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SEO is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Using SEO as a tool for your online inbound marketing strategy means getting in front of leads when they are searching for answers on the internet.

Ranking well in the search engines for your real estate investing websites can be a complicated thing…but a high ranking could turn into a steady stream of profitable deals each and every month. That’s why we’ve have made our websites focused on ranking well, optimized for search engines, and built-in tools to help you optimize for keywords in your market.

With our built-in SEO tools and trainings you can better optimize each page (without being an SEO expert yourself). Our Coaching Calls and monthly live webinars discuss the newest trends in SEO and how other real estate investors are using SEO to drive traffic and generate leads for their business.

We’ve closed 2 from you guys so we’ve made a good return on our 7k investment in SEO.

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We’ve learned how to get sites ranked for some of the most competitive keywords in search engines and built that right into this website platform to make it easier for you to get top rankings too.

Built in Blog


Built in blog so you can update your site with great content that search engines like, to attract more traffic and leads. Huge advantage here!

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Your site is built to give you an instant edge for your local market in search engines, plus our Carrot SEO Tool and training helps you optimize your own content you write as if we were looking over your shoulder!

Great Coaching call today! Thanks you so much for all the time you are dedicating to helping us understand the intricacies of SEO. Thank you also for staying on the cutting edge of it all… especially with Google!

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