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EP 226: “I Did 43 Deals with No Internet” | The Habits of Successful Investors w/ Adam Johnson & Brent Moreno

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“I Did 43 Deals with No Internet”  The Habits of Successful Investors w/ Adam Johnson & Brent Moreno

Every tool, and everything you do should all lead to you having a great conversation with someone one on one to figure out what their problem is and how you can solve it. 

– Adam Johnson

“I Did 43 Deals with No Internet” | The Habits of Successful Investors w/ Adam Johnson & Brent Moreno

It might seem counterintuitive for me to talk about how to close deals without having the internet, but that is exactly what one of our guests did. In 2017 Adam Johnson was able to close 43 deals without using the internet at all.

I wanted to have Brent and Adam on the CarrotCast again to share tips, habits, and what they do differently to be successful investors… finding and closing so many deals. 

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Brent and Adam buy and sell homes in Mississippi. They have done fix and flips, buy and holds, wholesale deals, and have offered creative financing for homeowners looking for solutions. Adam has been in the business for 18 years and has learned a thing or two about finding the right solutions for people. 

6 Simple Things Successful Investors Do

Keeping It Simple

Sticking to the fundamentals and keeping things simple have proven to be successful investors for both Brent and Adam. Ultimately, everything they do leads back to creating real, meaningful, and helpful conversations with home sellers.

They want to learn all they can about a situation so that they are able to offer the most helpful solutions. Adam and Brent have been able to help so many people and are now sharing with others how they do it.

With a booming Facebook group, awesome podcast, a book, and now even new software, they are helping fellow investors simplify, avoid distraction, and get their deals closed. 

Simple Methods

When it comes to finding new leads, they stick to the fundamentals. When it doubt, do some driving for dollars. If you are getting 25 leads per week this way, if you remain diligent, and practice the right follow-up, you will get your first deal faster than you may think. 

Simple Software

In 2017, Adam discovered the internet. 

While this did prove to be a game-changer for finding and contacting leads, it also caused a lot of distraction from the end goal. Being online throughout the day leads to distraction.

Whether it be the news, social media, or your inbox, the internet can easily pull you away from the tasks you need to complete. In many cases, they found they were wasting money on software they never touched. 

Creating a Carrot site was able to simplify their online presence, making it easier to focus on the task at hand. As an investor, you are often hit with shiny object syndrome. There are so many different types of software, social platforms to maintain, and ways to reach people, that it can all be overwhelming.

With their Carrot site and our Advanced Marketer plan, they are able to run a site that produces fresh content, generates high-quality leads, and helps them close more deals than they ever had before – all with very minimal work on their end. 

Simple Questions

One strategy that has been proven to be wildly successful for Brent and Adam is to ask simple, yet direct questions. On their contact form, they ask people how much they would like to get for their house. They then repeat and rephrase the question, causing people to lower their asking price by thousands. Their second question sounds something like… 

If we were to pay you cash, cover all closing costs, and eliminate commissions, what is the lowest price you would accept?

Most people will come down on their price by $5k, some have dropped their price by $30k+! 

Simple Processes

Sometimes it’s so simple, it’s hard. Over the past few weeks, Adam and Brent have made it a priority to simplify and get back to the fundamentals. For Adam, that means getting back into living rooms, talking to people one on one, and getting away from the computer.

They were able to begin focusing on their strengths, talking to people, getting away from the computer, and helping to find real solutions for those who need it. They delegated tasks and brought in others to make the day to day decision so they could get back to doing what they love – helping people. 

Simple Solutions

As their investment journey has evolved, they have discovered other ways they can simplify their lead management process. The soon to be released “Deal Bell” software takes a simplified approach to lead management.

Basically, it takes the habits Adam has always used and digitized them. Every day you are able to focus solely on what needs to be done that day, without any distraction from other days and deadlines. It offers a simple and concise way to view your leads and quickly get caught up on where you are in the process with them. 

Adam is also currently writing a book that I am thrilled to be writing the forward for. The book will outline Adam’s entire strategy, showing investors how they can simplify the process. The way you scale in business is by subtracting, not adding. It is about simplifying, not complicating and Adam’s book will show you how to do exactly that. 

Looking Ahead

It’s no secret that I think we are in for a big shift in the real estate world. With markets being a bit crazy, the upcoming election, and COVID still impacting the way we do things, real estate is also going to change.

With more people working from home, commercial real estate will likely take a hit. Evictions and foreclosures have been paused for the moment, but this isn’t going to be the case forever. With people moving away from cities, rural living is becoming more and more desirable. 

Even with the upcoming market shift, investors and agents can still be incredibly successful. Simple processes, simple solutions, and getting back to the fundamentals will allow you to focus on what is important – helping others.

As Zig Zigler said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” And while this might sound cliche, I have found that the things that sound cliche usually sound that way because they are true. 

So get out there and get back to the fundamentals. Be boring. But most of all, be consistent.

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  1. Great podcast. I like Adam’s realistic vision of the coming 6months to year in real estate; limit risk and reduce leveraging. Excellent forecast. Love the Simple and consistent approach. Leaves me wanting to know a lot more about their program!!

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