EP 60: I Was Dead For 90 Minutes… How That Changed My Outlook On Life w/ Cherie Aimee

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I Was Dead For 90 Minutes… How That Changed My Outlook On Life w/ Cherie Aimee

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That was the moment that I said “If by some miracle I survive and I get out of here… it’s game on.” Cherie Aimee

Cherie Aimee was medically dead for 90 minutes from cardiac arrest. Per a miracle, she came back and was in a coma for 3 months.

Like many of us, before that moment she was in a spot in life where she knew she wasn’t living the true her. Not making the impact on the world that she knew she could make.

That moment triggered in her to learn to love herself (she teaches how she did) and how a new mindset unleashed how she shows up in life and how you can too.

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Not many people get a second chance to totally change their outlook on life… especially who have died. Listen to this amazing “awakening” story and start doing what you want in your life.

3:05 – The defining moment in Cherie’s life that lead her to where she is at now. SPOILER: She died.
5:15 – What that day and the days preceding looked like and the emotional state of her outlook on life.
8:45 – Her journey from doctors ready to call her time of death to the miracles that helped her regain her life.
12:20 – At what point did her mindset against regret turn into…

I still have a chance to turn this around.

14:00 – Having that moment when you realize who you are and that you shouldn’t care so much about what other people think of you. Defeating your personal struggles and focusing 100% on yourself.
20:05 – How do you become “still” in a world that is so busy.
22:55 – Advice On Knowing What You Should Do With Your Life… Cherie’s article with Forbes.
26:00 – What she does to get herself in a positive, high-vibe state of mind.
30:15 – Finding out more about Cherie:

She is also featured in God’s Fingerprints: Impressions of Near Death Experiences
32:50 – What would she say to someone who isn’t living life fully.

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