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EP 232: 300+ Homes in Just 3 Years. How Ryan Pineda Uses Brand, a Team, and YouTube to Generate Leads

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Brand-Building, YouTube Domination, & Buying 300 Homes in 3 Years - interview with Ryan Pineda

When you have businesses that mesh together, you create a multiplying effect.

– Ryan Pineda

How Building a Brand, a Team, and Dominating YouTube Led Ryan Pineda to Buy 300 Homes in Just 3 Years

Ryan Pineda has been investing in real estate for only 5 years, but in this short amount of time, he has flipped hundreds of homes, built multiple businesses, and become a millionaire, all before the age of 30.

In fact, he has purchased over 100 houses each year for the past 3 years!

Now, speaking from a position of experience, he is helping other investors to do the same.  

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Nothing inspires me more than seeing other entrepreneurs out there crushing it. Ryan Pineda has been investing for 5 years, only doing it full time for the past 3.

In this short amount of time, he has been able to launch multiple companies, build an incredible team, and build a reputation for himself as one of the top investors in the Las Vegas area.

He is the prime example of someone who has found success and is using it to help others do the same. 

Hitting the Ball From All Angles

As a former professional baseball player, Ryan learned the importance of teamwork and how many moving pieces must come together to be successful. At the beginning of his investment journey, Ryan spent all of his time flipping houses. He was good at it, but he knew that if that was all he did, he would become resentful and unfulfilled. 

He looked at the industry and how he could better serve people. With this philosophy, he has built a brokerage, a real estate education company, and a tax service for investors, in addition to his investment business. He caught on early that in order to maximize the leads that are coming in, he would need to find different ways to serve people. 

Building the Team to Do It

Ryan can’t run these businesses alone. Any entrepreneur who has tried to grow their business knows there aren’t enough hours in the day to play CEO, COO, and CFO – at least not if you want to do a good job. Finding the right people and filling these roles with people he could trust has been the biggest factor in Ryan’s success. 

Today, his Brokerage has over 50 agents, and his acquisition business purchases over 100 properties a year. He has project managers handling the day to day and by hiring a COO (his sister Noelle) to oversee all businesses, and a COO to manage only his acquisitions (Sean Bob), he has been able to dedicate his time to doing the things that he loves within the business.

That is building a brand and making it known. With the right people managing the day to day, Ryan has been able to quickly take his business to the next level. 

Making Yourself Known

While I have only recently connected with Ryan personally, I have been following him for a long time on YouTube and Instagram. He consistently drops great knowledge that is upping the game. Ryan is a person who is using YouTube in the right way. His tactics have quickly gotten him over 38k followers, with those numbers rising every day. So how does he do it?

According to Ryan, you need to have all of these things to be successful on Youtube: 

  • Have a great title and tag – if they aren’t interested, they won’t click
  • Make sure you have a great thumbnail image that features your face – smile as Youtube loves to spread positivity
  • Be consistent – Ryan has built an audience quickly because he is doing 6 videos a week – all of which offer great content
  • Mix up your topics – have some with broad appeal and others with niched content

When running multiple businesses, getting your name out there is a no-brainer. You want to be the guy people turn to when they need help. You want them to know exactly who you are and what you can offer them.

Creating this kind of content will build trust, authority, and rapport with your potential clients. Putting yourself out there may feel daunting, but once you start, you’ll see just how well you are able to connect with people through video. 

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