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EP 216: How Jason Pulls 50 Organic Leads Per Day + Full Strategy Breakdown for YouTube, Facebook and IG Ads w/ Jason Wardrop

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How Jason Pulls 50 Organic Leads Per Day + Full Strategy Breakdown for YouTube, Facebook and IG Ads

I felt like I was on a hamster wheel… [what I needed was] consistent organic leads

– Jason Wardrop

How Jason Pulls 50 Organic Leads Per Day + Full Strategy Breakdown for YouTube, Facebook and IG Ads w/ Jason Wardrop

Imagine pulling in over 50+ leads per day. Now imagine doing it all organically. Generating high-quality leads is more than just setting up a website or launching a campaign.

Today, Jason is giving us a full strategy breakdown, sharing with us how he is crushing it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Ads, and more! He will share with us the framework and the formulas so you can get out there and crush it too!

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When Jason started out, he was always a paid ads guy. He knew he was great at getting leads in the door, but after attending a Mastermind and seeing what others were doing on Youtube and other social media outlets, Jason knew he was about to go all in.

Now, fast forward to a few years later and Jason is killing the lead game with his company Arsenal Marketing. When I am looking for ways to generate more leads, Jason is the first person I call.

Jason’s goal is to help agents find more leads, generate email and text follow-up, and close more deals. 

Leveraging Facebook and Instagram

You have likely heard about the Facebook algorithm and how it is consistently changing. Staying on top of what Facebook wants can prove to be a challenge. What we know now, is that the algorithm likes larger audiences. The targeting has become more limited. Every time you add an inclusion or exclusion, it increases your CPM – or cost per 1000 impressions. 

A basic overview of Jason’s Facebook ad strategy is to begin with “housing” as the special ad category. If you are brand new, a lot of your ads will be cold. Doesn’t matter, go ahead and market through your business page. 

Once you have built out an audience of people who have interacted with your page in some way, (liking, commenting, sharing, etc) you can begin to retarget these people with your advertising. You can create custom audiences and even upload your existing database to ensure you are sending the right message, to the right people, at the right time. 

Which ads are working?

Right now, Jason is seeing huge success with a basic listing template that brings in leads for less than $5 a pop. He also uses a buyer leads template, which is basically a list of available properties.

Many ads are sent to landing pages or lead forms. The great thing about lead forms is that Facebook will auto-populate the form with the name, phone, email, etc, resulting in much less bogus data coming through. 

Leveraging YouTube

Jason and his team have a hyper-focus on Youtube. In fact, they believe it to be the best way to build rapport, authority, and credibility. Many agents and investors don’t utilize youtube, because they may not understand what it can do for them. 

Two years ago, Jason found himself in the hamster wheel of having to spend money to make money. After meeting other Youtubers and seeing what was possible, he made a massive shift and is now pulling in over 50+ leads per day, with sales almost every day. 

Jason’s Youtube Growth Formula

Jason’s formula begins by asking what are the top 5 questions you get within your business. This could be things like determining home value, how to increase value, etc. From there, they create videos to answer the questions that are 3-5 minutes long.

You don’t have to be super professional with this, using your phone is fine. Spend the afternoon and bust out a few videos, then schedule them out for the next few weeks. 

  • First, launch the video to your database via email. This will help you to get immediate views to your video, which Youtube likes to see. 
  • Next, you want to get the video tanked organically via Google and Youtube. Our video transcription service is ideal for this by helping you turn your video into an instant blog post. 
  • Once this is completed, you can utilize paid ads. Be sure to link back to your video in the description or in the first comment. 

After setting up your paid ad, landing page, or lead form, it all comes back to the follow-up. You can segment videos based on the audience, then follow-up with them via email, messenger, or text. With a properly set-up drip campaign, you can send the right videos to the right audience… you don’t have to send everything to everyone all at once. 

Niche Down

As your database grows, you can further niche down, creating content specific to your different audiences. Whether you want to become the local new home authority or the authority within a specific neighborhood, the right video content will get you there.

The key is to stay consistent, create a schedule, and follow-through. 

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