7 Ways to Generate 100+ Land Buyer Leads in 30 Days

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7 Ways to Generate 100+ Land Buyer Leads in 30 Days

Do you find, finding sellers hard? You’re not alone. With most real estate investing business models, finding motivated sellers can be difficult.

You have to send direct mail that stands out, run attractive PPC campaigns, and rank in Google for terms like “sell my house fast for cash in [market].”

In fact, here’s an article we wrote which is dedicated to helping you find motivated sellers

But with land investing, the entire thing gets flipped on its head. Finding land sellers is usually pretty easy. For about every 250 mailers, you can expect to find a motivated seller. Finding land buyer leads can be the hardest part. 

And of the land buyer leads you do get, a lot of them are tire-kickers who think owning a piece of property would be cool, but just end up wasting your time. 

In the end, you might find about one motivated buyer per 25 or 30 leads (give or take some depending on your market). 

If you could increase the number of leads you get, you would also increase the number of motivated buyers you find and deals you close. 

And in the land business, that’s one of the biggest factors which determines your business growth. Are you finding motivated buyers consistently?

To help you, here are 7 ideas for increasing your land buyer leads to 100+ in 30-days.

land buyer leads in 30 days

Carrot member land buyer leads in 30-days

1. Lift Your Land Buyer Website’s Conversion Rate

We’re starting off with the most important tip in this article. 

Because look — if you generate more traffic to your land buyer website, but none of that traffic opts-in and gives you their info, then they might not have visited your website at all. 

(If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it make a noise?)

And make no mistake, optimizing your website’s conversion rate can make a massive difference. Consider this math. 

Imagine it takes you 25 leads to close one deal.

Further, imagine that you’re currently getting 500 website visits per month with a conversion rate of 5% (which means that you’re generating 25 leads and thus closing one deal per month).

If you increase that conversion rate from just 5% to 10%, you’d generate 50 leads and close 2 deals per month with the same amount of website traffic.

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Would it be worth it to you to optimize your website for conversion so you could close one more land deal per month (and maybe more)? 

Of course, it would!

At Carrot, our members consistently see conversion rates between 15% and 30%. And to us, it’s simple science… 

We’ve run tons of conversion rate tests on our member’s websites to determine what converts the best and we’re absolutely relentless about ensuring that our member’s sites continue to convert like their businesses need them to. 

You can check out our free 16-point conversion optimization checklist over here to start optimizing your own website.

2. Create Consistent Content to Find Land Buyer Leads

Consistent content marketing is probably one of the most powerful things you can do for your land investing business. With it, you can:

  • Create more social media visibility
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Build rapport with that traffic

It’s also probably one of the most under-valued lead-generation strategies.

Which is good!

It means if you do create consistent content on your website, you’ll quickly and easily stand head-and-shoulders above your competitors that aren’t creating any content. 

But… what kind of content should you create? What should you talk about? When should you create it?

Great questions!

Carrot members can create awesome long-form blog content in under 10-minutes using our VideoPost feature. This allows you to record a video from your smartphone, upload it to your Carrot site, and we’ll create a transcript of the video and make it into a blog post for you!

Yep — super easy and crazy effective. 

In fact, one of the VideoPosts we created for our own website (yes — we drink our own poison ;-)) is ranking #1 in Google!

Learn how we did it… How to Create Real Estate Content in Under 10 Minutes with Carrot’s VideoPost

As for when you should create it… I’d recommend publishing at least one new piece of content on your website every week (but the more, the merrier!). 

Also, Carrot members who are on our Content Pro or Advanced Marketer plans receive blog posts every month that they can upload to their website with just a few clicks. And we come up with all the relevant topics so you don’t have to. 

Land Buyer Blog Posts

Carrot’s Content Pro land buyer blog post examples

If you don’t want to worry about creating your own content (it can be a bit time-consumer, to be sure), then try Carrot risk-free for one month!

3. Rank in Google For Relevant Land Buying Search Terms

Perhaps the best, cheapest, most effective way to generate more leads for your land investing website is to get your website ranking for relevant search terms in Google. 

