Investor Carrot Reviews – Cyndy Dumire Generating Hundreds of Leads via Carrot

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Hey Carrot community!

We’re coming at ya with another video Customer Story about how a normal investor just like you found her way to InvestorCarrot… and now swears by our system for helping her generate hundreds of leads per month right now.

In this video Investor Carrot review / case study with Pennsylvania investor Cyndy Dumire, Cyndy walks through…

  • How her and her husband Tom got started in real estate
  • How they initially struggled a bit… but now close 3-5 deals per month
  • How she’s dominating search engines with her Carrot websites (plus videos and social media using the 3 Lead Per Day Training)
  • How her Carrot sites are seeing more than DOUBLE the results with keeping visitors on the site and engaged than she had with her $2k websites she had built prior to Carrot
  • How she’s using Craigslist to close lots of deals right out from under the rest of her competitors noses


Investor Carrot Review and Case Study #5 - Cyndy Dumire of Quakertown, PA


Carrot Members Generated Over
65,325 Leads Last Month

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2 Responses to “Investor Carrot Reviews – Cyndy Dumire Generating Hundreds of Leads via Carrot”

    • Trevor Mauch Trevor Mauch

      Hey Chris! Great question!

      Actually… this whole case study was filmed long after Craigslist removed the ability to put clickable links on ads. The answer is 100% YES. That’s a misnomer that Craigslist doesn’t work anymore. It just takes a bit more creativity to make it work… but it’s crushing it right now for people who use it right. Go get ’em! We have a training for our Craigslist members (a $99 upgrade) that walks through the whole process.


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