EP 61: How to Live a Life of Purpose, Passion, and Kindness w/ Joe Anglim and Leon Logothetis

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How to Live a Life of Purpose, Passion, and Kindness w/ Joe Anglim and Leon Logothetis

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True wealth is not in your wallet. It’s in your heart. Leon Logothetis

It’s easy to lose our passion, purpose, and kindness in the negativity of our 21st-century lives. On this episode, Trevor and his brother Kyle interview Joe Anglim and Leon Logothetis about how to and why it is so important to bake passion, purpose, and kindness back into our DNA.

Joe Anglim is best known for his role on the hit show Survivor. Joe is also co-host of his show Mana which takes him around the world inspiring others. Joe’s also a jewelry maker, artist, craftsman, and has a knack for traveling the world on a budget where it seems he’s always on the go and trading art or construction for a roof over his head in some amazing places for amazing experiences.

Leon Logothetis is one of the most inspirational storytellers. He’s an adventurer, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and king of extreme budget travel. That’s not what he’s always been though. He used to be a broker in London before he gave it all up for a life on the road. Leon is living proof that anything is possible through kindness and human connection. He’s crossed 90 countries and every continent. He’s the host of the TV series Amazing Adventures Of A Nobody on National Geographic, the hit Netflix Documentary (that everyone needs to go watch right now) “The Kindness Diaries”, he’s an author and much more…

Tune in and become that influencer that can leave a legacy of passion, purpose, and kindness.

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Believe in yourself and believe in your gift. – Joe Anglim Click to Tweet

Really take the time to digest this episode. Discover yourself. Live a life of purpose and passion. And, spread kindness in a world that needs it.

2:40 – How Leon went from being a Broker in London and feeling totally lost to a global traveler and fulfillment.
4:25 – How their outlooks on success have changed and what success looks like now.
9:25 – What Joe’s life looked like before Survivor and how it’s changed since.
13:25 – How long it took Leon to see success after changing his life. Taking fear and second guess out of your life.
17:05 – Stepping out of comfort zones and being kind: Where Leon has experienced the best and worst sides of kindness on his show.
23:00 – How close Leon is to living his current purpose.
26:35 – Key to find your purpose: Don’t beat yourself up.
30:05 – Relating to the people who inspire us. What is in them is also in you.
33:30 – Most of us don’t realize that we’re all a little crazy: Leon’s 42-hour train ride from L.A. to Chicago without a phone or computer and what he then experienced at the airport in Chicago.
36:30 – You can be the best in the world at something but not be successful. How Leon and Joe define success.
41:15 – Where you can find them and what they’re doing next to spread purpose, passion, and kindness.


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