EP 15: How To Build A $200,000/yr Passive Cash Flow Rental Portfolio w/ Daniil Kleyman

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I just flat out didn’t want to have a job anymore. I didn’t want to be responsible to anyone else. I didn’t want to have a set schedule. I didn’t want to be trapped in an office or a cubicle. I didn’t want to ride the subway at 7 o’clock in the morning wearing a suit.” -Daniil Kleyman

Is your business doomed because you didn’t choose the right wealth building strategy?

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While everyone is trying to make a quick buck flipping, my guest today has built a $200k/yr net passive cash flow income from a simple and methodical approach to buying real estate.

In addition, he has helped change the face of Richmond, VA and is passionate about creating communities that people LOVE to live in. Hear his story and learn…

Enjoy :-)

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In this CarrotCast conversation Trevor and Daniil tackle: 

  • Asking yourself extreme questions when deciding on a new path.
  • Passive cash flow investing strategy.
  • Making smart real estate decisions right now.
  • Using a worst case/best case scenario in tough times.
  • Simplifying your life to have a clearer mindset.

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How To Build A $200,000/yr Passive Cash Flow Rental Portfolio w/ Daniil Kleyman Real Estate Investor

3:00 – Why staying organized and contracting out certain phases of his business are important.
5:20 – Daniil’s driving force behind investing heavily in one market vs. diversifying a bunch of different areas.
7:15 – How he ended up in Richmond, VA after working for some pretty big corporate players in New York City.
9:35 – Getting his start; investing in rentals coming out of 2008 and 2009.
10:50 – How long it took him to reach his passive income goal. And… how he got there.
11:55 – His strategy behind new construction and buying land. Tip: You’ll need to have patient money.
14:30 – Where the market is going over the 12-24 months.
20:30 – How to look at deals right now. Don’t get caught up in the tax auction action. Make good decisions.
23:55 – The importance of having a positive mindset: It’s easier to make decisions when you expand the possible scenarios.
27:20 – Using “worst-case” scenarios for planning – think worst case-best case when making a decision.
31:55 – Lessons learned from amazing friends and how to stay grounded and stay happy. Daniil never hesitates to spend money on experiences.
39:50 – His long-term strategy and how important setting goals is.
42:05 – Having a passion for building communities. That is what hits Daniil at his core.

You can find out more about Daniil at rehabvaluator.com

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