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How A 23 Year Old New Investor From California Closed 18 Deals His First Year + How To Get Motivated Seller Leads Online through SEO

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Over the past year, we’ve added well over 250 testimonials from our customers to our “Thread of Awesomeness” here at Carrot. The “TOA” as we call it is a section in our internal company communication tool where our team shares awesome stuff our Carrot Inbound Online real estate investing website customers send us on a near-daily basis.

And one of those that we kept seeing pop up consistently, are two young investors out of Southern California named Josh and Adam Justiniano. (NOTE: All content and design on InvestorCarrot websites and our clients are copyright protected to protect our clients. Please do not copy our customers website content or design. It’s just not the cool thing to do.  :-)

Here’s one of the first email convos I had with them about their first deal they closed from the online inbound marketing and SEO campaign (their InvestorCarrot website is a motivated seller lead gen site)

Real estate SEO testimonial

real estate testimonial deal

a deal from a motivated seller from SEO

UPDATE: Since then Josh has been closing lots of deals. Here’s an email he sent us this week. He had a property in Sacramento, CA under contract but no buyer so he reached out to us to see if we could connect him with other Carrot members in that area. We did, and he turned that into a deal in less than 2 weeks! The power of our Inbound Marketing system and the Carrot Community in action :-)

Carrot website deal testimonial

That’s the kinda stuff we LOVE to see!

As you’ll see in the case study video with Josh of QuickHomeOffers below… that was just their FIRST deal from their online inbound marketing efforts for their real estate investing business.

Check out the video case study I did with Josh recently below…

How To Get Motivated Seller Leads Online through SEO – 18 Wholesale Deals In California From Pure Hustle (and smart outsourcing) In Their First Year (12.5 months actually :-) Of Business

In their first full year as real estate investors Josh and his brother Adam closed 18 deals… and when I shot this case study with them in January 2015 they closed another 2 deals that month alone. 4 of those deals came from their SEO (search engine optimization) efforts through InvestorCarrot… totaling over $32,000 in gross profits!

How’s that for an ROI?

Their story is really inspiring, very real (Josh tells you what it takes to get consistent leads online), and will hopefully help push you over the edge to take action big time in 2015!  And if InvestorCarrot is a part of your journey too this year… awesome! If not, we still love ya and will keep bringing you great content every week just like this.

Click the video to play!

Investor Carrot Review - 18 Deals In First Year As An Investor w/ Josh. J

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Important Lessons From This Video Case Study With InvestorCarrot Member And Investor Josh Justiniano

  • Age is only a factor if you make it one (if couple early 20 something investors closed 18 deals their first year… you can too!)
  • Online marketing and SEO, especially for motivated house sellers, isn’t quick and isn’t as simple as just putting a website online and sitting back. Josh dives into what they did to go from ZERO motivated seller leads to a consistent stream of leads in competitive markets with SEO.
  • They tried setting up a website on wix and it failed miserably. Like he says, “I’m not an online marketing expert and have no clue how to write content that converts or what to put where. Carrot made it easy… because I could just follow the format that their content was… and just rewrite some of it in my own words. It converts great and I never could have done that on my own website”
  • Tweaking their content was the first important step. They leveraged our framework to make it easier and quicker and tailored the content to be specific to their own business
  • They bring in their deals with a mix of marketing. Online lead generation is just one part of it. So make sure you have a smart mix of online and offline marketing.
  • They leveraged our “Loopnet” strategy for ranking well in specific cities (if you’re an InvestorCarrot member, check out our full Mastermind Call recording in the call archive to see how to do this strategy in detail. Half of their leads come from this strategy.)

And more.

If you’re an InvestorCarrot member, use this as inspiration to implement motivated seller lead generation through SEO leveraging the tool you have at your fingertips… our training… and support.

You’ve got the exact same resources as Josh has.

If you’re not an InvestorCarrot member yet and are curious to see if this can help you generate more leads online (motivated sellers, buyers, tenants, note sellers, etc.), take our demo and check out what InvestorCarrot has to offer.

Carrot members hold more page 1 and top 3 positions in Google for search phrases that attract motivated seller leads than any other website platform on the planet.

We’d love to help you grow your real estate business too :-)

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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11 responses to “How A 23 Year Old New Investor From California Closed 18 Deals His First Year + How To Get Motivated Seller Leads Online through SEO

    1. Hey Brian! They tweaked the content themselves. Just take a paragraph, read it and absorb what the overall message in that paragraph is about and rewrite it in your own words and you’ll be good to go. Go get it!

  1. Hi Trevor,
    Im actually started going through all my pages and re writing them just a bit. Within a couple weeks Im already seeing them pop up in rankings and 1 hit page 1 already, super cool! Thanks for the tips. A similar situation Im trying to figure out is, how do I tweak my explainer videos so google doesn’t see the same one on each page, or is this not an issue
    I have been noticing that many of the top performing sites now have explainer videos. Since you can’t really tweak the explainer video for each page, is there something else you suggest when implementing explainer videos?

    1. Ya so the explainer videos prob aren’t really the reason for the ranking… but they definitely can’t hurt.

      You could record a few versions of it and then just pick one of those where it makes sense that way it’s not the same one on every page. I don’t think it’s really an issue even if you have the same one on every page as long as the other content on those pages is pretty unique from each other. It’s when Google sees the same video w/ content that is pretty much the same as another page that they won’t like it.

  2. Thanks for the reply Trevor, Ok so Im having a few different versions created that will have different lengths but the same general message. I think I may just create a different intro and leave the core video the same. Thanks for the suggestions! Oh by the way, I will be closing another Home Run deal from my carrot site. About a 60k profit on $1500 in adwords. But Im really encouraged by some of the SEO results other Carrot members are having. Im looking forward to a killer 4th quarter!

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