EP 27: Memphis Invest’s Chris Clothier On His $100M/yr Business Model For Real Estate Investment

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Memphis Invest's $100M/yr Business Model For Real Estate Investment w/ Chris Clothier

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I love telling people “day one we did one house.” There wasn’t this whiteboard masterplan to do something. It was just…”Let’s go buy a house, make some money off of it, offer a service on it, and then we’ll do number two.”
Chris Clothier

Do you know the secret to a thriving business? It’s not competitive pricing or a major marketing campaign.

The secret to a successful business is building and fostering healthy relationships.

You MUST build and care about the relationships you have with your employees, your suppliers, your contacts, and most of all, your customers. This leads into…

What does it take to grow a $100M/yr real estate empire and buy 15 houses per week… all while growing an amazing culture and team that is massively impacting the world?

Well Chris Clothier, one of the owners of Memphis Invest, dives into his story, successes, and struggles.

We dive into specific things they did early on to stand out from other investors, specific things they do to build an amazing culture with their team members, and struggles he’s had along the way. Listen to our other episodes at the CarrotCast.

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4:05 – What a $100M/year company’s business model for real estate investment looks like.
6:20 – How Memphis Invest started.
9:50 – Memphis Invest is a family company built on having really high customer service values. Find out what they did before real estate investing and why they made the shift.
13:45 – Dealing with real estate market shifts.
16:15 – The importance of being fundamentally sound and sticking to your word. The difference between operating on a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset.
19:00 – Finding a market to expand into that fits your criteria… not just buying houses.
22:50 – Why Chris follows a “do the one thing that others don’t want to do” approach.
26:25 – Why culture and experience are such big parts of their business model.
29:25 – It’s so important to create a set of core values and deliver WOW!
33:15 – Do you know the sign of a good leader? Find out what they look like within Memphis Invest.
35:05 – Examples of failure within leadership.
37:45 – How to build real relationships with your clients.
41:09 – Why it’s important to make real connections.
52:55 – Chris’s plans and goals heading into 2017.

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