EP 74: How April Acquired 40+ Units and Flips 10+ Houses Per Year in Pennsylvania w/ April Crossley

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How April Acquired 40+ Units and Flips 10+ Houses Per Year in Pennsylvania

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Sellers will call and say you know I have 10 letters on my desk. So of those 10 letters what makes you stand out? How are you personalizing that letter? And, how are you connecting with that seller like no one else is? That’s what I think about when I create my marketing. April Crossley

April Crossley has almost been with Carrot from the beginning. April shares how she has grown her business and made the leap into real estate full-time after leaving a high paying medical career.

She also reveals how she’s built up her portfolio of rental properties to dozens of properties now. Also, find out what her direct mail strategy is and how she leverages her online real estate investing with Carrot to amplify all of her business.

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Listen in to find out how April combines her online real estate investing with direct mail to acquire 40 + units and 10+ flips per year.

1:15 – Who is April Crossley? Where is her real estate investing business located and what does her team look like?
4:15 – Breaking down her whiteboard notes and schedule structure. How she stays on task.
8:15  What was that “aha” moment when she decided to make the shift from a high-level healthcare career to real estate investing. 
14:00 – Viewing risk in a different way. How April sees risks differently than most people. Also, how long it took for her to feel safe to leave her job.
18:00 – If she would have kept her medical license, does she feel she would have slipped back into that career.
20:00 – Breaking down her business model. What here mix of rentals and flips look like right now and why she has that strategy.
24:40In a competitive market, where is she finding her properties? Online and offline?
25:50 – April’s direct mail strategy. What types of messages she puts on her letters. She gets creative and puts a ton of thought into the message and design.
33:35 – How she builds credibility with her prospects.
38:45 – What made her feel like she needed a web presence? How is having a website helping her investing business?
41:20 – Why building credibility in real estate is so important.
45:10 – What she is seeing from her online leads. Has she been seeing a difference in quality or closure rate between her online vs offline leads?
46:45 – How did she get such high SEO rankings and what was involved in that process?
49:05 – What advice would she give to a student who has made the decision to start investing but is very hesitant? How would she get them to push through?
51:45 – What advice would she give to someone who needs to start a website for online real estate investing.

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