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EP 235: Prioritizing, Delegating, and Clearing Your Calendar to Attain the Business and Life You Want w/ Jonathan Carcone

My living my best life, is when I look at my calendar Sunday night and see absolutely nothing scheduled for the week ahead.

– Jonathan Carcone

Prioritizing, Delegating, and Clearing Your Calendar to Attain the Business and Life You Want w/ Jonathan Carcone

As an agent or investor, entrepreneur, or business owner, you’ve likely had those weeks where feel as if you are in constant meetings, constantly answering questions from your team, or have found yourself doing the day-to-day work that isn’t helping you to grow.

I get it.

I have often found myself in this position, and it is only through delegation, clearing my calendar, and changing my thinking that I have been able to get out of it. Today, we are diving in with Jonathan Carcone to find out how he has gone from solopreneur to having a team of 12 and what he is doing to ensure he doesn’t lose sight of why he started.

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This episode of the podcast was inspired by a simple Facebook post from Jonathan Carcone, a long-time Carrot client. The post read: “ My living my best life week is one where I look at my calendar Sunday night and see absolutely nothing scheduled. Not. A. Single. Thing. When I was a 1 man show that was a lot easier than now with over a dozen employees. Shows how more is oftentimes just… More. Not better. 

At least for people with my personality and value system.” 

This really resonated with me. So often we spend so much time in the constant grind and hustle that we forget why we started. Many of us start our businesses to attain freedom, yet we find ourselves chained to our desks, working long hours we never would of considered when we had a 9-5.

Jonathan Carcone wants to use his business to fuel his lifestyle and we’re going to learn how he is doing just that. 

Sometimes More is Just More

Meetings aren’t always the best use of your time. When your calendar is full of them, you’ll end up spending your time and energy on things that aren’t really getting you or your team ahead. Take a look at your calendar and determine the things that are essential vs. the things you don’t personally have to attend. You can send an assistant, send your notes with someone else who is attending the meeting, or ask for a summary once the meeting is over.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, it can be easy to get sucked into commitments that don’t necessarily fuel our grand vision. Learning to say no or making other arrangements to share information will allow you to focus on the things that are more important. 

Another way we get caught up doing more is by comparing ourselves to what others are doing. You may feel proud and perfectly content with where you are and your goals for the future, but when you see someone doing more, it’s easy to feel like you need to do more too. The goals you had get larger, further away, and less realistic. While it’s good to dream big, don’t forget what it important to you and why you started. 

Getting Your Priorities Straight

Knowing what you need to attend and what you don’t will help to free up time on your calendar. You should also take a look at the way you are spending your time.

For Jonathan, he was happiest when he was able to have a slow morning, work for 4-5 hours, then head home for a nice dinner. He had a couple of VA’s assisting with the postings and the paperwork, while he was able to spend his time on the big things that would generate revenue. 

Putting The Right People In Place

While Jonathan loved working as a one-man show, he wanted to challenge himself to see if he could turn it into a real business. When you’re ambitious, it’s likely that you are never satisfied. I think this is good, it keeps you hungry and dedicated to what you are doing. 

As you grow, you need to have the right people on your team. As a leader, you need to ask not how they can help you get ahead, but rather what you can do to help move them ahead. Jonathan has an assistant, lead manager, and salespeople on his team.

Just like I have done at Carrot, Jonathan is working to build a leadership team that will allow him to step away from the business almost entirely. That’s not to say he nor I like being involved in the business, but being able to delegate decisions to others takes off a lot of the pressure.

When you have the right people in place, you can spend more of your time growing your business, enjoying your passions, and making the impact that got you into all this in the first place. 

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