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EP 52: The Ripe Mobile Home Market And How This Guy Is Is Profiting More With Mobile Homes Than Houses w/ Harvey Gronwald

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How To Take Listing Photos That Attract Homebuyers w/ Harvey Gronwald

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Simplly put, I go after the agents that do a lot of volume. I talk to them. I present myself… “My name is Harvey and I’m a licensed real estate agent and I don’t want bad buyers in my life. I’m going to go to the home, I’m going to preview it, handle all of escrow and I’m going to give you my commission because I’m an agent. All you need to do is collect my commission.” They like to hear that.  Harvey Gronwald

Harvey Gronwald just spent a week at the Carrot headquarters. Trevor sits down with him to pick his brain on how he is crushing it in the mobile home investing real estate space.

He discusses why you should pay a professional photographer for house photos, how he got into the mobile home market, and some seriously actionable tips to sell houses faster.

He made $75,000 on a single mobile home. With this info, you can too.

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Listen in and learn how Harvey has been able to capitalize on the mobile home investing niche…

2:55 – Who is Harvey Gronwald and how did he end up at Carrot HQ in Roseburg Oregon.
5:30 – Fun fact: Harvey is a sushi connoisseur – find out what really good sushi is.
12:00 – How Harvey was pushed into being a real estate investor after his job was outsourced
14:25 – Dose of Awesomeness: Netting $89k from $3k in Google Ads advertising.
15:10 – Harvey’s offline marketing strategy. How he build relationships with agents. 
18:00 – His ingenious method of dealing with agents and specifically mobile home investing.
19:35 – Unpacking why Harvey buys mobile homes and the different types of mobile homes that he invests in.
21:50 – How to list a mobile home and make it look like a MILLION bucks.
25:00 – What it costs to stage a mobile home… from rehabbing to painting.
30:30 – What surprised Harvey the most about Carrot while on his visit.

Find out more about Harvey and Mobile Home Flipping Secrets

mobile home flipping secrets - investing in mobile homes

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