My Mindset Shifts Behind Growing a Company From $0 to $10 Million

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The Mindset Shifts Behind Growing a Company From $0 to $10 Million

I believe that one of the most powerful resources an entrepreneur has is their mindset.

The moment you understand how the right mindset is critical in unlocking the next step for you, everything begins to change.

This is why I want to share with you the biggest mindset shifts I’ve experienced over the last few years. Whether they’re from coaches, mentors, books, or personal revelations, each one of these mindset shifts has played a crucial role in growing Carrot.

But, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t also tell you about the tools we use to lead and grow the company as well. That’s why I’ll be walking you through everything from overcoming limiting beliefs and self-doubt to setting a clear vision plan personally and professionally.

So, whether you’re a solopreneur or you’re a leader of a fast-growing company, you’re going to get a TON of value out of this series.

Grab a pen, get ready to take notes, and dive into this up-close-and-personal podcast series.

Trevor Truck Talks:
Mindset Mastery Edition

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#1: The Annual Planning Process That Every Business Needs to Crush the Next 365 Days

This episode walks you through how I begin to plan out my entire year, to make sure I’m laser-focused on what’s most important. There’s an exact process that I follow to hit the reset button on my business, gain clarity and alignment with my team, and re-energize so we can head into the next year ready to make a massive impact.

Join me in this brand new series where I’m tackling the #1 key ingredient every entrepreneur needs to understand in order to be successful… MINDSET.

#2: Live a Life Worth Waking Up For – How To Craft Your Vision Story

Are you clear on the person you want to become and are you okay with the person you are becoming? If not, then you might be where I was just a few years ago…successful on the outside but something deeply missing on the inside.

I had everything, but I was miserable. I needed a clear vision and a way to get there. Today I’m going to share the exact process that I used to create and live out my dream life, so you can go do the same.

#3: How to Recognize and Squash Your Limiting Beliefs

One of the biggest derailers of our success is limiting beliefs. We all have them. It’s the negative thoughts that stand between us and the person we want to become. But, the struggle that most of us have is the ability to recognize those thoughts and actually get past them.

This is one of the biggest mindset shifts that happened in me, that has allowed me to build, grow, and scale something that I’m passionate about and that truly makes an impact. Find out what’s stopping you.

#4: Are You Full of PIE? How to Get Back Your Personal Impact & Energy

You’re working in your unique ability when you have more energy at the end of the day than before you started. Is this you? Or are you coming home every day wishing you had enough energy to show up for your family and you’re not even remotely excited to face the next day?

That was me before all of my hustle and grind almost caused me to lose my family – the ones I was working so hard for. Don’t go another day without doing this one simple exercise that completely changed my life.

#5: Our Best Kept Secret For Setting Annual + Quarterly Goals (HINT: We stole it from Google!)

Over the years, I’ve crash-tested dozens of ways of setting goals, both personally and with Carrot. Nothing has been more effective and brought more focus and alignment than this right here.

If you don’t already have your sight sets on clear, measurable goals for work and at home, now’s your chance. Listen to your annual Epic call to find out how we do it.

#6: How to Turn Threats Into Opportunities with This One Incredibly Simply and Powerful Tool

Do you have a clear framework that shows you the blind spots in your business? Do you have a defined strategy that reveals weaknesses and threats to your business?

I want to show you the process that our leadership team uses to protect our business and set us up for massive success going forward. Listen in!

#7: The Pre-Loaded Year – How to Avoid Being Behind the 8-Ball in 2020

Are you used to the feeling of always behind? Are you playing catchup and planning your quarter after it’s already started? I’ve been there too.

Listen to this final episode in my mindset series as I show you how to get clear on your most important objectives so you can make the biggest impact possible.

BONUS: EP 189: Behind the Scenes at Carrot | My 6 Biggest Mindset Shifts To Grow A Company From Zero to $10 Million

Behind the Scenes at Carrot | My 6 Biggest Mindset Shifts To Grow A Company From Zero to $10 Million

As a business owner, investor, or entrepreneur, you’ll have to make shifts as you grow and scale your business.

Since starting Carrot I’ve learned a number of lessons about optimizing myself both personally and professionally.

I was pumped to sit down with Brady for an in-studio session diving into some of the biggest challenges and lessons I have had to learn as we grow this business from nothing to $10 million.

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