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Carrot websites are built to perform. Our conversion methodology is built into every website you launch within our platform. Our tools & resources are designed to help you implement the smartest online marketing strategies, and track their performance.

If you are serious about your online marketing and tracking your ROI, then Carrot’s platform makes it easy to launch a site, drive traffic, convert leads, and close deals.

Track where leads are coming from, and which pages are converting the best.

The power of Carrot

Carrot Visual Editor

PLUS the simplicity of a drag and drop editor!

Carrot Visual Editor
Easily add content from a library of pre-made blocks, and choose from lots of editing options!

Attract the right target audience

Carrot websites hold more #1 Google search rankings than any other real estate website platform.

Website Templates

Virtually limitless options to customize your website.

Carrot has a template for almost every type of real estate lead you could want to generate. Once you’ve chosen a template, you’ll have multiple design themes to choose from to customize the look and feel of your unique website.

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Content Packs

Weekly blog posts with the click of a button.

Content Pro members have access to our Content Packs, which are freshly optimized blog posts that you can schedule in your account each month. Content marketing has never been more easy. Pick a pack and schedule it today.

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Carrot’s SEO Tool

Make sure each page is optimized for a keyword.

Every Carrot page allows you to maximize the chance of your ranking in Google and Bing with helpful suggestions and easy editing abilities for on-page SEO best practices.

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Convert traffic into highly-motivated leads

You don’t need to be an expert to generate leads online.

Landing Page Builder

Powerful, hyper-targeted landing pages

Carrot’s Landing Page Builder makes it easy to create simple and effective landing pages for your niche marketing efforts. Utilize landing pages to target location-specific audiences and outrank the competition.

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SMS Lead Notifications

Mobile problems require mobile solutions.

Optimizing your websites for mobile is a must, but now you can also improve your response times with new leads straight to your cell phone the second they come in. Make sure you reach that prospect when they’re still hot!

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IDX & Property Listings

Agent listing pages for higher conversions.

Improve browsing times, reduce bounce rates, and eliminate the need for 3rd-party MLS sites. Carrot’s IDX tool enables you to setup a beautiful showcase of your listings on your own domain that is sure to peak customer interest and lead conversion.

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Close more deals than ever before

Carrot’s platform gives you tons of data to make informed business decisions.

Carrot Lead Manager

Easily move your leads to different stages.

Carrot’s lead manager works like a lightweight CRM where you can move leads and leave notes on conversations.

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CRM & Integrations

Seamless integration for all your online systems.

Integrations can get messy real quick. Carrot can connects your data between your website and your CRM and marketing applications so you can focus on moving deals through the sales cycle faster.

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Carrot analytics illustration


See which pages are producing results

Every Carrot website account has built-in analytics and tools to track key performing metrics for you. Plus a helpful guide to tell you what you should be doing next to achieve results.

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