EP 230: 7 Quick Video Marketing Hacks + Free List of 19 Content Ideas for Investors w/ Josh Culler

7 Quick Video Marketing Hacks + Free List of 19 Content Ideas for Investors w/ Josh Culler

You can’t complain about leads not coming in if you’re not doing video. You have to get out there, get out from underneath that fear, and conquer it.

– Josh Culler

7 Quick Video Marketing Hacks + Free List of 19 Content Ideas for Investors w/ Josh Culler

Josh Culler is a marketing pro who leverages video to help real estate investors connect with their target market. As an expert in video content marketing, he has developed several hacks to get the job done easier and with finesse.

Don’t let a fear of getting in front of the camera stop you from using video. Josh will share with you his tips to show you exactly how to get out from underneath those fears so you can best connect with your audience. 

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I am super excited to sit down with Josh. I’ve seen his videos and I’m beyond impressed by what he is able to do for investors. People who never thought they’d be making videos for their business, are now front and center, cranking out high-quality content like you wouldn’t believe.

We had a great in-studio talk where I was able to pull out these 7 quick video marketing hacks to help real estate investors reach more people while building credibility and authority.

#1. Answer Questions

As an investor, you likely hear questions from homeowners all of the time. Your content can answer questions about your product, service, or industry. 

  • Why should I sell directly?
  • What’s the difference between you and an agent?
  • How long will it take?

Answering these questions makes for great content. These are things people are wondering and you are building credibility and authority by being the person who has the answers. The content will be loaded with keywords and naturally primed for optimization. 

#2. Film Case Studies

Think back to your last few deals and tell the story of what happened. How did the situation unfold? How were you able to help the homeowner?

Use varied stories that highlight specific situations such as an inheritance, foreclosure avoidance, or someone selling a run-down home. Tell a story with your video and your audience will be hooked. 

#3. Film Your Process

While what you do may seem very simple, homeowners may not know what to expect. Film yourself visiting a property or running comps. Show people who you are, what you’re doing, and how everything works. 

Even something that seems very elementary to you, maybe something your potential customer was wondering about but was too afraid to ask.

#4. Do Not Over Complicate Things

Josh has found that when it comes to video marketing, people either get too into it or they don’t commit enough. They will buy a $300 mic, a green screen, and edit their videos much more than they should.

Or… they don’t do it because they feel it will be too much work. They aren’t consistent, and they fail to capture moments that could really help them connect with their audience. 

#5. Post Everywhere

Once you have your video, get that thing up everywhere! Use our video transcription tool to turn your video into a keyword-rich blog post. Not only do you want it on your Carrot site, but you should have it highlighted on your youtube channel, shared to Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere else you are active.

One important thing to remember is to post your videos natively. Don’t share a Youtube link on Facebook, upload the video directly instead. While the platforms may be similar – they are not friends. Another thing people don’t usually capitalize on is Google my Business and Apple Maps.

These are places people go to when looking for businesses. Instead of having the pictures associated with your business be from other people, take control, and upload content of your own.

You can add some pictures of your office, deals you’ve done, and clients you’ve worked with. Add in your videos as well to quickly connect with people who are searching you out. 

#6. Keep It Real 

In order to create content that will really connect with your audience, you need to remain genuine. Don’t have someone on Fiver film your video, do it yourself. Have the video be the same person who goes out to meet people and view houses. You’ll also want to be very clear on why you are doing what you are doing.

Financial goals are fine but aren’t always specific enough to motivate you to produce quality content. Josh, for example, not only wants to create a good life for his family, but he also wants to be able 100 missionaries!

This is a huge goal and it works for him. Your goal may look entirely different, and that’s ok! 

#7. Be Consistent

Video content is evergreen. If you do a video series on how to handle an inherited home, once it helps you close one deal, it has paid for itself. By creating informative content on a consistent basis, you will create a library of information that will bring the leads to you.

With clear and intentional content, you will be the local authority before you know it. You’ll be able to turn your Carrot site into an authority hub, setting yourself apart from the other investors in your area. 

Josh and his team provide a tremendous service to real estate investors. They can help you take your raw content, turn it into a professionally edited video, and get it back to you in 48 hours or less. Right now, you can use the code “CARROT” at cullermedia.com to receive 25% off Josh’s services! Check it out and get some video added to your Carrot site today! 

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