Carrot’s 30-Day Challenge: Ready To Obliterate Your Best Month’s Lead-Gen Record?

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Carrot's 30-Day Challenge

What if you could take a system that’s proven to generate high-quality leads — a system that has made hundreds of investors and agents around the nation millions of dollars — and implement it right into your business in just 30-60 minutes per day over a 30-day period?

Sounds too good to be true, yeah?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve created… We’re calling it our 30-Day Authority Building Challenge [CLICK HERE TO JOIN].

And in it, we’re going to walk you through how to brand your real estate business, how to drive traffic, and — most importantly — how to get high-quality leads (and even how to obliterate your best month’s lead-gen record).

Are you ready?

Carrot's 30 Day Challenge for Agents & Investors
Carrot 30 day challenge
“I did this challenge and learned so much. So glad I accepted this challenge, without it I never would have got my website together. Easy… no. Challenge… that is the name of the game… worth it… 100%.”

At Carrot, we’ve helped countless real estate pros beat their most aggressive market competitors, generate more than one million leads, and build businesses that support themselves and their families.

Over the last few years, we’ve learned a lot about what real estate marketing tactics work… and what doesn’t.

And we thought to ourselves…

“What if we created a tried-and-true, fool-proof lead-gen system for agents and investors — a system that would help our members become the go-to experts in their market, drive leads passively to their website, and build the business of their entrepreneurial dreams?”

This challenge is helping people even more than we could have imagined…

One of our long-standing members, Chris Wojciechowski, said he wishes we would have created this challenge 3 years ago!

Carrot 30 day challenge success
“This was a great journey. Although I had most of this completed, it did help me fill in some blanks. I make this a mandatory requirement for new members. I have been a member for 3 years, this would have been so helpful back then!”


Are you ready to create a marketing system for your real estate business that generates leads like clockwork, that makes your business more predictable and sustainable?

Moreover, are you ready to spend just 30-60 minutes per day over the next month to make it happen?

Great! Click below to join!

got my first lead from the Carrot 30 day challenge
“I got my first lead!!!!”
website ranking with help from the Carrot 30 day challenge
“I Googled my Carrot website keywords plus location and what a surprise. My website showed up #3. When I Googled location plus keywords, I showed up #2. Niche marketing plus Carrot website.”

A Glimpse At The 30-Day Challenge Gameplan

We’ve recorded a ton of in-depth content for this challenge. We’re going to show you how to set up your website, choose the best keywords to target, leverage social media, convert leads like clockwork, and lots more.

Not only will we teach you how to do those things, but we’re also going to keep you accountable — each day has a checklist of items you need to finish. You’ll need to set aside 30-60 minutes for most days.

By the end of it, you’ll have a website set up to convert leads, a traffic plan to drive high-quality prospects to your website, and an irresistible, trustworthy brand image.

Pretty sweet, right?

Here’s a little peek at the agenda for investors (and below that is the agenda for agents).

A Glimpse At The 30-Day Challenge For Investors

Week 1 – Mindset & Marketing Plan ✍️

  • Launching your site
  • Building credibility
  • Localizing your site
  • Adjusting your content strategy
  • Schedule your content

Week 2 – Creating Your Content Plan 📋

  • Content, content, content
  • Integrate with 3rd party services
  • Connect your social media accounts
  • Set up your data hubs

Week 3 – Drive Traffic 📈

  • Create your first Craigslist post
  • Setting up your paid traffic sources
  • Set up your first Google Ads campaign
  • Start working on your SEO

Week 4 – Put Your Content Hyperdrive ✍️

  • How to create citations
  • How to create Backlinks
  • Creating your first video
  • Launching a buyers website
  • How to create buyer list

We’ll also teach you…

  • How to set up a Facebook retargeting pixel
  • Learn how to create a Google Business profile
  • How to Create Unique Content for SEO

And tons more…

INVESTORS: Ready to beat your best month’s lead gen record? Join the 30-day challenge below and let’s make it happen!

“It was great! I enjoyed every minute, great content… don’t change anything. I loved it, I know that some tutorials are outdated but it made me search and seek harder! Keep it up Carrot gang”

– Blane Daretz

“Anyone who has not done the 30 day program needs to sign up. Great Accountability” – Kathy Denworth via Epic Planning Call

A Glimpse At The 30-Day Challenge For Agents

Week 1 – Mindset & Marketing Plan ✍️

  • Building a business with the right mindset
  • Standing out in a shifting industry
  • Incorporating Carrot into your marketing
  • Agent Marketing Plan: content pyramid & your mission and finding your niche
  • How to perform SEO keyword research

Week 2 – Launch Your Carrot Site 🚀

  • Launch your website
  • Why and how to build credibility
  • Customize to stand out in your market
  • How to set up IDX & adding properties
  • Integrating 3rd party sources & domain setup

Week 3 – Build Your Foundation 📋

  • How SEO Works
  • How to create location and landing pages
  • Using Carrot’s VideoPost feature to create blog posts
  • Getting your backlinks started

Week 4 – Driving Traffic 📈

  • How to create a niche VideoPost
  • Get your featured property listings started
  • How to create featured property landing pages

We’ll also teach you…

  • Creating and Dialing in your Facebook Campaign
  • Setup Facebook Retargeting

And tons more…

AGENTS: Ready to beat your best month’s lead gen record? Join the 30-day challenge below and let’s make it happen!

“Hello, Carrot Team. First of all, I’m in love with my new website, I’m working crazy daily on it making the changes and adding more stuff. I’m on the 30-day challenge.”

– Rafael Zanette

INVESTORS & AGENTS: You Ready To Obliterate Your Best Month’s Lead-Gen Record?

Ready to turn your website into a lead-gen machine? Ready to build the business of your entrepreneurial dreams? Ready to beat your own personal record and your most aggressive market competitors?

If you said “yes,” then we made this 30-day challenge for you.

Join the 30-day challenge over here and we’ll show you exactly how to win, step by step, day by day.

See you on the inside!

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