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EP 120: Behind The Scenes: Carrot Culture, CarrotCamp, Whiskey, and More

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Behind The Scenes: Carrot Culture, CarrotCamp, Whiskey, and More

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Everyone is so nice! I’m looking for someone I don’t like, but I can’t find them. Tim Oppelt

This CarrotCast episode is actually pretty darn unconventional. We’ve never done one like this before. You may hate it, you may love it, I’m not sure.

But the reason I’m saying this is we recorded a little bit of a side conversation, Friday this last week, during the week of CarrotCamp, with my team.

There were a couple of our guys from out of town, out of state, one of them from Delaware, one of them from Philly, and a few local guys.

We were just kind of chatting. One of our Carrot Camper attendees, Beau Hollis, crushing it, does well over a hundred deals a year, he brought an amazing, amazing bottle of whiskey you could only get in Kentucky where he lives. So we cracked the bottle open, we sipped a little bit of whiskey, and we chatted for a half an hour, kind of decompressing CarrotCamp week.

We talk about business culture, company culture, the perspective from some of these employees of Carrot, from these team members, their perspective of culture, and why they joined Carrot, and how they joined, and how you can do the same thing in your own business.

What we’ve done here at Carrot, while it is unique to our culture, like what we’ve built is uniquely Carrot culture, you can build your own culture as well, and take these cues, take these tips, take the conversations from our team members, and infuse them into how you build your culture, moving forward to.

Now, with that said, the audio is a little bit weird. We weren’t planning on recording a podcast at that time but I pulled out my cell phone and I literally just pointed it towards people, so my voice is definitely a little bit louder.

If this is your first episode of CarrotCast, this is not how all of them are. This is kind of a special fun one, but hopefully you get some great information, some great content as you’re listening to this episode of the CarrotCast, a special one, behind the scenes conversation in our office, end of the week of CarrotCamp, talking about culture, hiring people, joy in your work, the whole shebang. Enjoy!

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Behind The Scenes: Carrot Culture, CarrotCamp, Whiskey, and More

2:00 – Carrot employees and real estate investors, Tim Oppelt and Grady Sullivan share their thoughts about CarrotCamp and Carrot HQ in Roseburg, Oregon.
5:50 – Introducing Josh McIntyre, one of the newest “local” Carrot employees.
7:55 – Building Carrot Culture. Why Levi Chappell decided to join Carrot as an employee.
8:55 – How to build a company that people want to work for.
10:45 – Why Tim has chosen to deploy his time to Carrot instead of somewhere else.
13:05 – Creating good Core Values. Why the latest Carrot additions felt a connection before joining.
19:30 – Be clear when communicating… One of the ultimate ways to build trust.
21:00 – Josh’s perspective of what he experienced during CarrotCamp.
23:20 – The ikigai exercise. Battling the common symptoms of being a high-achieving entrepreneur.
25:45 – The number one thing that Trevor is most proud of with Carrot.


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