. In order to build your credibility through content, you need to stack bricks, and not be afraid to commit and run the course. 

Tyler’s Book, How To Buy 1 To 3 Properties A Month, dives into what he does on the about page, how he generates leads with his location pages, and what he does to his articles to make them stand out. He also discusses how he is now leveraging multiple Carrot sites, ensuring he holds the top spots in his market! 

I am so excited to be giving away TEN copies of Tyler’s new book! All you have to do is head over to Apple Podcasts, leave a rating and review, screenshot it, and send it over to trevor@carrot.com along with your mailing address. In the subject line, put “Tyler Ford Book Review” so we can easily spot the winners! The first 10 people to do this will get a copy of Tyler’s new book!

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