EP 113: What Climbing Everest TWICE Taught Brad Weimert About High-performance in Other Areas of His Life

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What Climbing Everest TWICE Taught Brad Weimert About High-performance in Other Areas of His Life

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We very often compare ourselves as entrepreneurs with these business people that are selling billion-dollar companies or have $100,000,000 companies which I’m not close to on that area. The reality is that I’m playing on a different field. I set up a different game for myself and if you don’t actually have the ambitions and haven’t created the goal to get there and created a plan to get to that goal… it’s absurd to compare yourself. Brad Weimert

On this episode of the CarrotCast we welcome on entrepreneur, adventurer, and founder of Easy Pay Direct, Brad Weimert.

Brad has a similar sense of core values as we do here at Carrot. We seek out and build real relationships with people that are passionate about what they do and who they help.

He does it with a slightly different approach than most.

Learn what climbing the size of Mt. Everest TWICE taught him about high-performance in areas of his life that otherwise (without adventure) may never have been learned. Therefore, his entrepreneurial spirit also might not be burning as hot.

Enjoy and get ready to be inspired to take on a new level of passion, commitment, and spirit.

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What Climbing the Elevation of Mt. Everest TWICE Taught Brad Weimert About High Performance Entrepreneur and in Other Areas of His Life

2:30 –  Deep dive into Brad’s company, Easy Pay Direct.
5:35 –  The Challenge that triggered Trevor to want to bring Brad onto the CarrotCast.
9:55 –  Brad’s Everesting challenge and why he chose to dominate 34 laps instead of 17.
12:30 – Understanding the motivational wheel and what our bodies are capable of accomplishing.
14:40 – Brad’s training before the challenge.
17:50 – The perceptions Brad had before the event and what people had to say to him during the event.
21:00 – Mental demons he had to battle during the event.
25:15 – How to have full convection in whatever you’re doing.
29:00 – The growth and benefits Brad has experienced personally since the event.
32:35 – The personal challenges does Brad have up next.
33:30 – What it takes to be able to accomplish extreme physical challenges.
36:10 – Brad’s day-to-day diet for sustained energy.
37:30 – The Unplugged Fiji “mastermind” where “250 Entrepreneurs Unplug to Connect” and challenging themselves to go to the next level.
41:10 – The #1 way to breakout of a rut.


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