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EP 236: This Carrot Camper Went From a Simple Craigslist Ad to Over 7 Figures Last Year – Now His Software Company is Helping You Do The Same w/ Tyler Austin

If other people are converting and you’re not, it’s not a question of if it is possible – it is a question of if you are willing to put in the work to get there.

– Tyler Austin

This Carrot Camper Went From a Simple Craigslist Ad to Over 7 Figures Last Year – Now His Software Company is Helping You Do The Same w/ Tyler Austin

You’ve heard me talk about evergreen marketing and not relying on the hamster wheel to find leads. Tyler Austin has taken this advice and ran with it. His crazy creative marketing strategies have helped him to nab the top spots on Google and become a trusted source for people selling a home in his market.

His focus on omni-channel marketing, helps him reach more people with his message. Now, Tyler’s company, REI Sift is helping other buyers and agents do the same. 

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CarrotCamp isn’t just about real estate. It is about growing your business but more importantly, growing as a person. Tyler Austin has been a Carrot client for the past few years and he just recently joined us at our latest CarrotCamp.

We’re all inspired by the way he has taken advice, mastered it, and made it his own. Today he is implementing incredibly innovative marketing strategies into his business and has developed software to help other agents and investors do the same. 

In the Beginning… 

When Tyler first started out, he had a distinct vision for the website he wanted to build. He wanted to have buyer portals, payment options, and all the bells and whistles one could imagine.

He spent his time coding this perfect site, but there was only one problem. After launching, it just sat there. It might have been pretty, but it wasn’t converting. Tyler deciding to put a pause on his website and move everything over to Carrot.

He let our Concierge team handle the original content, he added some killer testimonials, and he is working on building a library of evergreen content to keep the leads coming. Tyler had a vision of what he wanted, but when he hit a brick wall, he chose to utilize our tested, highly-converting platform. 

Stacking Data, Tracking Marketing Dollars, and Omni-Channel Marketing 

You’ve likely heard of people stacking data in an effort to narrow down the potentially high-value leads. Tyler and his team take things a few steps further and do everything in their power to maximize their marketing dollars.

For example, when they market to a particular list using direct mail, they will also find these people on Facebook and market to them directly. They do have retargeting in place, but by marketing to them directly on Facebook, they can reach all of the people their letter may have missed. 

The goal here is to get in front of people in as many ways as possible. Some investors will only cold call, while other spend their time sending letters. But to really build yourself up as the local authority, you need to get yourself out there.

Tyler uses omni-channel marketing to make sure he gets noticed by his target audience. He diligently tracks who has been marketed to, what campaign was used, and what sort of response was received. 

Cleaning Up the Data

Data can be messy. Depending on where you are getting your lists, you’ll likely find missing fields, incomplete addresses, and discrepancies in your data. Tyler realized that working with these lists was costing him time and money. Utilizing his background in software, he developed advanced algorithms to clean up the data, appending information where needed. Using this targeted marketing data, Tyler was able to focus his time on tasks that generated a greater income. Recently, he has rolled out the software he created for himself, providing it’s services to other agents and investors. 

His company, REI Sift, offers next level list stacking, skip tracing, vacancy filtering, and user-friendly exporting. Instead of throwing your money away on list after list, you’ll be able to create an accurate, targeted list of potential sellers in your area. 

Tyler’s Definition of Evergreen

For Tyler, one of his biggest takeaways from CarrotCamp was finding the motivation to create immediate impact in his community. Just like his goal to create evergreen content, he wanted to create an evergreen presence that people in his community can count on.

Since leaving camp, he’s decided to create an incredible office space to house his real estate business, his software company, and a place for educational events. 

Like many people, Tyler had lofty goals, but always made up excuses as to why it wasn’t the right time. He wasn’t giving back to his community because his wife is on active duty and they could be sent somewhere new at a moment’s notice. CarrotCamp changed this way of thinking for Tyler.

He realized that the time to act is now. He is feeling rejuvenated, motivated, and inspired by the connections he was able to make. Tyler is figuring out his purpose. He is helping homeowners, other investors, and his local community. 

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Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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