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Real Estate Website Analytics Data At Your Fingertips

Easily track what is working and where you money should be reinvested

Track how many visitors your sites are getting

Easily see how your traffic generation strategy is working.

One of the most difficult things with online marketing is knowing what is working and what is not.

Every Carrot website comes with built-in real estate website analytics so you can see which pages are most viewed, where visitors are coming from, and where they are opting in. You can take that new-found knowledge and promote the right pages on the right platform.

We’ve closed 2 from you guys so we’ve made a good return on our 7k investment in SEO.

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site performance tracking

Always have a next step

It’s important to continually improve your performance.

We make a point at Carrot to set you up with the best strategy based on your investing and business goals. Our build in guide will help you check off the most important things to do on your new Carrot website.

These to do items are the exact steps we take whenever we create our own websites. The best part?

Our system will look for when you do them so you can easily make sure you are on the right path for success.

Great Coaching Call today! Thanks you so much for all the time you are dedicating to helping us understand the intricacies of SEO. Thank you also for staying on the cutting edge of it all… especially with Google!

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