EP 131: How Audacious Goals Can Cause Failure | Bringing Your Targets Closer To Win

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How Audacious Goals Can Cause Failure | Bringing Your Targets Closer To Win

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At the end of the day, I don’t gauge my worth on which goals I’ve hit.

Trevor Mauch, CEO of Carrot

We’re going to be doing a recap for 2018 on the podcast pretty soon. But if you’re reading this any other year, this podcast episode is going to be just as relevant today, the time that I’m recording it, as it is gonna be five years and five years from now.

Here’s the topic I want to dive into. When we’re looking at our planning for this next year, no matter when you’re listening to this, there’s one thing that I’ve been really guilty of. There are certain ways an entrepreneur sets goals that completely, completely, completely sets you up for failure. Ways that completely makes your team members learn how to lose and not how to win. But, there’s also a way to set up goals that are just really, really wrecking your progress, your happiness, and your contentment in life right now.

Okay, now, as I drop this hammer on you of talking about the normal goal setting process, which is completely deficient and not effective, and it’s the way that I’ve been doing it for years, I’ll actually be doing a call on this topic. You can head over to Carrot.com/EPIC to save your spot. I do this call for free every year and everyone is welcome. We aren’t selling a darn thing on it, I just want to share and really serve you, our carrot community.

I’ll walk through my exact annual planning process. And this year it’s changed more than it ever has. My team has gotten bigger and I’ve learned so many things about myself as a leader… so many things about myself, how to scale a company, how to have more time, more freedom, make a bigger impact, and also grow the finances and grow an amazing team. I’ve integrated some new processes I’ve learned from my coaches that have changed the game on how we surround our team, around targets, around goals, and how to really make it work.

So, on today’s CarrotCast, I want to walk you through a couple key concepts as your leading into this next year, to help you with your planning and avoid some of the mistakes we’ve made along the way.

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How Audacious Goals Can Cause Failure | Bringing Your Targets Closer To Win

01:03 – How to avoid a faulty goal-setting process that has the potential to wreck your happiness, contentment, and even your employees.

01:49  – Announcing Trevor’s epic planning call that will walk you through his exact planning process to help scale your business, grow an amazing team, and achieve more freedom, flexibility, finances, and impact. Save your spot here: Carrot.com/epic

02:49 – The dangers of setting big hairy, audacious goals for your team & how to train them to win.

04:56 –  “Bring your targets closer” – The simple method that Navy Seals use to achieve a pattern of winning.

08:43 – How to motivate and lead a team that believes their big goals are achievable.

15:43 – Bonus Announcement! Block out your calendars for January 12th & 13th when 14 industry experts will be coming together for the first time ever, very special event.



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