That way, when someone searches for “Buy land now in [market city]” or “Buy cheap land in [market city]”, they’ll click to your website and become a lead!

Now I know what you’re thinking: how are you going to beat big websites like Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor.com in the search rankings? 

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Well, it’s not an easy task. But you do have a unique advantage — namely, that you’re running a local business and those websites aren’t. This means that you can use Google My Business to get different rankings!

And to help those rankings, even more, Carrot members receive free SSL integration (which helps Google trust your website) and, again, Content Pro and Advanced Marketer members get access to tons of content that can rank in search engines for your target market.

Here are some simple best practices for high-ranking on-page SEO:

  • Use title with the keyword prominently featured, within the 70-character count. You can use a tool such as Moz’s title tag preview tool if you have questions.
  • Use keyword-rich H2 tags and include your keyword in the body copy.
  • Add the keyword to the meta description. Meta descriptions are capped at 155 characters so try to add the keyword to the beginning.
  • Include keyword sentences (3-5 words) in the alt image text.
  • Offer a mix of internal and external links throughout the blog post.

4. Advertise On Land Listing Sites

Remember when we were looking at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) earlier, how the top websites were big names like LandWatch, Zillow, Redfin, and LandAndFarm? 

landandfarm.com listings

Landandfarm.com listings

Well, you can also advertise your properties and/or company on these websites — although many of them charge a pretty penny and they lock you into a contract for a year. 

I’d recommend checking with someone else who uses these sites to advertise their land and asking about what kind of results they’re getting. 

Again, before you pay for these types of ads, you’ll want to ensure that you have a high-converting website and compelling sales copy for each of your properties — our Concierge service at Carrot can help you write effective, custom sales copy for your website. Learn more about it here.


5. Optimize Your Land Property Pages

Once you have a high-converting homepage, a lot of the hard work is done. More people will give you their contact information and then it’s simply a matter of reaching out to them, following consistently, and using your salesmanship skills to turn them into a deal. 

But in addition to optimizing your homepage for conversion, you should also take a close look at your property pages — that is, the pages on your website that advertise specific land you have for sale. 

location pages for land buyers

Location pages to widen your reach and increase SEO rankings

From our research at Carrot, we put together an article that discusses the 6 critical elements of any effective real estate landing page. Check it out over here.

Then make sure that each of your property pages has those elements.  

6. Run PPC Campaigns

Running PPC campaigns to your website can be a great way to generate more leads to your website with just a little extra cash. 

However, make sure that your website is converting like you want it to convert before you spend too much money on paid advertising — otherwise, you’ll end up throwing money down the drain. 

We have an in-depth article over here that discusses how to create effective PPC campaigns (and it’s written by our own in-house PPC expert!)

Check it out and let us know if you have any questions — we’re here to help!

7. Create a Free Lead Magnet for Land Buyer Leads

On most land investing websites, having gated property pages (that is, people have to enter their contact information in order to look at your properties) is enough to generate leads consistently. 

But to differentiate yourself from the competition, some of you might consider using a lead magnet instead. A lead magnet is a free digital resource you give to people in exchange for their email address and phone number. 

You could create a checklist about how to find the perfect piece of land or how to do due diligence on properties, for example, or you could write a small ebook about how to find the perfect land for building on. 

land buying lead magnet

For example, WGLands created a “Land Investing Coaching” lead magnet

Sometimes, giving away a free resource to new website traffic can pull in leads you wouldn’t have captured otherwise.

If you’re at a loss for what to do, then this idea might at least be worth a try!

Test it and see what happens (consider putting the free lead magnet on your sidebar and leaving your main opt-in form at the top so you can generate both types of leads).

Conclusion – Get More Land Buyer Leads Now

You want to generate more leads to your land investing website. 

For good reason!

The more traffic you drive to your land buyer website, the more lead you generate, the more deals you’ll do every single month. 

And with more monthly deals comes more entrepreneurial freedom and more time for the things that matter most in life. You can use the above 7 ideas to generate more leads for your land investing business. Hit us with questions in the comments if you have any! :-)

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